About Us

Khanga Safaris is a Nairobi based destination management company, owned and run by people with a good knowledge of East Africa safari attraction sites. This not only provide exhaustive information about your East African safari destinations, but also guarantees a premier African Safari experience.

Our team’s experience as a tour operator spans over 5 years; organizing and turning dreams into reality, for many visitors to East Africa. Whether you are a family seeking a moment to strengthen the family bond away from home, a company seeking to strengthen work ethic in your team- away from often stress-filled work environment, a newly wed couple in search of a place to have a memorable honeymoon safari or simply an avid lover of nature and its marvel; Khanga Safaris will be there to make it happen.

Why book with Us

A safari holiday is at most times a considerable investment. Before spending thousands of hard earned dollars on one, it is our belief that you should have a very clear concept of why you should book one with us. If you are set on visiting Africa, whether on your first safari or a return safari visit, it is our duty to ensure that each aspect of your valued holiday meets your desired requirements.

Informed by our in-depth knowledge and experience in the East African region, we are better placed to deliver a once in a lifetime safari experience. We ensure that the very best customer service is accorded to you.

Our experience has taught us that every traveller has a unique perception of a good African safari holiday. When you book a safari with us, it is our intention to give you the best experience that exceeds your expectations.

We know the importance of providing you with the best possible safari holiday experience, and that is why we are best prepared to work with you on all aspects of your safari holiday from planning to the actual safari.

Tours and Holidays by Khanga Safaris

Khanga Safaris has not yet published any tours.