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for Valparaiso and Viña del Mar Tour - Stop in a Vineyard
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About Us

People dedicated to show our Country in a profesional way. Our service consist on being personalized and exclusive. Our clients end up as big friends. Giving in all time quality of service. Small groups tour and experience shall allow us to make the diference at all time.


Born from Chilean father and Brazilian mother. This is how I ended up living in Chile. Lived in many south american countries, because I belonged to a cristian family who traveled as missionaries of carity. Lived for many years in motorhomes and trailers in my childhoood. I learned about all the culture in south america. That is how I decided that working in Tourism was my Future. Being a tour guide for years, I Decided to créate my own buisness and work my way. working as a friend and a profesional to show our clients … this is chile ( isto è chile )


Daughter of Chilean parents who decided to look for oportunities in Brazil and United States. Lived for few years in Long Island, New York. Place where I ended up speaking fluent english. Back in Chile I worked for 10 years at a big turism agency in santiago. Guiding big groups of peolple from diferent countries, language and cultures. For few months worked as a tourism guide ate a very popular winnery. Guiding groups at torres del paine and organizing programs. after all this decided it was time to work our own style creating this agency to show WHAT CHILE IS ( isto è chile ).

We got together to join experience and do it our way.

Why book with Us

To be able to have a unic and friendly expereince with our team.

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