Hello, my Name is Nil Hari Bastola but you may call me Nilam. I have been a tourism professional for over 24 years now.

From a very young age, I had the desire to share and show my beautiful country, Nepal, to the rest of the world. I started working as a mountain porter helping the few tourists who came to Nepal have a great experience in the mountains. During this time, I learned the tips and tricks on how to guide clients through the country. Soon, I started working as a professional mountain and trekking guide and finally was able to show my country to the rest of the world. For over 14 years now, I have been running my company to serve only the best and most unique travel experiences possible in Nepal.

In order to give my clients the best experience possible, I have visited and explored all parts of Nepal. Personally, I believe that I cannot offer any destination I have not been to myself and I can only give the best experience based on my own experience and expertise.

Nilam's Travel Expertise

I specialise in unique tailor-made travel packages all around Nepal. I have travelled through the entire country a lot over the years, so I can say I am a well-experienced traveller able to suggest to other travellers the best way possible. I offer one-day activities to multiple-day guided round trips and even mountain climbing and multi-day mountain treks.

I have also travelled to the lesser-known places of Nepal and have been successful in sharing my experiences from these trips with many others around the world. I love to connect travellers with the local communities here in Nepal in the most sustainable way possible.

Nilam's best travel experience

One of my most unique travel experiences is the time I hiked the Great Himalaya Trail, a 1,700 kilometre-long trail that goes from the east side of the Himalayas all the way to the west side of the Himalayas. It takes about 120 to 150 days to complete and, in my opinion, is one of the most unique tours in the world. I enjoyed this trip so much that I started offering this opportunity to others as well. There is no other trail like this in the world! A trail that gives you the opportunity to learn about yourself, nature and so many different cultures.

Why is Nilam the right travel expert

The reason that I started my company almost 15 years ago now was that I wanted to share my beautiful country and travel experiences with others around the world. If you pick me as your local travel expert, I can guarantee that I will create the best, most unique trip possible with all the experience and expertise I have gained over the years. I would very much like to show you the hidden treasures of our country and connect you to the amazingly friendly residents of Nepal.

Many of my clients have become friends and continue visiting Nepal for many years in a row. For this reason, I like to say: come as a stranger, leave as a friend.

Hope to see you in Nepal soon.