Best Trekking Agencies in Nepal

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When tourists are coming to Nepal for trekking a very frequently asked question is – which trekking agency, or which trekking agencies, is/are the best in Nepal? Let’s help you with some insights on what to look for, and provide you with a few recommendations below. 

Price obviously plays a role when choosing your trekking agency. When it comes to getting a once-in-a-life-time-experience-in-Nepal, and a safe one of course, the following factors are very relevant to consider as well:

  • Does the trekking agency provide insurance for each of its staff, joining the trekking tours? This parameter is relevant to ensure that safety is prioritized not only for you, being the customer, but also for the local staff hired by the trekking agency.
  • Is the staff of the trekking agency properly equipped? Some trekking agencies dispatch their porters and guides without proper equipment – this is obviously not good enough, and worst case could have dire consequences.
  • Does the trekking agency provide guides with valid guide certificates? While many factors go into getting a great guide, making sure that your guide(s) have actually been trained in how to guide and assist you, will certainly help.
  • Is the trekking agency licensed for carrying out trekking tours in Nepal? Some trekking agencies operate without licenses. These trekking agencies should be avoided as they basically operate on an illegal basis and therefore can provide no guarantee as to your safety, or their staff’s safety.
  • Is sufficient emphasis put on health and safety during your trek? While trekking is generally not dangerous it can indeed become harmful if the necessary precautions are not taken. Choosing a trekking agency with great safety standards and one which continuously follows-up and updates/upgrades its safety standards, and equipment, is very important.
  • Is the trekking agency carrying out your trek in a sustainable way, with as little negative impact on the environment as possible?
  • Does the trekking agency have a contract with a local helicopter emergency evacuation company, in case rescue is needed?

While some of the above factors can easily be found out before the trek, other factors only become apparent after you’ve trekked with the trekking agency, as only then will you know whether the trekking agency and the guide, inter alia, truly did take the necessary health and safety precautions.?.

While this article is not intended to promote Bookmundi each of our member agencies are being reviewed by the customers, after every trek, as only in this way can we ensure a high enough service and safety standard. If at any point in time a member trekking agency is not delivering a high enough safety or service standard we’ll have to take them off the site, until the issue in question has been remedied. 

But, which trekking agencies are the best in Nepal? While we firmly believe in the capability and service level of each of the member trekking agencies available in Bookmundi, the following trekking agencies in Nepal deserve praise and attention (listed in random order) for their consistently high service levels, great management, and qualified trekking guides:

  1. Nepal Hiking Team
  2. Nepal Eco Adventure
  3. Icicles Adventure Trek
  4. Green Valley Nepal
  5. Mosaic Adventure
  6. Trek Nepal
  7. Breakfree Adventures
  8. Mountain Monarch
  9. Social Tours
  10. Himalayan Leisure

Other trekking agency parameters which are important in your opinion? Would you recommend other trekking agencies?

We welcome any comments and/or opinions you may have on this article.

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  1. Nepal Planet Treks and Expeditions focuses on exceptional customer support and service at value-for-money costs.
    We offer personally customized itineraries and activities tailored to the requirements of the client.
    Specializing in organizing tours, trekking, mountain expeditions, peak climbing, rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping, cycling and sightseeing in Nepal, we are your best choice for your trip to this wonderful country
    The friendly team members of Nepal Planet Treks and Expeditions consist of highly experienced adventure travel and mountain experts with high levels of practical knowledge about all that Nepal has to offer the visitor.

  2. Alpine Eco Trek & Expedition Pltd is another leading trekking and travel company in nepaliese tourism industry. For more than 19 years we have successfully planned, organized, and led large and small tours, treks and hiking holidays throughout Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet & Mt.Kailash. We are authorized by and registered Trekking Agency with the Government of Nepal. For more info please googling Alpine Eco Trek in your internet browser, you will have the great results Alpine Eco Trek!

  3. Himalayan Destiny is also a great company in Nepal but we still agree with Bookmundi that above companies are probably some of the best. Great article!

  4. Dear Sir :
    We are a group from Taiwan. The team is 8~12 members. We want trekking to Red river valley in Nepal.
    We have full experience for oversea trekking . And we have been Nepal many times before earthquake.
    Can you have a suggest schedule for us and have a quote about.

    1. Dear Rack Yu,

      Thanks for your enquiry.

