20 Weirdest Foods Around the World


With every border you cross and every new stamp on your passport, you would expect to see a different culture. Breaking news — expect to taste different food too! Trying country specific dishes is a great way to gain insight to the country’s culture, people, and traditions which will only enhance your experience. But be warned, not all foods you encounter along the way will be down-right amazing. Some of them will be unusual and bizarre. Some you may even consider gross. But if you can stomach it, it’s worth to try as many as you can. You will be surprised how many you will end up liking. If not anything, you’ll probably have a really cool story to tell all your friends back home.

So be adventurous, be fearless, and be open-minded. You’ll need all three in order to conquer some of the weirdest foods in the world. Read on and see if you’ve got the guts!

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Andrew Skelly Travel Expert in France
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