Step into the realm of ancient pharaohs, iconic pyramids, and enduring enigmas! Egypt, a country steeped in history and brimming with breathtaking landscapes, is a travel destination like no other. Our Egypt travel guide is your gateway to this captivating land, providing a wealth of information and insider insights to ensure your journey is nothing short of unforgettable.

Start your travel plans by determining how many days to spend in Egypt. For those seeking a concise adventure, check out 5 Days in Egypt to ensure you make the most of your limited time. Visit 10 days in Egypt for an extended stay plan so you don't miss out on any of Egypt's iconic landmarks.

To truly savor the essence of this extraordinary country, timing is key. Explore our piece on the best time to visit Egypt for insights into the country's climate and seasonal attractions. If you're planning to visit Egypt in winter, our guides on Egypt in December and Egypt in January will help you prepare for cooler temperatures while still relishing Egypt's splendors.

Whether you prefer a historical odyssey through the Great Pyramids of Giza, a relaxing cruise along the Nile, or a culinary tour through the bustling bazaars of Cairo, our Egypt tours page offers an array of carefully crafted itineraries that will bring the enchantment of Egypt to life.

Top Destinations in Egypt

Discover the highlights of Egypt.

Explore the Valley of the Kings in Luxor

Explore the Valley of the Kings in Luxor

Embark on a journey through Luxor's Valley of the Kings, an enchanting archaeological gem on the Nile's west bank. Navigate the labyrinthine passages of ancient tombs, adorned with intricate hieroglyphics, and delve into the opulent history of pharaohs and royalty. This historical wonder provides a mesmerizing window into Egypt's past, beckoning you to unravel the secrets of a bygone era and explore its rich heritage. View Tours

Explore the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo

Explore the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo

The Pyramids of Giza, a UNESCO World Heritage site, stand as timeless symbols of Egypt's grandeur. These iconic structures, notably the Great Pyramid of Khufu, boast remarkable ancient engineering and historical significance. Marvel at their monumental presence in the desert, explore hieroglyphics, and stand in awe of the enigmatic Sphinx. They encapsulate Egypt's rich heritage, captivating visitors with their mystique and historical marvels. View Tours

Cruise the Nile River

Cruise the Nile River

Discover the heart of Egypt on a Nile River cruise. Cruises often last at least a few days and typically journey between Luxor and Aswan, allowing you to explore ancient temples, picturesque villages, and archaeological sites along the way. Enjoy luxurious amenities, delicious Egyptian cuisine, and stunning sunsets as you witness the timeless landscapes and history that have unfolded along this legendary river. View Tours

When to visit Egypt

Read the below travel guides to find the best time to visit Egypt.

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor
  • JanAvg Daily: 18 ° CAvg Nightly: 9 ° C
  • FebAvg Daily: 18 ° CAvg Nightly: 9 ° C
  • MarAvg Daily: 22 ° CAvg Nightly: 12 ° C
  • AprAvg Daily: 27 ° CAvg Nightly: 15 ° C
  • MayAvg Daily: 32 ° CAvg Nightly: 18 ° C
  • JunAvg Daily: 34 ° CAvg Nightly: 20 ° C
  • JulAvg Daily: 34 ° CAvg Nightly: 22 ° C
  • AugAvg Daily: 33 ° CAvg Nightly: 22 ° C
  • SepAvg Daily: 32 ° CAvg Nightly: 20 ° C
  • OctAvg Daily: 28 ° CAvg Nightly: 18 ° C
  • NovAvg Daily: 23 ° CAvg Nightly: 14 ° C
  • DecAvg Daily: 19 ° CAvg Nightly: 10 ° C

Egypt at a Glance

Quick facts about Egypt.


Cairo is the capital of Egypt. Dating back to 969 A.D., Cairo is a bustling metropolis with a rich history, home to iconic landmarks like the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx.


