Island peak versus Mera peak

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Hi trekking and climbing community!!!!

I am coming to Nepal for climbing.

I checked the two peaks - Island peak, and - Mera peak. But, I am in doubt which one to try and climb. I therefore have questions I hope to receive input on - from either the community or whoever experts….

1. What would the upsides be of choosing Island peak instead of Mera peak?
2. What would the upsides be of choosing Mera peak instead of Island peak?
3. Is any of the two peaks more expensive? Which one is cheapest?

Do I need any climbing equipment to join such peak tours? This will be my first climbing experience - will that be ok for both Island and Mera peak?

I hope to receive help.


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  • Unique Adventure International Pvt Ltd
    Both peaks are great to climb but Mera would be recommended to climb as this will be your first climbing experience. In terms of cost, Mera would be pretty high because it requires more days of camping (need more porters carry sufficient foods, tents etc) but better for you as first experience. Island would be cheaper because we can combine trip with teahouse and camping where it is necessary (required less porters carry sufficient foods and tents).

    Regarding the gears, if you choose the right company all gears would be provided. So, before booking the trip you should check in the lists whether it is provided or not. And if you choose the right company provides best experience guides too, who would be able to teach you the climbing techniques and skills before attempt the summit. There are more company doesn't do this, so it is better you always go for the right company provide all these, committed to safety trip etc.
  • Axel
    Hi MM and UAI

    Thank you for the help and good answers.

    Island peak sounds more fun if technically challenging :) Mera peak sounds fun too as it is a real climbing adventure, which I am looking for. I have read more about climbing in Nepal recently, waugh you have a lot of good peaks to climb - many adventures are awaiting I hope :)

    I am coming to Nepal later this year and will keep you informed.

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