Hello! I'm Thea.

My love for wildlife photography and dramatic scenery drew me to Africa for the first time in 2013 and I have been back several times since. It was such a magical experience to be so close to so many creatures in their natural habitat. From watching hyena cubs playing with their siblings to interrupting a leopard hunting impala, my safari experience did not disappoint and I continue to return to Africa at every opportunity. Safari truly is a photographer's paradise and the people are incredibly friendly and kind.

In addition, I am a frequent traveller to Asia. I adore the incredible food and rich culture that can be found all over the continent. My annual leave is never spent in the UK and I can often be found exploring new and exciting countries.

Thea's Travel Expertise

Whilst I have a very good knowledge of all our offered destinations, I specialise in the following places in Africa: South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, Swaziland and Zanzibar.

By having specialist knowledge on these destinations, I can tailor your holiday perfectly to your preferences and needs to ensure you have the most magical trip away. Each destination has diverse offerings and with such a wide expertise I can easily ensure that you are picking the right destination for you and if necessary offer a suitable alternative.

Expert Activities

Thea's best travel experience

My most memorable experience took place in the Naboisho Conservancy in the Masai Mara. I love big cats and was so pleased to finally see a cheetah up close. The experience got even more exciting when we realised that the cheetah was in fact hunting and we watching as it prepared to hunt an impala. All at once it ran (with us quickly in tow) and caught an impala right in front of us!

After sitting at a reasonably close distance to the fresh kill, we could hear the roar of the nearby animals and soon we saw the hyenas start to circle. A further chase pursued and the hyenas fought off the cheetah for the kill. Finally, when they were done the vultures descended as we returned to camp for breakfast. It was something out of an Attenborough documentary and an incredible experience.

Why is Thea the right travel expert

The 5 years I've spent in the industry have been diverse and intertwined with extensive travel myself. There is no better way to create an amazing holiday for my clients than to have experienced it myself! I am passionate about providing unique and memorable holidays and will go to all lengths to ensure that a high-quality experience is exactly what my clients receive.