Vietnam in November: Weather, Tips & More


Looking for the ideal month to go hiking and explore the north of beautiful Vietnam? Try visiting Vietnam in November! As the rains continue to rumble on in the south, the north benefits from drier conditions, perfect for outdoor exploits.

If you’re not afraid of a little rain, November is a great time to grab some serious discounts on accommodation and excursions all around Vietnam. If you’re planning on traveling around Vietnam on a budget, November could be the perfect time to visit.

Vietnam Weather in November

A view of a rainy riverside street in central Vietnamese city.
Vietnam is not nearly as rainy in November as in other months but you should still come prepared for some rainfall depending on where you travel.

The weather in Vietnam in November offers mild temperatures, averaging at 24℃, making it the ideal month to explore and roam around this wonderful country. Temperatures rise and get more humid the more inland you head, hitting anywhere between 29 – 35° C in Hanoi.

Depending on where you travel in Vietnam, there are varying degrees of rain. The north is often the driest area with central Vietnam experiencing frequent showers and the monsoons still prevalent in the south. On average for the country, you can expect 60mm of rainfall, but the further south you go, the higher this number gets.

Not sure when you want to visit Vietnam? Find out for yourself in our guide on the best time to visit Vietnam.

Weather in Vietnam in November - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)191923263132323231282421
Avg Nightly (°C)151518212425262625221915
Avg Daily (°F)
Avg Nightly (°F)595964.469.875.27778.878.87771.666.259
Avg Rainfall (mm)1030501001501902102001601006030

Why Visit Vietnam in November

A hiker enjoying the view of the mountains in Ma Pi Leng, Vietnam.
November is a great time to go on a hike and admire the natural scenery in Vietnam.
Floating markets of Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam.
You can head to Mekong Delta in November where the Khymer community worships the moon deity for a good harvest.

November is a great month to visit, regardless of which regions of the country you plan to visit. As it’s the start of the peak winter season, everything is starting to open up, and although it may get busier, discounts can be available.

  • Strap on your hiking boots: Some of the best hiking in Vietnam can be found in the northern areas, which tend to be drier in November. Here you can enjoy single-day or multi-day treks through the stunning hill country. Bring plenty of supplies and train up before you go — some of the trails are not for the faint-hearted!
  • Check out the Ooc Om Bok Festival: If you are traveling in Mekong Delta, this festival is celebrated by the Khymer community. This event is sort of harvest festival, where locals pray to the moon deity for a good yield. Celebrated on the evening of the 14th day of the tenth lunar month, the date does shift, but it’s normally in mid-November.
  • Vietnam Cultural Heritage Day: This festival is celebrated on 23 November, with dozens of events all over the country, but it’s especially present in the cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. With online and in-person exhibitions, it’s a great way to explore Vietnamese culture and truly appreciate the place and the people around you.

Where to go and what to do

Two kayaks paddling in Halong Bay.
Adventure seekers can get their dose of adrenaline by participating in various outdoor activities such as kayaking in Halong Bay.

If you’re looking to get your adrenaline pumping, you should check out the central highlands. This area is actually pretty dry during November, as the mountains shelter the area from seasonal rains. Here, you’ll find plenty of adventure activities including climbing, caving, kayaking and more! It’s the perfect place to test your nerve, face your fears and embrace the true spirit of adventure.

Wanting something a little bit more relaxed and cultural? Then you should explore Sapa and its rice fields. As one of the most iconic images of northern Vietnam, the terraced rice paddies cascade down the mountains and hills. Thanks to the drier weather, November is a great time to explore this area without experiencing a deluge of rain, while crowds may still be low, giving you space to experience this beautiful icon.

Speaking of Vietnamese icons, no trip is complete without a cruise along Halong Bay. As the seasonal rains have subsided and peak season is beginning, it’s now a good time to cruise along the famous Halong Bay. There are tons of excursions that offer different length cruises with different themes. If you’re going later in November, bring some layers as it can get chilly.

With the beginning of peak season starting to take hold, traveling to Vietnam in November means that crowds are starting to pick up, giving a vibrant atmosphere as you travel around. This means that a lot of the popular tourist destinations and excursions are starting to reopen after the summer rains. Especially if you’re heading north to experience the awe-inspiring hikes, relaxing cruises along Halong Bay and the wonder of the iconic rice paddies, November can be a fantastic time to visit Vietnam.

If you don’t mind the rain and have a decent waterproof coat, there is plenty to explore in the central and southern regions, however, visiting Vietnam beaches in November is probably not the best course of action.

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Have a look at our tours to Vietnam in November for more ideas.

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