Turkey in September: A Coastal Getaway

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September is still considered part of a high season in Turkey. This is because even though holidaymakers start returning to work and school as the month progresses, both crowds and prices are still pretty high across popular destinations. Temperatures remain warm throughout this month, although they are not as high as those during the peak summer.

This makes it an ideal month to explore Turkey, check out its highlights, get active or snag a beach holiday at a more affordable rate. Whether you want to dive into Turkey’s vibrant culture and history or are planning to head to the coast and explore the great outdoors, there is something for everyone during a trip to Turkey in September.

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Turkey Weather in September

The harbor in Antalya during sunny weather in Turkey.
The warm temperatures in the coastal areas of Turkey are ideal for a walk in cities such as Antalya.

The weather in Turkey in September starts getting cooler as the season slides into autumn. With this being the case, you can expect an average temperature of 25℃. However, please keep in mind that the temperature in Turkey starts rising as you move away from coastal areas. Turkey’s weather during this time of year is warm enough to venture outdoors without having to wear a jacket.

This month is also really dry, with only 20mm of rain during the entire period, which makes it the perfect time to take a relaxing beach break in one of the country’s seaside resorts, such as those in Bodrum.

Check out our travel guide on the best time to visit Turkey for more weather-related information before you book a flight for your dream Turkish holiday.

Weather in Turkey in September - Rainfall and Temperatures

Aug Sep Oct
Avg Daily (°C) 28 25 18
Avg Nightly (°C) 12 8 3
Avg Daily (°F) 83 77 65
Avg Nightly (°F) 54 47 38
Avg Rainfall (mm) 10 20 30

Why Visit Turkey in September

Fethiye is one of the best places to visit in Turkey for the yacht tours.
You can get on a cruise in Fethiye and sail the clear, blue waters of the Aegean Sea.
The multi-level underground cave city of Kaymakli in Cappadocia.
You can head to Cappadocia and explore the underground city of Kaymakli and find out about Turkish history.

While there is never really a bad time to visit this beautiful destination, heading for Turkey in September has numerous advantages. We have listed a few of them below.

  • Better rates in beach resorts: Starting from the middle of this month, families return to school and work, which leads to a drop in accommodation prices across the country’s coastal resorts. Go for a beach tour during your Turkey trip in September and you may be able to bag yourself a bargain. If you are looking forward to basking in late-summer sunshine, then head for the coastal regions of Antalya and Bodrum.
  • Explore the Silk Route: With crowds thinning out and temperatures dropping, September is a great time to go on a multi-day hike through sections of the historic Silk Route that run through Turkey. Experience interesting cultures and discover breathtaking monuments and architecture as you follow in the footsteps of explorers, merchants and travelers.
  • Go cruising: No rains and lots of sunshine mean that September is an ideal time to board a boat. Head to Fethiye and sail the mythical Aegean Sea.
  • Explore the underground city of Kaymakli: Want to escape the Turkish sun? Then check out the underground city of Kaymakli. This highlight dates all the way back to the seventh century and is extraordinarily well-preserved.

Where to go and what to do

A beautiful vineyard scene in Bozcaada, Turkey.
You can arrange a trip to Bozcaada and visit the beautiful vineyards for some wine on this island.

If you are looking forward to an island getaway that brings together all the flavors and aromas of a good life, then make sure that you include the Bozcaada Cultural, Art and Vintage Festival in your itinerary. This event takes place in early September at Bozcaada, an island in the Aegean Sea dotted with vineyards. It is one of the best places to visit in Turkey in September. If there was ever a wine lovers’ paradise island, this would be it.

Want to pick up some souvenirs and explore a thriving cultural hub? Head to Istanbul and check out the Grand Bazaar. This legendary market has everything from food and spices to art, textiles and jewelry. Lower temperatures during this time of year make it suitable for taking a stroll around this busy market. Do not forget to try your hands at haggling — fewer tourists mean that you might also be able to grab a bargain!

If your Turkey tour falls in an odd-number year, you can check out the International Istanbul Biennial. The Biennale has a different theme each time and invites artists and creatives from around the country and the world to exhibit their pieces all around the city. For anyone who loves thought-provoking art, this is for you!

Longing for a quiet, relaxing day on a beach? Then visit Turkey during this time of year. Kick back on the sand with a glass of locally grown wine. Else strap on your hiking boots and wander among the ruins of the Silk Road. There is a lot to discover in this country and the temperate conditions of September make it the perfect time to comfortably enjoy everything on offer.

Need a hand organizing a tailor-made trip to Turkey? Reach out to our local travel experts and let them do the hard work for you.

Have a look at our tours to Turkey in September for more inspiration.

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Published by Tim Green, updated on April 12, 2023

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