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1. Cairo

Landscape of Cairo during dusk in Egypt
The capital city of Egypt, Cairo is one of the largest city in Africa and is known to have some of the oldest and most beautiful mosques in the world

Nestled along the banks of the Nile River, Cairo is a vibrant testament to Egypt’s rich past and dynamic present, and our natural top pick for the best places to visit in Egypt. Shadow the colossal Pyramids of Giza and see the Sphinx enigmatic smile. Uncover centuries of Islamic art and architecture in the medieval mosques and madrassas of Islamic Cairo. Follow the alluring aromas through fragrant spice bazaars. As the sun sets behind the Nile, listen for the evening call to prayer echoing across the city.

Quick tip: Navigate Cairo’s vibrant street art scene on a walking tour in the neighborhoods like Downtown Cairo and Maadi.


  • Cruise along the lifeblood of Egypt, the Nile River, witnessing the city’s enchanting skyline and timeless landscapes from a unique vantage point.
  • Immerse yourself in Cairo’s vibrant soul at this bustling market, where centuries-old alleys unveil treasures, spices and authentic Egyptian craftsmanship.
  • Marvel at the enduring wonders of the ancient world: the majestic Pyramids and Sphinx on the Giza Plateau, one of the top places to visit in Cairo.
Tours in Cairo

2. Luxor

The courtyard of Ramses II at night, Luxor.
Step into the enchanting embrace of history as Luxor Temple unveils its majestic splendor by night.

Beyond its archaeological treasures, Luxor embraces visitors with its vibrant markets, beautiful riverfront and a unique blend of traditional charm and contemporary elegance. Home to iconic temples like Luxor and Karnak, it breathes life into Egypt’s rich history. Whether exploring the Valley of the Kings or sailing on a felucca beneath a sunset-painted sky, Luxor invites travelers to embark on a journey through time.

Distance from Cairo: 504 kilometers

Quick tip: Beat the heat in Luxor by scheduling your outdoor activities in the early morning or late afternoon.


  • Delve into the mysteries of the pharaohs as you wander through the elaborately decorated tombs in the Valley of the Kings, including the renowned tomb of Tutankhamun.
  • Explore the colossal halls and sacred precincts of Karnak, a testament to ancient Egyptian architecture and religious fervor.
  • Witness the grandeur of Luxor Temple by night, an atmospheric journey into the heart of ancient rituals and beliefs
Tours in Luxor

3. Aswan

Beautiful Nile scenery with a sailboat on its route to the pyramids in Aswa

Take a boat to the lovely Philae Temple on Agilkia Island, where ancient Egyptian architecture honors the goddess Isis. 

A canvas painted with Nubian culture and natural wonders, Aswan is one of the best places to visit in Egypt. The Philae Temple, an island sanctuary dedicated to the Great Mother Isis, never fails to captivate visitors. Venture to the Nubian villages, adorned in vibrant colors, and sail on felucca catching whispers of history carried by the river breeze. As the golden sunsets over the desert, Aswan unfolds its mystical beauty, inviting travelers to savor a unique blend of tranquility and ancient splendor.

Distance from Cairo: 684 kilometers

Quick tip: Take a peaceful felucca boat ride to admire Aswan’s scenery from the Nile’s perspective at golden hour.


  • Witness the monumental achievement of modern engineering at the High Dam, an imposing structure that controls the flow of the Nile.\
  • Embark on a boat journey to the enchanting Philae Temple on Agilkia Island, where the grace of ancient Egyptian architecture pays homage to the goddess Isis.
  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Nubia village, exploring charming villages adorned with colorful houses and welcoming locals.
Tours in Aswan

4. Alexandria

View of Alexandria harbor in Egypt during a clear day.
Embark on a timeless journey at Alexandria Harbor in Egypt, where ancient history and modern allure converge.

Along the Mediterranean shores, the Citadel of Qaitbay stands guard, echoing tales of medieval maritime might. Explore the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, a modern tribute to the famed ancient library. Wander through the Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa, a subterranean marvel blending Greek and Egyptian artistry. Stroll along the Corniche, where the sea breeze mingles with the whispers of history. Alexandria, with its lighthouse of antiquity lost to time, invites you on a journey through the ages, where the sea’s embrace cradles stories untold.

