About Us

Baltic Nature Travel provides the best adventure travel experience in the Baltic States. Whether you join us on a bespoke tour or a guaranteed departure tour, our trips are designed to make you feel like a local. Our clients get the opportunity to see the lesser-known local lifestyle, the culture “behind the scenes”, and off the beaten tracks.

Why book with Us

Our trips are for active, adventurous, curious travelers who would like to experience and feel local culture “behind the scenes” and off the beaten track. The itineraries have no age restriction; walks are always tailored to the ability of the group. We can tailor the tours, so you can visit the most popular places and see the impressive buildings build in various eras and at the same time immerse in the countries culture and traditions like a local.

Guaranteed Escorted tours combine three things which are important for modern travelers: affordable prices, first class service and plenty of individual choices. All our tours are guaranteed departures and depending on the sales, most tours are bilingual. They are offered in five different languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese).

Tours and Holidays by Baltic Nature Travel

Baltic Nature Travel has not yet published any tours.