About Us

Hi, I am Anas, the Founder of this school – Ananas Kitesurfing Academy, which is a couple of years old.

My journey, however, began more than a decade ago, when I started surfing. I discovered kitesurfing or surfing isn’t just a sport but a lifestyle. It helps you build character, balance, confidence, patience, authenticity, determination, create a connection with nature and become more adventurous. It adds spice, color and a medium for unwinding into your life. Very importantly, it helps you to better, appreciate life and beauty.

As I grew in my skill, I became a Professional Kitesurfer and a Teacher. I have been very privileged to have taught so many great Kitesurfers and have taught in several locations in Brazil and Cape Verde. Plus, I have had so many Kite surfing adventures at various locations around the world. Yeah! When you kitesurf, you get to see so many amazing locations around the globe and meet so many fascinating persons in the process.


Why book with Us

Ananas Kitesurfing Academy wish to create an opportunity for both beginners and experienced kitesurfers who need to brush-up their skills, to have a pleasant and affordable opportunity to learn kitesurfing and surfing, in relaxed conditions, without feeling pressured. I have discovered that friendly and relaxed learning conditions boost learning, and that’s what this academy is about.

I have a great team of experts, male and female, who will work with you. Our services are delivered based on our Core values of:
• Professionalism
• Honesty
• Quality
• Dedication to work and students
• Personal connection to Guests

What we offer...
Classes - We realize that like a baby’s first steps, your first kitesurfing experience has the capacity to make you a great kitesurfer, or not. This is why at Ananas, we transform you from point zero to a professional kitesurfer in a short time and leave you with good memories that will last a long time.

Our classes are in small groups.We use very safe and highly effective methods to deliver our kitesurfing and surfing lessons. We offer various packages; you will definitely find one that suits you.

Tours and Holidays by Ananas kitesurfing

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  • Hassle-free booking
  • No booking or credit card fees

Fun Kitesurfing Camp

3 days From US$ 358

Beginner's Kitesurfing Camp

7 days From US$ 639