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With a splendid coastline, towering volcanoes, lush rainforests and rich tribal cultures, Papua New Guinea is a destination you won’t soon forget. A popular activity is to traverse the Kokoda Track, a trekking tour that runs 60 miles in each direction, not far from Port Moresby. Visitors can also head to Goroka where they can take in walking tours and cultural displays. Read More

2 Trips in Papua New Guinea

  • Trek the famous Kokoda Track with a local cooperative that ensures local villages and communities benefit directly.
  • Follow in the footsteps of the Australian and allied soldiers who battled to defend Port Moresby from advancing Japanese forces in 1942.
  • Meet friendly locals and stay in remote villages.
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The Kokoda Track

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Surrounded by dense greenery, glistening rivers and incredible views, it is hard to believe that ... Read More
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  • Watch a variety of incredible performances as traditional Baining dancers attempt to put out a fire using their feet.
  • Spend time in local villages, sharing meals, stories and laughs with the villagers and learning about their lives.
  • Marvel at an active volcano, tuck into a shoreline barbecue and experience a traditional sing-sing in the Duke of York Islands.
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Firedance Festival, Papua New Guinea - Limited Edition

Travel into the Papua New Guinean highlands to experience the Baining fire dance at a ... Read More
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Papua New Guinea - Tour Highlights and Travel Tips

Holidays to Papua New Guinea will take you to splendid coastline, smouldering volcanoes, green rainforests and rich tribal cultures. The country occupies the eastern part of New Guinea Island and hundreds of neighboring islands. A trip to Papua New Guinea is for the adventurers since the infrastructure is scarce and the terrain is rugged. Most of the mainland is mountainous, with vast areas covered by rainforests inhabited by many endemic wildlife species. Also, the country is rich in pristine beaches, coral reefs and wrecks surviving from the Second World War. It is a melting pot of history, diverse culture and languages!

Tour Highlights

  • Visit the Nature Park in Port Moresby and see kangaroos, birds of paradise, reptiles and exotic vegetation.
  • Learn the basics of the country’s cultural and natural diversity in the National Museum in Port Moresby.
  • Take a 96-kilometer long Kokoda Track hike from Port Moresby. The tour introduces mountain peaks, verdant jungles, rich wildlife, tribal culture and stories from the Second World War.
  • Discover wrecks of aircraft and ships from the Second World War near Rabaul, Madang and in Milne Bay.
  • Take a countryside tour from any region that reveals local wildlife, flora and magnificent nature. You will see birds of paradise, tree kangaroos, orchids and waterfalls along the way.
  • Take a journey to the Cultural Village of Goroka to see legendary Asaro Mudman. They are the warriors covered in gray mud that wear characteristic masks.
  • Attend traditional tribal festivals from May to October in rainforest villages to watch the tribesmen celebrating by dancing to the drum beats.
  • Enjoy great diving around Port Moresby, Milne Bay and Kimbe Bay and discover rich marine life, including whales, hammerheads and pygmy seahorses.

Travel Tips

  • Travelling in Papua New Guinea is a challenge due to limited infrastructure. Flying in small airplanes is how you get around to other towns. Don't let this dissuade you, Papua New Guineans are known to be welcoming and hospitable towards tourists. 
  • Internet is scarce and expensive. Buy a local SIM card to stay in touch with your loved ones.
  • Although English is one of the official languages, it is only spoken by 1% - 2% of the population. However, if you need help, try speaking English first. To be fair, Papua New Guinea has over 820 languages! 
  • Exchange money at Jackson’s Airport. You can use major credit cards in Port Moresby.
  • Don’t display wealth and keep a low profile to avoid trouble in major towns and cities.
  • Make sure to visit a doctor before the trip for a detailed medical advice.
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