1,002,450 km². Egypt's vast land area encompasses diverse landscapes, from the Sahara Desert to the fertile Nile Delta. Many tourist destinations are easily accessible via domestic flights or well-maintained roads.


+20 is the country code for Egypt when making a call from another country. Following the IDD, call Egypt telephone code 20. Egypt dialing code 20 is followed by an area code.


Egypt uses the Egyptian pound (EGP). ATMs and money exchange services are easily accessible in large cities. Still, it's a great idea to have some cash on you while traveling to farther-flung areas.


Cairo International Airport (CAI) is Egypt's primary international gateway, located about 15 kilometers from downtown Cairo. Code: CAI Closest City: CAIRO


Most travelerss are obligated to obtain a visa for entry into Egypt. Visa prerequisites can differ by country, so it's crucial to verify with the nearest Egyptian embassy or consulate before making arrangements for your journey.


Arabic is the official language in Egypt. English is commonly spoken in tourist regions, simplifying communication for travelers. However, learning basic Arabic greetings, such as "marhaba" (mello), can be helpful.


In case of emergency, dial 122 for the police, 123 for an ambulance, and 180 for the fire department in Egypt. Tourists can also use local emergency apps for assistance.


Egypt is famous for its hieroglyphic writing system, a combination of logographic and alphabetic elements. Egypt also has a significant Coptic Christian population, and travelers may find it interesting to visit Coptic churches, monasteries, and other religious sites. The Coptic community celebrates Christmas on January 7th and has its own rich traditions.

How long to stay in Egypt

Read about the ideal duration to stay in Egypt.

FAQs for Egypt

Read the most frequently asked questions and answers about traveling to Egypt below.

  • What language is spoken in Egypt?
  • What currency is used in Egypt?
  • When is the best time to travel to Egypt?
  • Does Egypt have a good transportation system?
  • Is Egypt a family-friendly destination?

Sustainable travel – How to travel through Egypt responsibly

In line with Bookmundi’s vision, we wish to provide our travelers with a sustainable travel experience through Egypt. As part of this effort, we carbon offset any Egypt tour that you purchase through us. You can read more details about our carbon offsetting program.

Here’s what you can do to travel to Argentina more responsibly:

  • Consider offsetting your travel emissions when flying to Egypt with airlines that offer carbon offset programs, such as EgyptAir.
  • If you have purchased your Egypt tour through Bookmundi, we will carbon offset your tour from its starting point to its ending point.
  • Opt for eco-friendly transportation options in Egypt where possible. Cairo and other major cities have been investing in public transport systems, such as the Cairo Metro, which not only eases traffic congestion but also reduces the carbon footprint of commuting.
  • Make a donation to Nature Conservation Egypt (NCE), a local NGO dedicated to preserving Egypt's unique natural heritage. Your contributions will aid in protecting Egypt's biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • Explore Egypt's natural beauty and historical sites through sustainable activities like desert safaris, snorkeling in the Red Sea, or trekking in the Sinai Peninsula. Be sure to leave the environment as you found it!
  • Look for eco-conscious lodging options throughout Egypt. Some hotels and resorts, particularly in the Red Sea and Sinai regions, have adopted sustainable practices, including energy-efficient designs and waste reduction initiatives.

Egypt travel tips and insights

  • Dress modestly in Egypt, especially at religious sites. Knees, shoulders, and cleavage should be covered.
  • Tipping, or baksheesh, is a customary practice in Egypt. Keep small denominations of Egyptian pounds to tip guides, drivers, and restaurant staff appropriately.
  • Be cautious of scams, especially at touristy spots like the Pyramids of Giza. Avoid unsolicited offers and confirm prices and details before accepting services. Use reputable money exchanges where needed.
  • Egypt boasts a wide range of transportation options like taxis, mini-busses, and trams. Set fares with taxi drivers beforehand and consider using ride-sharing apps for safety and convenience.
  • Explore diverse and delicious Egyptian cuisine, including koshari, falafel, and grilled meats. Do try but exercise caution with street food!

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