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Why Action Peru Treks and not just Peru treks? The word action requires physical movement, energy and accomplishes a purpose. Action Peru Treks provides superior, quality and authentic treks and tours to Machu Picchu and Choquequirao. We want you to connect with the treks and the beautiful scenery, which is why our team consists of only locals who have grown up on the land.

One of our primary goals is to support the local community. We make sure to provide fair wages for all of our team and especially our porters and horsemen.

Action Peru Treks was started in 2015 by Roxner Cardenas, who was born in a small community outside of Machu Picchu and has trekked this area all of his life. He has guided hundreds of groups on the Inca Trail, Ancascocha, Salkantay, Lares and the Choquequirao treks, both as a porter and a tour guide. He first visited Machu Picchu when he was 12 years old and was stunned by the history and architecture and decided to study to be a guide so he could share his culture and this beautiful landscape with others.


Action Peru Treks was started to create a RESPONSIBLE, SUSTAINABLE and ECO FRIENDLY TOUR Company in Cusco.

Action Peru Treks is a fully licensed, professional trekking tour operator and proud to be a completely local indigenous company that promotes responsible tourism in Peru.


We strive to bring genuine, unique tours that you won`t find through any other trekking agency. We believe in providing fair pricing to you, while providing fair compensation to our guides, cooks and porters. We want to provide you with the best quality experience, from your first step, until you return to your country and tell your friends and family about the magic that is this sacred valley. While trekking with our team you will see that we love the work we do and we want to share our knowledge and love of Peru with you.

Talk to one of our clients and they will tell you that our tours are unlike any other



Why book with Us

We are 100% indigenously owned and operated! The fact that our company is completely local means all the money paid for treks goes right back into the local economy! We pay our taxes to Peru, which goes into funding local and national government projects and infrastructure!

All our guides have worked in every facet of the business. Every guide starts off by working in the office doing bookings and providing customer service. Then our guides are required to work as porters for a certain period of time. There are a few “chef” shifts included in this training process!

We have a long-standing relationship with all our porters (average of five years). We believe we have the best porters in the business due to mutual respect. They provide their unbelievably hard work and we treat them as colleagues and family including above average compensation.

Our guides have a minimum of five years experience.

We are truly flexible enough to provide any kind of trip traditional or not. We are the only company in Peru that offers the Ancashcocha + Inca Trail trek. We will be happy to be the only company in Cusco to offer you whatever customized trek you want or design one for you to your exact specifications.

Our team of guides are all local to the Cusco area and speak both Spanish and English fluently with the majority of them also speaking Qhechua (the Inca language).

We keep our groups very small so that every customer has the best personalized service! Our maximum group size is 10 but it is rarely that large. If the group is larger than eight people we will have two guides.

We don’t have any hidden fees. Included in our price is a duffle bag that can carry eight kg / six kg. of personal gear, which will be carried by a porter or on a mule!

When staying in Aguas Calientes all our clients lodge is in a nice and confortable hotel and eat dinner at a great local restaurant in Aguas Calientes. The majority of trekking companies have their clients stay at a hostel in Aguas Calientes.

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Ancascocha Trek

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