      If you fill in the following form, we can easily get you several trip offers for a tour to the Red River Valley. When filling in the form, please mention how many days you have available and if you would like porters as well, in addition to a guide:

      We look forward to hear from you.

      Kind Regards,

    2. Dear Rack Yu,

      Thank you for visiting Nepal. It will be very nice to have a trek with very experienced people. We therefore highly recommend that you use Bookmundi who is a very reputable trekking platform.


  5. Hey there,
    There are many trekking agencies who provide very good service in Nepal. Recently I visited upper mustang with another trekking agency than the ones listed above. They were professional and excellent for for their work. It was a wonderful time in mustang.

    Drake Kaul

    1. Dear Drake,

      We fully agree, there are indeed other trekking agencies that provide a good service. We are merely listing the ones which we have found that provides a very good service, and very good value for money. We deal with many trekking agencies on a daily basis and have therefore gotten a good idea about which trekking companies are great and which ones are less great. I hope this clarifies.

      Best Regards,

  6. Good morning sir,

    I am Pierre, a 24 years old French guy and I would like to do the trek of Everest Base Camp in December.

    Is it possible to do it at the moment at the year ?

    Thanks a lot


    1. Hi Pierre,

      Thanks for your question. Yes, it is indeed possible. It’ll be quite cold, but as long as bring sufficiently warm clothes it’s perfectly comfortable and doable. Anything else, please do not hesitate to let me know.

      Kind Regards,

    2. Dear sir
      This sounds good.You can definitely trek at the time to EBC.I did the same last year and It was an awesome experience.

  7. I have done twice Himalaya trekking with Adventure Great Himalaya Treks& Expedition. The company fond high experiences, professional staff. i am not hesitate to recommended this company for anyone who wanting adventure trip in Himalayas Nepal.

  8. I have done Second Trekking with Himalaya Trekking Team , the company was supper, Best Service, High Experiences Team..The guide have very vast Knowledge about the Nepal and mountain. Surely i will back again with this agency and do not hesitate to recommended anyone.. If you need to more info about this Agency please visit their site

  9. Himalayan Holidays Nepal is one of the Pioneer company to introduce sustainable tourism development in Nepal. Since established in 1990, Himalayan holidays Nepal serves thousands of happy clients from all around the world. Himalayan Holidays has highly experienced team with crisis handling capacity for all available activities in Nepal. For more details visit

  10. I had the privilege to trek the Annapurna circuit last in April. The trek was amazing and the trekking company I choose was from Pokhara itself. Their service exceeded my expectations. Eastern Light Treks is their name if anyone interested could also get info in their website . Just ask for Dev and your trek will be the most memorable experience!!! 

  11. Himalayan Icefall Trekking Pvt Ltd is also a leading company in the field of hospitality and tourism.It focuses on fulfilling the thirst of the trevellers and on providing them with the best of the trekking in Nepal.You can visit it at and contact it at
    I was also a client of this specific organization and I am very satisfied with the service that the organization provides.

  12. Shera Sherpa Adventures is the best trekking and expedition company in nepal, They are perfect in organizing everything at best price. All of their team is very experience and have lots of trekking experience. It was a recommendation to me and i recommend this to other people. here is there website

  13. Hello! I have a great recommendation for your list!
    I’ve done multiple trekkings with a trekking company in Nepal called By Mountain People. Before we booked the trekkings, we talked about the type of trekking we would like to do and owner Govinda talked to us about what would be the best fit for us. Their advice was so useful and really made our trip to Nepal even more awesome! When we were there, Govinda made sure everything was ok and even when we came back they still kept in touch. To everybody who’s planning on visiting Nepal, I am recommending By Mountain People because of their warm service, great trekkings and also their professional guides. If you’re looking for more information, you could check their website:

  14. Great information about choosing the best trekking agency in Nepal. Would like to share about Mount Mania. It is an online trekking agency based in Nepal. Services ranging from trekking and tours to peak climbing are offered while keeping sustainable and responsible tourism in mind. Our locally created itineraries by local travel experts have the option to customized according to travelers needs.

  15. Thanks for your recommendation on best trekking agencies in Nepal, but I found another one who needs to be on your list too. Up To Himalaya, probably best for Restricted area trekkings like Manaslu, Kanchenjunga, Upper Mustang etc.

