10 Best Rafting Tours in Nepal - Ultimate Rafting in Nepal Guide

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Normally Nepal is all about Mt. Everest and trekking in the Himalayas. But did you ever pause a moment and think about Nepal's rafting tours? If you're going rafting in Nepal, you will be up for some of the best river rafting trips in the world.

The rafting rivers of Nepal descend faster and further than most rivers on the planet, ensuring the presence of thrilling rapids that are perfect for rafting.

Without further ado, please below find the top 10 best river rafting tours in Nepal that are sure to give you everything you’re looking for, from easy and lazy rapids for newbies to some of the most difficult and memorable rafting tours in Nepal!

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Upper Seti river rafting
Group of tourists rafting in the Upper Seti river

Unlike the lower Seti, Upper Seti rafting lets you enjoy a quick adrenaline rush, taking you through continuous rapids for more than 40 minutes. What makes it so special is that it presents the same number of rapids as the Kali Gandaki, with the difference being that it presents them in just 40 minutes while Kali Gandaki takes three days! If you’re an adventure lover, you’re sure to fall in love with the landslide rapid, the most challenging rapid of Upper Seti. Be aware though that Upper Seti is most fun after monsoon season in mid September through October as the water levels are high.

Rafting starts: Bamboo Bridge
Rafting ends at: The Dam
Grades: Class III – IV
Duration: Half Day
Distance: 7 kms
Best season: September to June
Perfect for: Adventure lovers, thrill seekers
Difficulty: Intermediate
Tour starts at: Pokhara, Half hour bus ride from Lakeside, Pokhara

Book your Upper Seti River Rafting Tour here!

Karnali River Rafting
Karnali river rafting is one of the exciting adventure sport in Nepal

This is one river rafting adventure that demands quick paddling. Hydroelectricity is growing at a great pace in Nepal and River Karnali is one of the rivers where a dam is expected to change the river rafting forever. Thus, it’s now or never if you wish to go on one of Nepal’s greatest river rafting adventures having up to class IV rapids.

The first four days of your expedition are easily the best and most adventurous as you get to encounter a number of good rapids. The river levels out over time and allows for easy float trips that are the perfect excuse to keep an eye out for the rare freshwater dolphin that also lives in the Karnali River.

Rafting starts:  Dungeswar
Rafting ends at:  Chisapani
Grades:  Class IV – V
Duration:  10 Days
Distance:  180 kms
Best season:  October to November, April to June
Perfect for:  Remote adventures in the wild, dolphin encounters
Difficulty:  Advanced
Tour starts at:  Kathmandu, One-day drive from Kathmandu

Book your Karnali River Rafting Tour here!

Sunkoshi River Rafting
An ultimate rafting adventure package for all those who love adventure

The Sun Kosi River is born in the highest peaks of the world and it lets you dive into the majesty of the Himalayas before it joins the Ganges on the plains below. Rated as one of the top ten river rafting adventures in the world by Nat Geo, rafting in the Sun Kosi is a must-do for any adventure lover. The forested canyons and gorges are full of Class III-IV rapids and the final stretch takes you through a dense jungle with chattering monkeys to keep you company. And it isn’t just about rafting. You also get to enjoy exotic beaches, pass local villages, visit remote temples and marvel at the stunning scenery all around you.

Rafting starts:  Dumja
Rafting ends at:  Chatara
Grades:  Class III – IV
Duration:  8 to 10 Days
Distance:  270 kms
Best season:  September to November, May to June
Perfect for:  Nature and adventure lovers
Difficulty:  Intermediate to Advanced
Tour starts at:  Kathmandu, 3 hour drive from Kathmandu

 Book your Sun Kosi River Rafting Tour here!

4. Marshyandi River Rafting Tour – 2/3 Days

Marshyandi River Rafting
Marshyangdi River Rafting is one of the most challenging steep rivers for thrilling white water rafting in Nepal

The Marshyangdi is a daring encounter with the wild. Your river rafting tour brings you closer to a raging river, a stunning exhibition of ferocious waters that truly bring out the daredevil in you. Marshyangdi is a recent addition to the river rafting tours in Nepal, but it is already becoming incredibly popular all over the world due to the number of technical difficulties and challenges it throws at seasoned rafters. Combine this with fascinating scenery, steep rapids and breath-taking mountain scenery, and you have all the ingredients for one of the greatest adventures of your life. It may not be the same as catching a glimpse of Mt. Everest from the Base Camp, but it certainly might end up being the next best thing to do in Nepal (or in fact, easily the best, if you’re an adrenaline junkie!).

Rafting starts:  Bhule Bhule
Rafting ends at:  Sanghu/Phailiya
Grades:  Class IV – V
Duration:  2–3 Days
Distance:  27 kms
Best season:  September to November, May to June
Perfect for:  Those looking for raging rapids and fast flowing water
Difficulty:  Intermediate
Tour starts at:  Kathmandu, 6 hour drive from Kathmandu


5. Tamur River Rafting Tour – 11 Days

Tamur River Rafting
Tamur river rafting is one of the complete adventure trips in Nepal

The Tamur River is perfect for seasoned pros looking for hard-core action. It combines a Himalayan trek with a white water rafting adventure and offers stunning views of Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga and Makalu. Highlights include navigating non-stop Class IV rapids and camping by the incredible Gufal Pokhari Lake. The Tamur flows through an unspoiled gorge that is visited by very few people on the planet and it also introduces you to a number of remote villages and scintillating beaches.

