The Best Destinations to Visit In September

Prayers wheel in the Annapurna region of Nepal

There really is no better time for travelers to come out of their hibernation than the month of September. Many would have you spend over-the-top rates and share your favorite travel destinations with millions of visitors during the peak months of summer, but wait a while, and you’re bound to reap rewards for ignoring all those social media posts.

September marks the end of travel season as the kids get back to school, and this means that it’s the perfect time to embark on an adventure. September also marks the coming of fall, ensuring that many travel destinations are at their beautiful best, dressed in the colors of fall. The following are some of the best destinations to visit in September.

Nepal (above image)

Nepal doesn’t need any introduction. As one of the countries hosting the great Himalayas, Nepal is often called the trekking capital of the world. But more than its treks, Nepal also has a beautiful culture and ancient history going on for it. There is lots of things to do in Nepal. Its architectural highlights date back millennia while its culture often leaves you speechless. You get to see age-old traditions and historic rituals being practiced even today and the mountainside beauty always takes your breath away. Better yet, the months of September to November are the best for trekking in the Himalayas. Many treks in Nepal are best experienced during this time, and you simply have to add one to your itineraries, irrespective of your skill level. Some of the most famous treks are:

New York 

Amazing view of New York city after Sunset
Image by: dellm60/

There really isn’t an ideal time to visit NYC. Irrespective of when you visit this city, you’re sure to fall in love with its beauty, its grandeur and possibly everything it decides to throw your way. That said, September is easily the best time to be in New York. The fresh autumn air and the beautiful fall foliage leave you speechless and the sheer energy engulfs you into a world of attractions, restaurants, fashion and nightclubs. Better yet, combine your journey with a trip to Catskills to enjoy fall foliage like you’ve never seen.

Sri Lanka

Sunset over the beach in Sri Lanka
Image by: GoodOlga/

The island-nation offers just about every adventure that you can possibly imagine. Its beaches are famous all over the world, its tea plantations tend to take the breath away, its culture always fascinating and its UNESCO World Heritage Sites as exciting as they come. September is perhaps the last month suitable for travel to Sri Lanka before the advent of the monsoons. If you’re already planning your journey, it makes sense to add the coastline located to the north of Trincomalee and the Arugam Bay into your itinerary. And while it’s beginning to get wet in the other parts of the island, you should still be able to see its archaeological sites and national parks.


Evening views of the Baobab trees in Madagascar
Image by: milosk50/

Mere mentions of Madagascar are enough to grab your attention. This legendary travel destination becomes even more special in the month of September as this marks the start of the breeding season and migratory species from all over arrive in Madagascar, transforming it into a bird watchers dream. In their search for a mate, these birds become more vocal filling your drums with enchanting songs and more active as they try to impress prospective partners with their moves. Lodges in main birding locations tend to fill up quickly to remember to book well in advance.

The Maldives

Sunset views on the island of Maldives
Image by: FotoMaximum/

The months of July to August aren’t usually the best times to visit the Maldives due to the southwest monsoons. With September, the skies begin to clear and you experience lesser rainfall. Accommodation is also less expensive than peak season and you generally get excellent opportunities for surfing and diving. There is a greater chance of encountering mantas and dolphins after the heavy rains as well.


Tourists walking among the ruins of Roman Forum in Rome
Image by: marcorubino/

When in Rome do as the Romans do, and that certainly includes a lot of walking. Rome is a city that needs to be discovered on foot, and this is why it’s so special in the month of September. You’re never sharing the city with millions of visitors from all over the world and the weather is still perfect for enjoying its many sights. You’ll find tourists even in the month of September, but at least, it will never be crazy like the summer season. Whether you’re in the city for its mind-blowing architecture or its burgeoning shopping scene, you’re never going to go back home feeling disappointed or underwhelmed.


A shopping mall in Milan with shoppers and tourists strolling around
Image by: vent du sud/

Did you know that Milan actually receives a lot of rain? In fact, many travel itineraries into the city ended up getting washed out by endless rains. This is why September tends to be an excellent time to visit the city. It has the fewest rainy days in the month and a temperature that hovers around 24 degrees C. It is also the perfect time to enjoy shopping, searching for the latest designs or looking for new boots to keep you comfy in the cold months ahead.


Crowds in the Hippodrom Beer Tent on the Theresienwiese Oktoberfest fair grounds
Image by: SeanPavonePhoto/

Despite the name, Oktoberfest (yes, that annual beer drinking extravaganza) actually takes place between mid to late September. This 16 to 18 day celebration is famous all over the world as a feast that you simply have to witness at least once in your life. It celebrates the Bavarian culture with carnival rides, live music, traditional food, dancing and of course, lots and lots of beer and there is no better time to be in the city, celebrating its marvelous culture, drinking the best beer in the world.

Okanagan Valley

Okanagan wine valley in British Columbia Canada
Image by: ronniechua/

You have a long list of usual haunts when it comes to wine destinations. Tuscany and Napa Valleys are surely high on your list. So are many regions of France and Italy. But there’s a new superstar in town this September. Okanagan Valley has quickly turned out to be one of the most exciting wine regions of the world, and the wineries here produce some fascinating Reislings and Pinot Noirs. Many wineries also have farm-to-table restaurants opening up and the region is on the brink of entering mainstream travel.


People building human castles at Fiesta de la Mercè Barcelona
Image by: smuki/

It’s still sunny in Barcelona. The temperatures hover around 25 degrees C in the day and the weather feels balmy. The locals are back from their annual breaks, but since this is Barcelona, the locals still party like mad, enjoy eating out and visit the beach. Better yet, September is when the city celebrates the Fiestas de la Merce, a week-long festival that attracts all kinds of musicians, performers, artists to the city for countless concerts, parades and celebrations.

September marks the beginning of autumn in many parts of the world as well as the end of the peak travel season, making it the perfect time for serious travelers to up their game and enjoy their favorite destinations in a new light as the rains start receding and the weather cools down.

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