Argentina in May: Shoulder Season Adventures


With an eclectic mix of cultures and ethnicities spread over a vast and beautiful land, Argentina should be a must on your list of places to visit. Located south of the equator, the weather in Argentina in May marks the last of the fall season before winter begins in earnest, bringing shorter days and chilly temperatures. May falls in the shoulder season in Argentina, so the country’s top-visited sights are a little less crowded. If you travel to Argentina in May, you can also benefit from off-season rates and make use of your travel budget to visit some more attractions.

Argentina Weather in May

Mountain Fitzroy in Patagonia in the sunrise during May.
Mount Fitzroy glistens in magical shades of crimson with the first rays of the sun in May.

Stretching from the equator in the North, along the Andes to Tierra del Fuego in the South, the temperature in Argentina in May varies depending on where you are visiting. Buenos Aires has pleasant weather in May, with an average high of 18 °C and a low of 12 °C. The weather near the Brazilian border and Iguazu is a bit warmer and humid, with the mercury averaging 24°C. Tropical rain showers are also fairly common in this part of Argentina in May. If you do not mind chilly nights, May can be a perfect month to visit Patagonia.

Get the seasonal outline of the country, by reading our travel guide on the best time to visit Argentina.

Weather in Argentina in May - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)292526221916151719222528
Avg Nightly (°C)2019181511881011141618
Avg Daily (°F)84.27778.871.666.260.85962.666.271.67782.4
Avg Nightly (°F)6866.264.45951.846.446.45051.857.260.864.4
Avg Rainfall (mm)10090901008030505050808090

Why Visit Argentina in May

A little girl playing guitar in the stage in Iguaza concert.
Children between the ages of 9 and 18 participate in a musical talent event in the lush Iguazu region during the month of May.
A dinner with meat and potatoes with wine glass in the table.
Witness the feast celebration that happens all over the country during May in Argentina.

There are several reasons why you should consider traveling to Argentina in May. We have listed a few of them below:

  • May day of the revolution: If you are in Buenos Aires in late May, expect to be swept up by the most patriotic week of the year, as Argentina celebrates its independence. The holiday celebrated on May 25 marks the anniversary of the First Independent Government in Buenos Aires. You can enjoy the music, arts, and culture over a steaming hot bowl of Iocro on this day.
  • Día de la Virgen de Luján: The Virgin of Luján is one of the invocations of the Virgin Mary, recognized as the patron saint of Argentina. Many devout Catholics make a pilgrimage to the Basilica de Luján. The day is also observed nationwide with feasts and celebrations.
  • Concert in Iguazú: During the month of May, children aged 9-18 years take part in a showcase of their talent and affection for music in the lush Iguazu region. They come from the neighboring countries of Brazil, Peru, and all over Argentina.

Where to Go and What to Do

Include Iguazu Falls on your itinerary while planning a trip to Argentina
Marvel at a collection of 275 cascades that make this jaw-dropping waterfall one of the largest waterfall systems in the world.

If you are planning a vacation in Argentina, you will be struck with a wealth of choices. With architecture to rival Paris or Milan, no trip to Argentina is complete without spending a day or two in Buenos Aires. Visit La Recoleta cemetery and marvel at the elaborate marbled mausoleums of famous Argentines. Take a bus across town to the working-class barrio of La Boca and wind your way through the corrugated-iron shacks painted in brilliantly bright colors.

The best places to travel in Argentina in May tend to be north of Patagonia, where the pleasant temperatures averaging in the low twenties make it agreeable for walking and exploring. The shoulder season means lower prices on hotels and attractions.

Wherever you go in Argentina, you will see groups of people sipping from an elaborately decorated wooden cup through a metal straw. Mate is a caffeine-rich drink made by soaking yerba leaves in hot water, before being shared around a group of family or friends. Grab yourself a Mate and embrace Argentine culture. You can also enjoy Asado (Argentine barbecue) for lunch, followed by some delicious alfajores (filled shortbread biscuits).

A visit to Iguazu Falls is a must, while you are in Argentina. These falls, the largest waterfall system in the world, mark the border between Argentina and Brazil. Follow the wooden path to La Garganta del Diablo (the Devil’s Throat), where you can stand on the edge and peer into the abyss below. You are almost in the Amazon rainforest here, so keep an eye out for Toucans, Capuchin Monkeys, and the cheeky Coati. If the wilderness is not your thing, Argentina is famous for its wine, particularly Malbec. The North-Western province of Mendoza produces 60 percent of Argentinian wine. Why not take a bike tour through the vineyards before an evening of wine tasting followed by stargazing beneath the Andes?

May is one of the perfect times to explore Argentina. This vast country offers a rich culture, history, and natural beauty for visitors to experience and explore. Furthermore, the shoulder season offers lower prices on flights and hotels, allowing you to add more attractions to your itinerary. Like in most Latin-American countries, you will find yourself eating, drinking, and partying well into the night if you visit Argentina in May.

Organizing a holiday may be stressful, so let our travel experts do the heavy lifting for you with our customizable trips to Argentina. All you need to do is provide a couple of quick requirements and they will do the rest. You can also find our guide on how long to stay in Argentina helpful.

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