Rafting starts:  Basantapur
Rafting ends at:  Chatara
Grades:  Class IV
Duration:  11 Days
Distance:  120 kms
Best season:  October to November, April to May
Perfect for:  Those wanting to combine trekking and rafting adventures
Difficulty:  Advanced
Tour starts at:  Kathmandu, One day drive to Basantapur


Trisuli River Rafting
Trishuli river rafting is an ultimate adventure which offers you the real experience of water thrill

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, a river rafting adventure in Trisuli may be your best bet of enjoying the very best of what river rafting tours in Nepal have to offer. Some also use the Trisuli as an alternate route while traveling from Kathmandu to Pokhara. How about that for your preferred mode of transportation! The river is a lot of fun and incredibly safe, offering all kinds of adventures such as cliff jumps and swimming. It also suits people of all ages and skill levels and easily ranks among the most popular rafting adventures in the country.

Rafting starts:  Charudi
Rafting ends at:  Gaighat/ Fishling
Grades:  Class III
Duration:  1 Day
Distance:  60 kms
Best season:  Round the year
Perfect for:  Traveling from Kathmandu to Pokhara
Difficulty:  Beginners
Tour starts at:  Kathmandu, 3.5 hour drive from Kathmandu

 Book your Trisuli River Rafting Tour here!

7. Bheri River Rafting Tour – 4 Days

Bheri River Rafting
One of the remote and easywhite water river rafting wth beautiful scenery, good fishing, unspoilt villages

The Bheri is perfect for families wanting to spend some time enjoying the thrills and frills of nature. This beautiful river is full of fishing adventures and the stunning jungle is brimming with wildlife, with easy wildlife-viewing opportunities. If you’re looking for an adventure that lets you enjoy the best of nature and adventure, a journey which combines fascinating scenery to exciting white water rafting experiences, this is where you need to be. You also get to camp under starry skies and pass remote villages.

Rafting starts: Samjhighat
Rafting ends at: Bardia National Park
Grades: Class III
Duration: 4 Days
Distance: 105 kms
Best season: Round the year
Perfect for: Families, bird lovers
Difficulty: Beginners
Tour starts at: Nepalgunj. One hour flight from Kathmandu + 4 hour drive to location.


8. Bhote Koshi River Rafting Tour – 1/2 Days

Bhote Koshi River Rafting
Bhote Koshi rafting is Nepal is steepest action packed rafting trip

Bhote Koshi is formed by glacial waters from the Shisa Pangama in Tibet. Located at a mere 3-hour drive from Kathmandu, it offers an adrenaline rush like no other. It doesn’t demand a lot of your time and it offers some of the most stimulating and wildest experiences in Nepal. Despite offering Class III to V rapids, the river is ideal for newbies as well as expert rafters. It is fun and stimulating as well as difficult and challenging, but never uncomfortable. Expect to encounter lush fields, beautifully terraced lands, remote villages, stunning waterfalls and deep canyons on your journey.

Rafting Starts: Lamasanghu/Baseri
Rafting ends at: Dolaghat
Grades: Class III to V
Duration: 1 to 2 Days
Distance: 22 kms
Best season: Round the year
Perfect for: September to November, April to June
Difficulty: Suits all skill levels
Tour starts at: Kathmandu. 5 hour drive from Kathmandu.


Kaligandaki River Rafting
Tourists rafting in the Kali Gandaki river

Rafters searching for something that is more than a mere day trip, but less than long and challenging encounters, will fall in love with the Kali Gandaki. Rafting in the Kali Gandaki brings you close to deep river gorges and the circuit is full of enchanting scenery. The journey has something for all kinds of adventure lovers as it combines challenging rapids with calm white waters, sandy beaches and remote villages. Overnight camps let you explore the region’s wildlife and majestic waterfalls make the journey even more exciting. Kali Gandaki rafting is also high on spirituality and culture, as this is one of the holiest rivers in the country, and it is common to see numerous Hindu rituals taking place on the banks.

Rafting Starts: Maldunga
Rafting ends at: Mirmi
Grades: Class IV – V
Duration: 3 Days
Distance: 90 kms
Best season: September to November, April to June
Perfect for: Natural beauty
Difficulty: Suits all skill levels
Tour starts at: Pokhara. 30 minute flight / 6 hour drive from Pokhara.

 Book your Kali Gandaki River Rafting Tour here!

Lower Seti River Rafting
Lower Seti is a great river to introduce you to whitewater rafting and is perfect for beginners and families

The Seti River is one of the best rafting destinations for newbies and families wanting to enjoy river rafting in Nepal in a short period of time. The Lower Seti river is one of the warmest in the country and it takes you through easy rapids and beautiful forests, presenting glimpses into the region’s rich and varied wildlife. A river rafting tour of the Lower Seti proves to be particularly exciting for bird lovers and sightings of vultures, eagles and kingfishers are all too common.

Rafting Starts: Damauli (Kathmandu Pokhara Highway)
Rafting ends at: Gaighat (3 hours from Kathmandu)
Grades: Class II to III
Duration: 2 Days
Distance: 32 kms
Best season: September to November, May to June
Perfect for: Newbies, families, bird watchers
Difficulty: Beginners
Tour starts at: Pokhara. 1.5 hour drive from Pokhara.

Book your Lower Seti River Rafting Tour!

Looking for the best and most challenging river rafting tours in Nepal? Searching for an easy, yet exciting, white water rafting experience? We’ve got you covered. Discover your favorite rafting tour with the help of our travel specialists today.

If you wish to purchase your own kayak or raft for your tour in Nepal, please check Globo Surf for further details. 

Published by Erik Jensen, updated on September 7, 2022

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