Japan in August: Summer Weather and Beach Excursions


For people all over the world, the hot summer month of August is synonymous with vacation. And things are no different in Japan. A summer holiday in Japan in February means an impressive array of summer festivals, plenty of other stunning events and, of course, lots of people. But while August might be notorious for being the hottest month in Japan, there are more than one ways to combat the heat. Continue reading and find out all you need to know about traveling to Japan in August.

Japan Weather in August

An aerial view of the Tokyo skyline during sunny weather in Japan.
Tokyo in summer is still buzzing with activities so you are bound to have a great time.

No matter which part of the country you plan to visit, Japan’s weather in August is hot and humid. Temperatures, however, vary depending on your destination. For instance, if busy, multicultural cities like Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka are on your must-see list, expect the mercury to soar anywhere between 24°C and 31°C. However, if you want to visit the gorgeous island of Hokkaido and its capital, Sapporo, expect an average August high of 26° C and a low of 18° C. Though both temperatures and humidity are high in August, days are sunny, with low chances of rainfalls unless the typhoon season kicks in earlier.

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Weather in Japan in August - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)8912172124282926201511
Avg Nightly (°C)2251014182223201594
Avg Daily (°F)46.448.253.662.669.875.282.484.278.8685951.8
Avg Nightly (°F)35.635.6415057.264.471.673.4685948.239.2
Avg Rainfall (mm)4358941191321811281471811588444

Why Visit Japan in August

A hiker on the trails in the mountains in Japan in August.
Japan offers amazing hiking trails which are perfect in August.
A closeup of bamboo chopsticks dipping nigiri shrimp in soy sauce.
You can enjoy amazing summer food in Japan which is bound to make your visit delightful.

 August is the month of holidays and the whole country erupts with music and fireworks festivals at this time of year. This festive atmosphere is further enhanced by traditional summer street foods across the country. There are many reasons for you to be traveling to Japan in August. Below are a few of our favorites.

  • Festivities and events: If your trip to Japan falls in August, make sure that you join locals in summer parties. The month of August is the peak season in the country when it comes to celebrations and fireworks.
  • Beach time: If kicking back on powder sands, swimming, and sunbathing are your cup of tea, you will love the country during August. You do not even have to travel far from big cities like Tokyo and Osaka to find beach spots.
  • Perfect time to hike: Be it short, easy trails like those in Minoo Park in Osaka or a multi-day adventure through Rishiri Rebun Sarobetsu National Park in Hokkaido, August in Japan is a fantastic choice for those who love hiking.
  • Summer food: From tasty noodles like yakisoba and hiyashi chuka to refreshing shaved ice, wata-ame (cotton candy), Japan welcomes travelers with the perfect summer food to beat the heat at this time of year.

Where to go and what to do

Mount Fuji and a sea beach during sunset.
There is a long list of beaches in Japan to relax in the summer heat.

The cultural events that are organized throughout the country should have a special place on your list of things to do in Japan in August. The Nebuta Festival, for example, starts at the beginning of the month and lasts for six days. Over 20 massive lanterns based on mythical stories are paraded through the city of Aomori. However, if musical events are your cup of tea, the Summer Sonic Festival welcomes travelers with fun, food and rock music on the third weekend of August in Chiba and Osaka.

If you are not in the mood for dancing, make sure that you spend a few days enjoying the beautiful beaches of Japan. Okinawa is the go-to place for the ultimate fun in the sun, and the weather in Japan in August is perfect for a few sunbathing sessions. This island is home to numerous sandy stretches, with Okuma Beach, Emerald Beach, Araha Beach and Sesoko Beach being some of the most popular. If you do not want to contend with crowds, there are plenty more options in the outlying islands. However, if you wish to head to Tokyo and its surroundings, Odaiba is a great choice.

Although few travelers realize it, the city of Tokyo is a superb destination for hiking enthusiasts. Leave behind its streets and head for the trails that scour Mount Fuji to enjoy nature. For an enhanced encounter with the natural world, do not miss out on the nature reserves of Hokkaido, where you can spot a variety of unique plants and animals while hiking in solitude. Home to bears, deers and foxes, Shiretoko National Park is one of the best national parks to visit in the region in August.

August is the perfect time to discover Japan and experience its mix of cultural activities and outdoor explorations. Lose yourself in its megacities and explore the range of entertainment options available. Else, head for sunny beach towns and picture-postcard mountain villages to enjoy nature and experience local traditions. If you are still undecided, feel free to reach out to our local travel experts and book your customized trip to Japan.

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