Turkey in November: Ideal Hiking Weather

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The popular image of Turkey is that of a warm, desert-covered landscape. While this is true in summer and in the country’s south, visiting Turkey in November offers a different side that many visitors might not realize. In addition to arid landscapes, this country is home to rugged mountains and plenty of ski resorts, which start opening up in November.

Cooler November temperatures offer visitors a chance to explore this beautiful country more intimately, as there are fewer crowds. Just remember to bring extra layers of clothes and a waterproof jacket, and you should be fine. This month marks the start of the low season in Turkey, which means affordable travel and hotel rates.

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Turkey Weather in November

A girl at Fairy chimneys surrounded by snow in Turkey in November.
It is winter season in Turkey, so remember to pack some warm clothes for your trip.

Expect cooler average temperatures if you are thinking of visiting Turkey in November. At this time of year, daytime temperatures in Turkey could reach highs of 11℃, whereas the mercury could dip to -1°C at night. The weather is slightly warmer in Antalya, located on the Mediterranean coast of southwestern Turkey. Here, the temperature could reach a high of 15℃ and a low of 4℃ during this time of year.

Although the average rainfall in Turkey varies during November, the country receives around 30-40mm of rain during this time. So carry an umbrella in case the heavens open up. Overall, Turkey’s weather in November is cooler and slightly wetter. If you are not sure when to plan your Turkish holiday, check out our seasonal overview for the best time to visit Turkey.

Weather in Turkey in November - Rainfall and Temperatures

Oct Nov Dec
Avg Daily (°C) 18 11 5
Avg Nightly (°C) 3 -1 -3
Avg Daily (°F) 65 52 41
Avg Nightly (°F) 38 31 27
Avg Rainfall (mm) 30 40 60

Why Visit Turkey in November

Visit Love Valley for its unique formations in Turkey in November.
You can hike through Love Valley in Cappadocia and enjoy the sights of the unique geological formations and the natural landscapes.
People shopping in Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.
You should head to Istanbul to shop in the famous Grand Bazaar and with fewer people at this time, you might get good deals.

Thanks to November being the beginning of the low season, there are a lot of reasons to visit Turkey this time of year. Let's find out more.

  • Better rates: A trip to Turkey in November means accommodation, tours and flights are a lot cheaper. Therefore, you can splash out on some more elaborate lodgings or excursions if you wish to.
  • Fewer crowds: Turkey is a lot cooler and rainier in November, and the footfall is significantly lower. This means that you can often have popular sites all to yourself.
  • Hike the Love Valley: If you want to explore Turkey by foot, November is the ideal time, as the country’s temperature is much cooler. The weather is perfect for hiking through Cappadocia‘s Love Valley or enjoying a hot air balloon trip in this iconic destination.
  • Grab a bargain: Thanks to low crowd numbers, November is a great time to check out the Grand Bazaar while traveling in Istanbul. As there are fewer people around, you can get a much better bargain on Turkish souvenirs.

Where to go and what to do

Hot air balloons flying in Cappadocia with snow on the landscape.
You can get on a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia and gaze upon the beautiful winter landscape.

Fancy yourself as a film fanatic? Then head to the Ankara International Film Festival, which takes place at the start of November. Bringing together filmmakers from all over the world, it is a good opportunity to catch films from different cultures as well as up-and-coming directors meet other like-minded film fans, discuss different movies and genres, and find a new favorite.

And if you prefer more active pursuits like running, swimming or cycling, then the iconic Ironman event comes to Belek in November. If you feel that you are not ready to take on the 113 kilometers triathlon event, it is well worth checking out the race as a spectator. Featuring a 1.9 kilometers swim, 90 kilometers cycle and a 21 kilometers run, it is a true test of the human body and endurance.

Alternatively, if you want to kick back and relax, head to the tourist haven in Cappadocia. November offers the perfect conditions to explore this archaeologically important area, as there are fewer tourists around and the weather is also much cooler. Hop on a hot air balloon and fly over this iconic destination. The changing temperatures of November mean that you might even see a sprinkling of snow on the surrounding vistas. Of course, the highlight of any Cappadocia trip is to fly in a hot air balloon, something that you should not miss out on during your trip to Turkey in November.

Whatever the season, there is always something new and beautiful to discover in Turkey—and November is no different. For one, you can actually experience its highlights without hordes of crowds clamoring and jostling to take photos.

As the weather cools in Turkey, so does the crowd number. And November offers a brief lull before the ensuing chaos of the ski season. If you want to explore all the ancient sites of Turkey on a budget and with little crowds around, November is the perfect time to plan your trip. You may want to bring along a water-proof jacket for the occasional rainfalls that Turkey sees during November.

If you need help planning a perfect Turkish itinerary, visit here for a customized trip from our dedicated travel experts.

Check out our tours to Turkey in November for more ideas.

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Published by Tim Green, updated on October 14, 2022

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