About Us

For almost 40 years we have built a wealth of experience organising holidays with a difference.
Different because they are off the beaten track, different because they unveil an unseen perspective on how local people live their lives, and different because they give you an enriching and rewarding holiday.

Holidays with a difference are what ETC Travel is all about and that is who we are; a company made up of people dedicated to give our customers a special type of travel experience, one that is rewarding and enriching, and offering the chance to see countries in a slightly different way: The ETC Way

Why book with Us

- The natural environment is a major concern for us. We do not want to see our country’s natural heritage harmed by tourism. Rather, we believe responsible tourism can help protect and preserve this heritage by creating awareness of its value.

- In ETC Travel we have developed a strong and positive relationship with organizations and people that play a role in conservation in our area and we contribute towards conservation organizations and projects.

- We organize our activities in a way to minimize their impact and we make sure that they do not conflict with conservation efforts. All our activities comply with the specific rules of the areas that we are visiting and we obtain the necessary permissions before visiting nature reserves or other areas where access is restricted.

- We respect historic sites and when visiting them we make sure that no artifacts are removed. We respect the work of scientists by not entering scientific installations or work sites without making prior arrangements.

Tours and Holidays by ETC Travel

ETC Travel has not yet published any tours.