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As mysterious as its famous moai statues, Easter Island has been a magnet for travelers for long time. Its rugged natural terrain is home to stunning sights, impressive volcanoes, and pristine beaches — a perfect playground for intrepid travelers. Most people on their Chile holiday will spend at least two to three nights in Easter Island given its isolated location and simply the wanderlust it fulfills. When here, choose to base yourself in the main town — Hanga Roa — where you’ll find the most diverse accommodation options. It will also be just a short drive away from all of Easter Island’s main and most popular tourist attractions.

If you’re wondering where to stay on your trip to Easter Island, look no further. We have compiled a list of the five best Easter Island hotels (in no particular order) for a comfortable and unforgettable stay.

1. Lemu Lodge

Lemu lodge's individual bungalow
Individual bungalows in Lemu Lodge
Lemu Lodge rooms
The sea view bungalows open up to great vistas and scenery
The lounge area in Lemu Lodge
A cozy lounging area in Lemu Lodge can be a great spot to meet other travelers
Sunsets in Lemu Lodge
The scenic location of Lemu Lodge, just few minutes from the sea, makes it an ideal holiday hotel

Photo credit: Lemu Lodge

Lemu Lodge Vaihu is a unique and stunning property, and one of the best hotels in Easter Island. Located in Hanga Roa, this hotel is made up of individual bungalows set in a Rapa Nui farm. Each private bungalow is tastefully decorated and features a seating and dining area, perfect for relaxing after a long day of trekking and exploring the Easter Island terrain. A short two-minute walk from the beach, many of the bungalows feature a private terrace or balcony — ask for a sea view to enjoy great vistas and scenery! This hotel has an on-site restaurant and bar, and each stay includes free breakfast.

  • Address: Hanga Roa
  • Contact: +56 9 9299 6722
  • Price range:       


2. Hotel Taha Tai

Hotel Taha Tai
Hotel Taha Tai features plenty of green space and garden
Hotel Taha Tai in Easter Island
Lounge by the pool, sip on cool margaritas and enjoy your stay at Hotel Taha Tai
Hotel Taha Tai's Restaurant
A stunning view to dine with
Rooms in Hotel Taha Tai
Each room in Hotel Taha Tai is designed to compliment its natural surrounding

Photo credit: Hotel Taha Tai

This spectacular hotel is the perfect blend of city convenience and natural tranquility. Nestled between downtown Hanga Roa and the beach, this property is surrounded by gardens and features plenty of common space for guests to relax in and enjoy. Made up of 40 smoke-free guest rooms and private bungalows, one will find that the rooms here are comfortable and spacious, and are outfitted with modern and rustic décor, which perfectly mirrors the surrounding landscape.

Hotel Taha Tai boasts an on-site restaurants and bar, as well as an outdoor swimming pool. Located next to the sea, this hotel is the perfect combination of quality service, price and location. You won’t find a better place to relax and recharge your energy.

  • Address: Apina Nui S/n, Hanga Roa, Easter Island, 2770000, Chile
  • Contact: +56 32 255 1192
  • Price range:       

3. Hotel Hare Noi Rapa Nui

Hare Noi Rapa Nui hotel in Easter Island
Hare Noi Rapa Nui
Hotel Hare Noi
Enjoy a relaxed vacation at Hotel Hare Noi Rapa Nui
Hotel Hara Noi Terrace
Enjoy scenic views of the surroundings from your hotel room
Hotel Hara Noi Rapa Nui Restaurant
The hotel restaurant is the highlight, looking out to the open landscape

Photo credit: Hotel Hare Noi Rapa Nui

If you are looking for an intimate and luxurious stay during your time on Easter Island, look no further than Hotel Hare Rapa Noi. This 9-bungalow boutique hotel has managed to create an extravagant vibe in a rustic setting. Perched on a large plot of land, four of the rooms have garden views and the remaining five boast romantic sunset vistas. All rooms have outdoor decks equipped with WiFi so guests can soak up all the natural beauty while still being connected to the outside world. The restaurant is definitely one of the hotel's highlights. Much of the kitchen's organic produce is grown in the hotel's gardens and the talented chef whips up tasty traditional meals. You can even go on a fishing trip, catch your own dinner, and be treated to a seafood BBQ back at the hotel. The on-site spa, pool, and sprawling gardens are the perfect way to unwind at the end of an exciting day discovering Easter Island. 

  • Address: Hotu Matu'a s/n, Easter Island
  • Contact: +56 322550134
  • Price range:       

4. Morerava Eco Lodge

Morerava Eco Lodge is a modern oasis on Easter Island. Located less than a 15-minute walk from the beach, this property is ideally situated for exploring Hanga Roa and the surrounding countryside. Efficiently eco-friendly as the name suggests, their solar-powered private bungalows feature an eco-friendly and contemporary design. Each bungalow is made of sustainable materials and they are equipped with modern luxuries including flat-screen TVs and spa-quality bathrooms so that to not compromise on the relaxation quotient.

The location of this property is excellent as it is nestled between the town and the country, providing guests with all the conveniences of the city with the calm and relaxing qualities of the country. Eco Lodge is a great choice for couples or families traveling to Easter Island.

  • Address: Vai Kia Kia Sin Numero, 2770000 Hanga Roa, Chile
  • Contact: +56 2 2335 8978
  • Budget range:        

5. Te Ngahu Bungalows

Te Ngahu Bungalows is a stunning and picturesque hotel located just outside of Hanga Roa. A three-minute walk to the beach, this property boasts spectacular sea views and unparalleled beach access. Made up of nine private abodes, each unit is well equipped with a full-kitchen, dining area and includes a terrace — request a sea view bungalow to take in the vibrant and colourful sunsets! It’s ideal location, surrounded by all the natural wonders of Easter Island is perfect for couples, families and solo travelers.

  • Address: Policarpo Toro S/N, 2770000 Hanga Roa, Chile
  • Contact: +56 9 9090 2774
  • Budget Range:       

Given the many, amazing attractions of Easter Island, you are guaranteed a trip of a lifetime. And with plenty of accommodation options in Easter Island — whether you prefer a luxurious stay or a rustic retreat, a lavish hotel or a budget stay — your time here is going to be comfortable too. The only thing we recommend travelers is to reserve their Easter Island hotels as early as possible to get the best price and avoid disappointment. Also decide what is the best way to reach Easter Island when planning the trip to Chile

Not many packages offer Easter Island on their itinerary. That'swhy we recommend a custom trip to Chile. If you don't want the hassle of planning the trip, get in touch with our local travel expert for assistance. 

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