  16. Best trekking agency depends upon their services, reliability,truth of information they provide and many more. I have found that many trekking agency remove their bad reviews by paying a lot of money to Tripadvisor .Similarly the price after services also become important.Many other agencies have different price for their same packages in different website.When travelers look and buy packages through those website and go to Nepal,they indeed have to pay more amount than they need to pay because the website of trekking agencies in Nepal has got hidden prices. The safety is another issue for differentiating best and other. So be careful choosing right company before travelling.

    We are rising agency who wants to be best and be different than others.We are looking for global partnership. Safety,trip service more than price and tailor-made packages distinguishes us from other. You can check our website too

  17. Mount Glory Treks and Expedition is one of the Nepal’s better known adventure and exciting Luxury travel agency which specializes in exploring the elevated Himalayas in Nepal, delivering mind inspiring, soul awakening and life long memories with the best experiences and adventures. Our best team with knowledgeable, experienced and professionals are always ready to serve you the best Luxury trekking, tours, expeditions, rafting, bungy jumping, etc. We are widely recognized and well-certified Luxurious trekking and tour operator based in the locales and Himalayan Regions of Nepal, Bhutan,Tibet and India.Here is the website link

  18. Everest Thrill Nepal is one of the best trekking and expedition company in Nepal, They are perfect in organizing everything at the best price. All of their team is very experience and have lots of trekking experience. It was a recommendation to me and I recommend this to other people. here is there website

  19. Big Sky Treks has the best team members with good quality services and itineraries, including various hiking and trekking trails, outdoor and adventure itineraries, cultural and theme tours, home stay experience and so on. We also provide customized itineraries with detailed information which can meet your needs. More importantly, we believe that the sustainability of Big Sky Treks depends on creating lifelong travel memories for each and every travelers in Nepal.
    Come and join us! Bring your backpack with you and let us show you around Nepal. We promise that you will start your journey in Nepal as a customer of us but last as a friend. This is what we have been doing all along.
    ~~Explore Nepal Himalayas! Touch Your Big Sky!~~

  20. How do you short list the trek agency ?? Why Outshine Adventure is there ?? We do not agree your listing actually it hurts other trekking selling better than your list and better services providers too.

  21. Himalayan Paradise Trek & Expedition is an government certified and managed by group of experienced team
    which will help you to know about nepali culture. You can also customize your trekking packages by counseling with the management team of Himalayan Paradise Trek.
    Our website may help you find your Upcomingtrip :

  22. Hi, It’s me Pasang Lama, Owner/Operator of newly opened travel agency Karma Eco Adventure Nepal. I extremely happy to see those all listed Nepal’s trekking agencies by world top 10 leading travel company ”BOOKMUNDI”. I hope bookmundi will give chance to list my agency in the future on their platform too. Thanks

  23. Great information, thank you very much for your co-operation. We are Responsible Trekking Tour Company base in Nepal, specialize for Trekking , Tour Travel in Nepal, Nepal Hiking and others Outdoor Activities including, Peak Climbing, Expedition, Adventure Trekking, Rafting, Tibet and Bhutan Tour by Ecologically, Culturally & Socio- economically way”, throughout life time experience professional Sherpa Guide, porter and other staff.

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    Boudha Stupa Kathmandu
    Boudha Stupa Kathmandu
    About Us

    Welcome to Zam Zam Trekking in Himalaya

    New vision and transparency is the main motto of Zam Zam Trekking Company. We are seriously committed to promote and develop tourism in a way for you to explore and experience the world of the Nepalese Himalayas and in the same time to contribute to poor people, in especially remote areas, to support female and children in better health and education. Even by one trip to Nepal, you will already contribute to the support of the great need in Nepal.

    Zam Zam is also a company who cares for all the porters and Sherpas in Nepal. These are people who are doing very hard and physical work and the only income that they receive, is from doing Treks or Mountain Expeditions. They do not have any pension funds and Zam Zam are in the process to register a Pension Fund for the unstrung heroes of Nepal. Zam Zam Trekking Pvt. Ltd is a specialized Trekking Company in Nepal. We are a member of Nepal Tourism Board and a Government Authority Company. We offer Treks, Day hikes, Sightseeing and additional activities such as Yoga Tours, Nepal Photography and film tours, Jungle Safari, White Water Rafting and Mountain Bike Trails as well as Tour Packages.

    Our team have more than 10 years’ experience in the tourist industry. We strive to deliver professional and quality services at reasonable prices. We have well educated staff who have a broad knowledge of geography, religion, biodiversity and history of Nepal. We believe that we will make a big difference in your experience during your Nepal trip.

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