About Us

Terra Maya is a local travel agency based in Mérida, Yucatán in the south of Mexico. A part of the Terra Group (a network of travel agencies specialized in tailor-made trips which was established in 1998), we operate throughout Latin America, South Africa, Australia and Europe.

Our goal is to organize authentic trips that can include whatever our travelers are looking for-- from visits to iconic sites to the hidden gems like 'off-the-beaten-tracks', from 5 star accommodations to a chance to stay in villages with the locals, from bustling cities to secluded beaches-- Mexico truly has it all!

There are a thousand different ways to create a trip around a theme that best reflects what you are looking for (culture, relaxation, adventure, encounters, fauna and flora, art and so on) and we are here to help you design your customized trip.

Why book with Us

Whatever you are looking for, we can find something for you. We absolutely love Mexico and we want to show the world that there is much to this vast country than you can imagine.

In the last couple of years we've developed our tours around the Yucatán Peninsula in particular, to focus on eco-tourism and provide employment opportunities for many local communities. For those in search of an authentic Mexican experience we offer cooking classes, village walks, craft workshops and the opportunity to spend the night in cabins close to some of the hidden Mayan ruins on the Peninsula.

Tours and Holidays by Terra Maya

Terra Maya has not yet published any tours.