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  • Marek
  • On
"We've just come back from Manaslu and Tsum Valley trek organised by Nest Adventure. Sandip, manager of the company, was very responsive from first contact by email and he answered all our questions before our trip and prepared the trek for us.
We had very experienced local guide KP and two amazing and funny porters Krishna and Amrit, who worked very hard to make our trek enjoyable. Thanks again guys, dhanyabatt."
  • Toine
  • On
"I could not have wished for a better experience :) My guide Netra was very helpful and dedicated, always trying to get me the best room in each guest house and in general making the trip as great as possible. During the trek I met two other guides from Nest (Sandeep and NT) and they were obviously just as dedicated, so I guess you can't go wrong with this company.

The trek itself is stunning, especially from Namrung onwards. I ended up doing the trek in nine days (including two days of transport) and I am really glad I did so. It's certainly possible if you're a reasonably experienced hiker. The advantages: less days away, a more demanding trek (it can be disappointing to only walk a couple of hours on a day) and you can skip Dharamsala, where you sleep with 4 people in a small room and in general it looks quite scruffy. I also don't know how much the acclimatise days make a difference: some people take a couple and still become sick at the Larke pass, while others take none and are fine. I would recommend doing it in November when it is much quieter and it's still not that cold at night (if you're used to Dutch winters). During the day it can be quite hot even above 4.000m, definitely bring good sunscreen and something to protect your head against the sun.

The company itself was very responsive and lend me a great sleeping bag. If I come back to Nepal and would need a guide or permit, Nest would be my choice again!"
  • Johannita Van Beuningen
  • From Hong Kong
  • On
"NEST was kind enough to have Harry be our guide. We will try with any next trip to book him again. He is knowledgeable about nature, mammals, the rural life, culture, religions, you name it. It was also very handy that he had done the trek multiple times before and therefore knew the exact distances and what to expect on the trek. He briefed us daily on the next stretch. Harry's english is excellend and we could discuss all sorts of topics and ask him anything. We highly recommend him for this trek!"
  • Manping
  • On
"All in all Nest adventure did a good job. you get all information you need in advance and the price is also nice ;).
And Milan our Guide did also a perfect Job. He is a young, motivated funny guide who knows alot about the manaslu area. He is also very helpful when it comes to health problems.I got knee problems after 4 or 5 days and Milan care about me very well. Many thanks to you man.

So all in all i really recommend the Manaslu circle trek, so beautiful and still not to crowded as Annapurna or everest.

I would like to thank Sandip, Milan and other NEST team for well organising the manaslu trek."
  • Evgeniy
  • On
"Thanks for one ofthe best advanture. Sandip very amazing and sociable guide. Never give up to discovery New places of our world, and Sandip can help you with that."

About Us

Our young (but very experienced!) team at NEST is dedicated to ensuring you find the adventures you are looking for whether in Nepal, Tibet or Bhutan! As fellow travelers and world wanderers, we take pride in showing you what these countries have to offer, and make you feel welcomed the same way that we felt in your countries! Tell us what you want to experience and we will go above and beyond to create a tailored trip or travel package suitable only for you, your friends and families. Our local knowledge and expertise will benefit you immensely with the trip planning. Along with client safety and quality of service, we also want you to enjoy and make sure you get what you came here for and more!

Nepal Explore Summit Trek also known as NEST Adventure, explores mostly off the beaten path in the greater Himalayas. In addition to the classical trekking route, a team of experts at NEST has established experience in trekking the remote areas such as Manaslu Tsum Valley, Upper Mustang, Nar Phu and Kanchenjunga region of Nepal. Our team, born and raised in local mountain area of Nepal, brings local expertise to the customer. Besides organizing trekking and hiking for travelers of any age and levels of experience and fitness, we also organize sightseeing tours or other adventure tours that you might be interested in such as rafting, cycling, climbing, etc.

Why book with Us

We are a LOCAL Company

- NEST Adventure is a Nepal-based company run by a team of local experts. We believe in creating opportunities for locals, and so the majority of our professional guides and 100% of our porters are born and raised in the area of travel. This gives us and our clients confidence that our professional guides know the trail like the back of their hands, and have very good relationships with the locals.

We are EXPERTS and you can TRUST us!

- Our young team specializes in restricted area trekking, serving around 200 clients per year. Additionally, our professional senior guides have each more than 8 to 10 years of experience in high-altitude trekking.

- All our guides hold a professional license from the government of Nepal and undergo annual training to ensure the safety of our clients, including first aid, emergency evacuation, leadership and trekking skills. We also independently, as a company, regularly check the trails and quality of tea houses ahead of the trekking season. Trust us, we got this!


- Our young (but very experienced) team at NEST speak English fluently. Additionally, some of us are also able to communicate in Spanish, Italian, French, Germany, Japanese and Chinese. We get you!

SAFETY always comes first

- The safety of our client is always our priority. We ensure our professional guides are knowledgeable with first aid and emergency situations.

- We also do not tolerate harassment or bullying of any form in our company. Our guides are assessed individually by clients after each trek and feedback are shared confidentially with our team leaders.

Clients' health and success rate with NEST

- In order to keep track of the client's health condition, especially in high elevation, our guides are trained to use a medical device called "Pulse Oximeter". This device allows us to keep track of the daily blood oxygen level and heart rate by clients. Before reaching a high altitude, our guide will advise if the clients require more days to acclimatize or if they are ready to trek further. Our guides are also well-equipped to provide first aid in an emergency situation.

Guide and Porter

- Guides and porters at NEST are required to wear proper hiking gears needed for the high altitude trek. The team meets ahead of the trekking season for the necessary training including the required gears.

- Each guide and porter represents NEST Adventure. Some of our guides are not just a guide; you will be surprised that they are more than that! Some are drone pilots, videographers, photographers, video editors, storytellers, and some of them are magicians and comedians!

- We are a family at NEST and we take care of our guides and porters. All of the NEST crew are well-insured and in emergency situations we also ensure their safety!

Emergency evacuation and rescue operation

- In any emergency situation, our guides and porters know the necessary steps to undertake to get you safely back to Kathmandu, if needed. We have an established relationship with a helicopter rescue company and local airlines. Our guide will be able organize an emergency evacuation using helicopter if the weather is favorable and other options (e.g. a horse) if the weather is terrible.

- Ahead of the trek, our dedicated team in Kathmandu office will coordinate with an insurance company so there is no delay in case of emergency.

Tailor-made Itinerary

- The itinerary shown on the page is just for an outline. To be precise, the plan could change anytime depending on the weather and health condition of the hikers. Our team at NEST, especially our guide could handle the situation immediately.

100% Positive Reviews Online

- If you search "NEST Adventure Review" online, you will find 5 out of 5 rated reviews in Bookmundi, Google's local business listing, our Facebook page etc. Read our reviews online to learn about the experiences of other travelers. Book with us, and we promise you won't regret it!

Best Price Guarantee

- We always get feedback from our client at the end of each trek. One of the questions from the feedback form is "Why did you choose NEST Adventure"? A majority (approximately 66%) of trekkers choose NEST for the competitive price. The rest is because of the positive reviews online and recommendations from friends and families. Our prices may be cheap, but our services are 5*!

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