7 Days in Greece: Top 3 Recommendations

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Dotted with islands and infused with millennia-old history, Greece is a one-of-a-kind destination. Cover most of the country’s top attractions during 7 days in Greece. See the towering Acropolis of Athens while in the capital and explore the ruins of Delphi. Grab a drink and kick back on its Mediterranean beaches, like those in Santorini, or strap on your hiking boots and head out to see its sheer cliffs and plunging gorges. Traverse ancient tracks that scour the mountains of Zagoria and Crete and encounter unique cultures along the way. Below is our list of recommended Greece itineraries that last between 7 to 8 days.

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1. Island Hopping: 7 days in Greece

Best romantic holiday destinations Greece
Santorini is an enchanting coastal town in Greece that has everything for a summer vacation, from sun and sea to beautiful whitewashed houses and mesmerizing sunsets.
Day 1 Take a ferry to idyllic Mykonos from Athens’ Piraeus Port
Day 2 Enjoy a free day in Mykonos
Day 3 Explore the splendid Mykonos on your own
Day 4 Head for Santorini on a ferry
Day 5 Kick back in Santorini, discover the island on your own
Day 6 Feel free to visit Santorini’s black-sand beach
Day 7 Bid farewell to Greek islands

Although no longer the center of Western civilization as it used to be, Athens, the starting point of your journey, still leaves travelers wonderstruck with its grand, imposing monuments. Relive the voyages of Odysseus as you traverse the Aegean Sea aboard a ferry. Your home for the next three nights is the island of Mykonos. See the seven white windmills as you pull into the harbor. Feel free to wander down Matogianni Street, soaking up the Mediterranean vibes. You are off to Santorini on the fourth day of this tour. Its iconic clifftop houses with their white facade and blue rooftops are a delight to behold while its black-sand beach is the perfect destination to kick back. See tours.

2. Walk through the secret Zagoria villages: 8 days in Greece

Zagoria village is known for its gorges and its rustic views.
Explore Zagoria's stone villages and the stunning Vikos Groge.
Day 1 Arrive in Tsepelovo, explore its highlights on your own
Day 2 Visit Vradeto, Zagoria’s highest village, enjoy views from Beloi
Day 3 Climb the Koukouli Steps, see Vitsa and Monodendri villages
Day 4 Descend down the Vikos Gorge, visit Aristi
Day 5 See the Towers of Papingo
Day 6 Hike through Mount Astraka, spend the night in Astraka Hut
Day 7 Walk back to Papingo and transfer to Ioannina
Day 8 Head back to the airport for your flight home

Embark on a hiking escapade in Greece with this eight-day, self-guided tour. Starting from Tsepelovo, this walking tour takes you through iconic Zagoria villages. Traverse Vradeto, Kipi, Monodendri, Koukouli, Aristi and the twin villages of Papingo. Enjoy sweeping views from the Beloi Viewpoint and look out for birds and flowers as you descend down the towering limestone walls of Vikos Gorge. Hike through the jagged peaks of Mount Astraka. You can even visit famous attractions like the limestone cave system at Perama and the theatre ruins of Dodoni if you want to. Remember to buy some souvenirs before leaving for Ioannina. See tours.

3. Coastal and mountainous trip to Crete: 8 days in Greece

Lake of Agios Nikolaos in east Crete island, Greece
Agios Nikolaos, a coastal town on the Greek island  of Crete.
Chania is filled wild old town ancient treat for the eyes.
Explore the picturesque city of Chania, known for its venetian light house, old town alleyways and numerous shops and restaurants.
Day 1 Arrive in the Venetian-style city of Chania
Day 2 Hike the Agia Eirini Gorge to reach Sougia
Day 3 Wander through forests of oleanders and carob trees en route to Lissos
Day 4 Ascent Mount Gigilos, watch out for wild goats and rare birds
Day 5 Explore Samaria, Europe’s longest gorge
Day 6 Take a walk along Mediterranean coast
Day 7 Follow an ancient path to Anopolis village
Day 8 End your hike in Hora Sfakion

Packed with adventure, wildlife, culture and history, this eight-day hiking trip in Greece is a blend of coastal and mountain routes. Embarking from the ancient city Chania, this tour takes you through the ancient city Lissos and the scenic villages of Sougia, Agia Roumeli, Anopolis and Hora Sfakion. Visit top attractions in Crete, including its Byzantine churches and the Venetian harbor. Explore the gorges of Agia Irini, Selinou, Samara and Arathena, and try spotting wild goats endangered birds in Mount Gigilos. Besides all of this, you can also enjoy a refreshing splash in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean if you want to. Describe your ideal 8-day itinerary with our customized trip to Greece.

Spending 7 days in Greece is enough to create unforgettable memories. But if you are looking for an even more experiential trip, we suggest that you go through our guide on how many days to spend in Greece for more duration options. Connect with our travel experts in the country to get a customized travel plan.

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