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A two-week trip to Vietnam is perfect for fully exploring the country’s length from north to south. In this period, you can explore popular destinations such as Hanoi and include off-the-beaten-path sites like the cave systems in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park and the countryside of Ninh Binh. Here are two-week Vietnam itineraries worth considering for your trip.

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1. Vietnamese Cuisine Explorer: 12 days in Vietnam

Fresh fruits sold on a boat in Mekong Delta.
Visit the Cai Rang Floating Market, the biggest floating market in Mekong Delta, and enjoy freshly cut fruits while on your boat ride.
Man holding a ban mi sandwich.
When exploring the street food markets in Hanoi, be sure to sample the popular Vietnamese sandwich called ban mi.
Day 1 Start your food tour in Hanoi, exploring its street markets
Day 2 Cruise through Ha Long Bay with a chef on board
Day 3 Board an overnight train to Hue after sightseeing in Hanoi
Day 4 Sample the Buddhism and imperial heritage-influenced food in Hue
Day 5 Embark on a local coffee house tour in Hoi An, then join a cooking class
Day 6 Visit Reaching Out Tea House—a non-governmental organization that supports the local deaf and mute community
Day 7 Witness the production of Vietnamese rice whiskey, then head on to Quy Nhon
Day 8 Visit the local markets in Quy Nhon, then board an overnight train to Ho Chi Minh City
Day 9 Taste the French influence in Ho Chi Minh City’s cuisine
Day 10 Lodge at a homestay in the Mekong Delta
Day 11 Explore the Ben Thanh market
Day 12 End your trip in Ho Chi Minh City

This 12-day Vietnam itinerary takes you on a culinary adventure through the country's world-renowned cuisine while also introducing you to regional and cultural delicacies. Starting in the capital city of Hanoi, dive into the vibrant street food scene, sampling iconic dishes like bun cha (grilled pork and noodles) and banh cuon (steamed rice paper rolls). Cruise the emerald waters of the iconic Ha Long Bay with a chef on board. Savor plant-based Buddhism-influenced cuisine, including regional specialties like banh hue (rice flour cakes) and bun bo hue (spiced beef noodle soup). In Hoi An, take part in a Vietnamese cooking class, preparing world-renowned dishes such as pho. Witness the production of Vietnamese rice whiskey in Quy Nhon before experiencing the French influence in Ho Chi Minh City's banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich). To end your trip, immerse yourself in the Mekong Delta's agricultural bounty, sampling fresh fruits and honey at a local homestay. See all 12-day tours in Vietnam.

2. Guided Off the Beaten Path Adventure: 13 Days in Vietnam

Tourists meandering through a cave on a boat in Lan Ha Bay.
Meander through the beautifully formed caves in Lan Ha Ba on your Cat Ba Island visit.
Day 1 Arrive in Hanoi
Day 2 Explore the beautiful Sapa Valley and its lively markets
Day 3 Trek the lush rice fields and rice terraces in Ta Phin village
Day 4 Embark on a walking tour of Hanoi to sightsee popular landmarks such as the Old Quarter and Hoan Kiem Lake
Day 5 Transfer to Cat Ba Island, then enjoy watersports in Lan Ha Bay
Day 6 Catch an overnight train to Dong Hoi from Hanoi
Day 7 Relax in Phong Nha
Day 8  Explore the underground rivers, green jungles, and karst mountains in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park
Day 9 Tour Hoi An
Day 10 Cycle through Hoi An countryside, including a stop at Cam Kim Island
Day 11 Fly to Ho Chi Minh City
Day 12 Jump into a cyclo (three-wheeled bicycle taxi) to sightsee Ho Chi Minh City
Day 13 Departure in Ho Chi Minh City

This 13-day guided adventure is perfect for taking you off the beaten path to explore the country's natural wonders, cultural diversity, and local traditions. Arrive in the capital city of Hanoi, then hike the picturesque Sapa Valley. Visit remote ethnic minority villages like Ta Phin to learn about their sustainable practices. Back in Hanoi, you'll have the opportunity to see a water puppet performance before transferring to Cat Ba Island. Spend a day cruising the stunning Lan Ha Bay, kayaking among the towering limestone cliffs and hidden lagoons. Next, travel south to Phong Nha, then continue your journey to Hoi An, where you'll take a leisurely bicycle tour through the countryside. Fly to the bustling Ho Chi Minh City, hopping into a cyclo to sightsee the markets, pagodas, and other landmarks. Your Vietnam adventure concludes here, though you can opt to extend your trip with an excursion to Cambodia's Angkor Wat. With a mix of overland transportation, homestays, and eco-lodges, this comprehensive itinerary showcases Vietnam's highlights and hidden gems from north to south. See all 13-day tours in Vietnam.