Distance from Cairo: 210 kilometers

Quick tip: If you are into the history of the city, visit the Alexandria Library and take time to explore its modern architecture, extensive book collection and engaging exhibitions.


  • Stand atop the Citadel of Qaitbay coastal fortress, witnessing panoramic views of the Mediterranean and relishing the historical echoes of Alexandria’s maritime past.
  • Immerse yourself in knowledge and culture at Bibliotheca Alexandrina, which pays homage to the legacy of the ancient Great Library of Alexandria.
  • Stroll along the picturesque Corniche, a seaside promenade that is particularly beautiful in the evening.
Tours in Alexandria

5. Marsha Alam

A man while snorkeling in Marsha Alam.
Dive into a world of wonder in Marsa Alam, where crystal-clear waters and vibrant coral reefs beckon adventurers.

Fringed by coral reefs, Marsha Alam beckons with its azure waters and bustling marine life. Witness sea turtles in their natural habitat, snorkel through Giftun Island’s coral gardens or unwind on the sandy beaches. The Red Sea Coast is a playground for water enthusiasts, where every ripple reveals a kaleidoscope of colors beneath the surface, promising an unparalleled aquatic adventure.

Distance from Cairo: 760 kilometers

Quick tip: Enjoy the thrill of night diving at Abu Dabbab Bay.


  • Venture into the emerald-hued landscapes of Wadi el-Gemal National Park, where desert meets sea, showcasing diverse ecosystems and providing a glimpse into the untamed beauty of Marsa Alam.
  • Snorkel alongside playful dolphins in the protected waters of Marsa Mubarak, a magical experience for marine life enthusiasts.

6. White Desert

Rock formation in the mushroom shape in White Desert with cloudy sky
Step into the enchanting realm of the White Desert in Egypt, where nature has crafted a masterpiece of surreal beauty.

One of the top places to visit in Egypt is the White Desert, a masterpiece sculpted by wind and time. Immerse yourself in a lunar-like landscape, where surreal chalk formations, like the iconic Mushroom and Chicken shapes, stand as nature’s unique sculptures. Crystal Mountain adds a touch of sparkle, its quartz crystals shimmering in the desert sun.

Distance from Cairo: 530 kilometers

Quick tip: While it’s possible to explore parts of the White Desert independently, taking a guided tour is advisable. Local guides are not only familiar with the terrain, they can also provide insights into the unique rock formations.


  • Camp beneath a blanket of stars, surrounded by the Crystal Mountains, that offers a surreal and serene experience.
  • Experience the breathtaking transformation of the White Desert at sunset, as the landscape bathes in golden and pink hues.
  • Marvel at the surreal limestone formations that give the White Desert an otherworldly aspect.

7. Dahab

Lighthouse beach during clear day in Dahab, Egypt.
Escape to the serenity of Lighthouse Beach in Dahab, where golden sands meet the azure embrace of the Red Sea.

Nestled along the azure waters of the Red Sea, Dahab is one of the unique places to visit in Egypt. It is a laid-back paradise, blending Bedouin charm with aquatic wonders. Laze on the golden sands of the Lighthouse Beach, framed by rugged mountains. Immerse yourself in the vibrant and bohemian atmosphere of the Dahab Promenade. Dive into the vibrant coral reefs of the Three Pools. Or embark on desert safari into the Sinai wilderness.

Distance from Cairo: 575 kilometers

Quick tip: Plan your visit to Dahab during March when the town hosts the Dahab Art Festival, showcasing a range of artistic expressions, from visual arts to performances.


  • Plunge into the mesmerizing depths of the Blue Hole, a world-renowned diving site teeming with marine life.
  • Unwind on the golden sands of Lighthouse Beach that offers a perfect blend of relaxation and natural beauty.
  • Immerse yourself in the bohemian atmosphere of the Dahab Promenade, where you will find plenty of tourist shops, cafes and restaurants.
Tours in Dahab

8. Tanis

Ruins of ancient city of Tanis in Egypt.
Step into the enigmatic embrace of Tanis, where ancient ruins whisper secrets of a civilization lost in time.

