From my earliest days travelling, I've felt the urge to experience the world from other people's points of view and delve into the stories a place has to tell. That is why I became a Russian language philologist and also learned to be fluent in English and most recently German.

I developed my passion for Eastern Europe in the same way, by following its stories and uncovering its secrets and then introducing our travellers to those very stories, all the while encouraging them to seek out their own discoveries and showing them how to see places in new ways, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. From sites in Moscow's Red Square to a small village in rural Ukraine, every place has a story. When I travel, I feel a thrill as I discover these stories, and that is what I want our travelers to experience.

As Ibn Battuta once said, "Travel. First, it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."

Ulyana's Travel Expertise

I specialize in cultural and historical discovery tours in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. I create custom-made itineraries that combine the big sites and the lesser-known sites. I also focus on cultural immersion. For example, you can learn some Russian, visit a Russian family to learn more about everyday life or learn how to use the classic Russian banya. All this is rounded off by cooking lessons and walks through the city and the local area where you're staying.

Expert Destinations

Ulyana's best travel experience

It's difficult to single out a particular travel experience, I cherish my memories about each country and place I visited. But among the most recent travels, my 2-week trip to Italy comes to my mind most vividly. Here, I took a Byzantium mosaic course in Ravenna and (with zero previous experience) produced two great pieces of art with my own hands! Being able to create something beautiful was an unforgettable feeling.

Why is Ulyana the right travel expert

As a local with lots of experience and a passion for the places and people I specialize in, I make an excellent travel expert. With me, you will get an individual approach and bespoke itineraries that combine blockbuster sites with hidden gems. I can help you to get to know the country, its traditions and culture through the stories of the best local guides who love the place they were born in, enjoy their job and are happy to share their love for the country with you.