3. Cycling from South to North: 2 Weeks in Vietnam

Woman on a cycling tour during her two weeks in Vietnam.
Cycle through the rice paddy fields in Ninh Binh.
Day 1 Commence your cycling trip in Ho Chi Minh City
Day 2 Bike through the networks in Chu Chi Tunnels 
Day 3 Cycle towards the coast, then transfer to Mui Ne via bus
Day 4 Witness coffee and tea plantations on your ride to Dalat
Day 5 Pedal through Bidoup National Park, then take a boat ride to Whale Island
Day 6 Relax in Whale Island
Day 7 Enjoy the coastal ride to Quy Nhon
Day 8 Travel over the Thi Nai peninsula and Nhon Hoi Bridge, then transfer to Hoi An
Day 9 Sightsee Hoi An
Day 10 Transverse the Hoi An Pass
Day 11 Explore Hue on a cycle and boat
Day 12 Embark on a Halong Bay Cruise
Day 13 Spend some time cycling around Hanoi
Day 14 End of the trip to Hanoi

This Vietnam itinerary of 14 days is the best way to travel the country on one of its most common modes of transportation, the bicycle. Begin your cycling adventure in Ho Chi Minh City, exploring the Cu Chi Tunnels and coastal towns like Mui Ne and Dalat. Pedal through the Bidoup National Park before relaxing on Whale Island. Continue north along the scenic coastline to the historic town of Hoi An, where you'll have time to sightsee and cycle the surrounding countryside. Traverse the Hai Van Pass to reach Hue, touring the citadel and imperial tombs by bike and boat. Cap off your journey with a serene Ha Long Bay cruise and a cycling tour around vibrant Hanoi. The itinerary covers approximately 280 kilometers (174 miles) of cycling through Vietnam's diverse landscapes, heritage, and scenic wonders from south to north, with a mix of biking, boat trips, and bus transfers for your ease. two-week tours in Vietnam.

Road Tripping to the Highlights of Vietnam: 15 Days in Vietnam

Sunset cruise in Halong Bay.
Embarking on a sunset cruise in Halong Bay is a must when spending around 2 weeks in Vietnam.
Day 1 Say hello to Hanoi
Day 2 Cruise in Halong Bay
Day 3 Visit the pagodas in Ninh Binh
Day 4 Take in the stunning beauty of the mountains in Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park
Day 5 Venture into the caves of Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park
Day 6 Drive around town in Hue
Day 7 Take the road to Hoi An
Day 8 Join a cooking class, then head out for a night out in Hoi An
Day 9 Explore the beaches such as Cua Dai
Day 10 Travel to the tranquil beach of Qui Nhon
Day 11 Transverse the stunning passes of Co Ma and Deo Ca
Day 12 Head to the markets in Nha Trang
Day 13 Relax in the coastal bliss of Mui Ne
Day 14 Visit the Be Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City
Day 15 Bid farewell to Ho Chi Minh City

This guided 15-day road trip through Vietnam begins in Hanoi, where you can explore the charming Old Quarter and visit iconic sites like the Tran Quoc Pagoda and Hoan Kiem Lake. Ride a boat in Halong Bay. Journey through the stunning Ninh Binh region, known for its towering karsts and serene rice paddies, before heading to the Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park to marvel at its awe-inspiring caves. Continuing south stops in the imperial city of Hue, the picturesque town of Hoi An, and the tranquil beach town of Qui Nhon. Along the way, immerse yourself in the local cuisine through a cooking class and a street food crawl in Nha Trang. The final destination is Ho Chi Minh City, where you can explore the bustling Ben Thanh Market and soak in the city's vibrant atmosphere. Throughout the journey, you will be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide who will provide insights and guidance to ensure a seamless and enriching experience. See all 15-day tours in Vietnam.

If you want to spend around two weeks in Vietnam, you can choose from one of the four unique itineraries above. Alternatively, you can also customize your two-week Vietnam trip itinerary. For more ideas and information, read our Vietnam guide.

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