I'm Sean and I am an American-born Eastern Europe expert. I'm also a professional historian, tour guide and author. My love of Eastern Europe was first sparked during the final days of the Soviet Union and my passion for the area led to my moving here and studying first hand for many years. From this and many other experiences, I knew that I had found my life's work and wanted to share the thrills of travelling in Eastern Europe to as many people as possible.

Travel is life-enhancing. Through a lifetime of travel, I've seen the power of good travel has to spark new ideas, deepen mutual understanding and provide a lifetime's worth of memories. I love being in the world of travel so that I can help others to achieve their travel dreams and see for themselves how experiencing other people's cultures, history, food and language can really have a lasting effect.

Sean's Travel Expertise

At Eastern Europe Explorer, I specialize in cultural and historical discovery tours. My passion lies in pairing well-known sites with lesser-known ones to create a story. I give you insight and interpretation. For example, we'll explore Moscow's Kremlin in the morning, then head to a hidden illegal Bolshevik printing press where, in 1905, two men printed revolutionary pamphlets in 20-minute shifts. It’s incredible to think that the power of the Kremlin was ultimately undermined by the efforts of men like these, operating illegal printing presses in sub-basements. That is the interpretation, the story, that will stay with you.

I also focus on cultural immersion. You can learn some Russian, visit a Russian family to learn more about everyday life, and learn how to use the classic Russian banya. All this is rounded off by cooking lessons and walks through the city and the local area where you're staying. In short, I love arranging tours which immerse you in your temporary home from home. You may have arrived as a stranger, but you leave as a local.

Expert Destinations

Sean's best travel experience

I recently had the chance to ride in a WWII-era Soviet T-34 tank, in Russia in the winter, on the old battlefields of 1941. Its one thing to read about that conflict, another to feel the hot engine at your back, be jostled around inside the turret and feel how tight and confined the space was. I imagined shouting orders under fire, and tried to understand, through the limited field of vision offered by the tank's viewports, how I might have responded to the terrifying conditions under which those young men served. Driving a T-35 is a physically demanding job and doing so in wartime must have been extraordinarily difficult. This travel experience taught me more about the conditions faced by soldiers in the war than nearly any book I had ever read. This is the power of travel. To see, to experience, to learn from other cultures and other times and to come face to face with the authentic.

Why is Sean the right travel expert

I offer dedicated support from start to finish. I am passionate about showing you the real Eastern Europe, and care deeply about your trip; you're not and never will be "just another client."

I cater to individuals with individual interests. Our custom-made tours are for those who prefer exploring a mix of on and off the beaten track sites and want to connect to these places and the stories they tell.

With me as your travel expert, I’ll offer carefully planned itineraries and recommended reading list with books you might want to check out before you travel, and which will really enhance your experience while abroad.

I’ll give you local guides who can tell you their stories of growing up and living in Eastern Europe. You’ll get the lowdown directly from the people who call this region home.