Xin chao and welcome to Vietnam! I’m Jacqueline and I’m from the beautiful country of Vietnam. I grew up in Hanoi – a city of peace and also the capital of Vietnam. When I was a student, I often walked or cycled around my city to feel its blend of old and new. I had many opportunities to talk to tourists from around the world and hear their stories and love for Vietnam. From here, I found my passion for travel and I decided to pursue my lifelong career in tourism. I have also traveled throughout Vietnam as well as to other countries in Southeast Asia and Europe to satisfy my addiction to discover new lands.

I’ve been in the travel industry for almost 10 years as an operator and a travel consultant. I’m proud of having valuable experience that contributes to unforgettable journeys for my clients. The core reason that encourages me to devote my life to tourism for years is that I believe what I do every day brings joy and happiness to people, and many of my customers from around the world have become my dear friends.

Jacqueline's Travel Expertise

I specialize in tours of all lengths, from multiple-day, long hauls to short or classic tours. From my travel experience and with assistance from my network in Indochina and Myanmar, I continuously find unrivaled activities and sightseeing including trekking, kayaking, biking, community-based tourism, motorbike/boat/horse cart tours to be included in our tours. Our aim is to be the best-customized tour operators in Indochina. With a wide range of activities, we are proud of having completed many services successfully, including series package tours and travel services to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

I will be happy to provide you with new, updated information about Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Threeland Travel’s slogan is “Simply, your best local friend”, and my personal motto is “Focus on perfection through details”.

Expert Activities

Jacqueline's best travel experience

As a travel junkie, I have had many memorable travel experiences. Just after graduating from university, my friends and I took a mountain trip to Ta Xua on our motorbikes. It was my very first motorbike adventure, and I will never ever forget it! 4 days 3 nights and nearly 1,000 km of riding to the mountainous area of Northern Vietnam. I saw amazing scenery along the road and has the privilege of engaging with the ethnic groups in the highlands. The most unforgettable moment of this trip was when we successfully hunted for the “cloud ocean” in the early morning. The feeling that overcame me as I saw a vast sea of white cloud floating and surrounding me until the sun rose is something I can't simply describe in words! Not everyone gets the chance to see that cloud ocean in this off-the-beaten-path of Vietnam, but our team included a very experienced tour guide and thanks to him we made it.

Why is Jacqueline the right travel expert

I’ve been an operator and a travel consultant specializing in Indochina for almost 10 years. This gives me inside knowledge on local services to create great itineraries for you. I also maintain excellent relationship with suppliers to ensure that your trip is made possible at the most competitive rates. I believe every journey is unique and giving special attention is the key feature to making it perfect. I very much look forward to being in touch and helping you organize your dream vacation in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.