Tanis, one of the places to visit in ancient Egypt, that unveils remnants of grand temples and royal tombs. Wander among colossal statues of pharaohs, such as the renowned Sphinx of Tanis. Marvel at the intricacies of the Shanakht tomb’s hieroglyphs. The city’s archaeological treasures, including the Tanis jewelry cache, echo tales of wealth and opulence.

Distance from Cairo: 250 kilometers

Quick tip: Combine your Tanis trip with nearby attractions such as the city of Qantir, which is associated with the ancient city of Po-Ramesses.


  • Encounter the majestic Sphinx of Tanis, a colossal statue that guards the secrets of this ancient city.
  • Explore the intricately carved hieroglyphs within the Sanakht tomb.
  • Marvel at the opulent treasures, including the Tanis jewelry cache, a collection that reflects the wealth and sophistication of this once-flourishing ancient city.

9. Siwa Oasis

View of sandstone walls and ancient fortress of Old Shali Mountain village
Escape to the enchanting Siwa Oasis in Egypt, where lush palm groves meet the golden sands of the Sahara.

Framed by golden dunes and palm groves, Siwa invites travelers to unwind in the tranquil embrace of its desert oasis. Explore the ancient Oracle Temple of Amun, swim in the crystalline waters of Cleopatra’s Spring, or traverse the winding streets of Siwa's mud-brick architecture and engage with the warm Berber community. Visitors can also embark on a desert safari to explore the Great Sand Sea.

Distance from Cairo: 530 kilometers

Quick tip: Siwa Lake, also known as Lake Zeitun, is a large saltwater lake near the oasis. Consider taking a dip in the lake, especially during sunset, for a refreshing and scenic experience.


  • Embark on a desert safari to traverse the mesmerizing dunes of the Great Sand Sea, a surreal adventure in the heart of the Sahara.
  • Ascend the Shali Fortress for panoramic views of Siwa, where the mud-brick architecture blends seamlessly with the desert.
  • Explore the ancient Oracle Temple of Amun, a historical marvel echoing Siwa's rich past amidst the Sahara's golden landscapes.

10. El Gouna

Beautiful landscape at the Steigenberger Golf Resort El Gouna in El Gouna,
From vibrant coral reefs to luxurious beach resorts, El Gouna is a haven for sun-seekers and adventure enthusiasts alike.

El Gouna is one of the unique places to visit in Egypt that offers the perfect blend of luxury and charm. Explore the town’s bustling downtown area, adorned with boutiques and cafes. Enjoy a round of golf at the immaculate El Gouna Golf Club or relax on pristine beaches. This coastal haven invites visitors to indulge and relax.

Distance from Cairo: 500 kilometers

Quick tip: Plan your visit to El Gouna during October as El Gouna Film Festival and consider attending this international event. It is a unique opportunity to enjoy film screenings, red carpet events and the vibrant cultural scene of the town.


  • Stroll along El Gouna’s vibrant marinas, where luxury yachts and venetian-inspired architecture create a picturesque waterfront.
  • Dive into the Red Sea’s vibrant coral reefs to witness a kaleidoscope of marine life.
  • Golf enthusiasts can tee off at the immaculate El Gouna Golf Club while admiring the panoramic view of the Red Sea.

Beyond the well-known attractions, hidden gems like Tanis and Zamalek await discovery, adding more layers to the list of places to visit in Egypt. The call of the Nile beckons travelers to embark on a timeless adventure, where hospitality, vibrant landscapes, and archaeological treasures create an unforgettable journey. Egypt's magic awaits—pack your bags and let the Nile guide you to a land where the past and present seamlessly converge.

Are you planning a trip to Egypt? Check out our guide on the best time to visit in Egypt and how many days to spend in Egypt for more ideas and insights. If you are looking for a more personalized itinerary, you can plan a customized trip to Egypt with us!

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