I love to design memorable vacations for families, groups of friends and honeymooners. When I hear travellers say phrases like "the trip was wonderful beyond my dreams", "I went back home a different person, I have grown physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually", "a job well done, my friend" and "that was the best time of my life" I am reaffirmed as to why I feel so passionate about my job.

Working in tourism for more than 20 years has provided me with an extensive knowledge of the country. I have helped so many clients over the years and have quite a following of clients who return again and again. Many also refer me to their friends and family.

Because of my long years in the industry, I can recognize how these days more and more people are opting for active and physical lifestyles, and the attitudes towards vacations have changed.

I am also a dog lover and enjoy spending my free time with family and friends!

Randall's Travel Expertise

I have knowledge of the whole country and thanks to that, I can suggest the best areas to visit and the best things to do based on any client's interests and needs. If you are looking to visit the highlands of the country, I can organize a visit to the Arenal Volcano area or to the cloud forest of Monteverde. Then, if you want to visit our beautiful beaches, I can organize trips to the Caribbean coast or any of the beaches along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

Randall's best travel experience

I've always worked organizing trips for people who want to visit Costa Rica, including taking care of activities, lodging, transportation, etc., but I had never organized for a group interested in travelling OUT of Costa Rica. And then, in 2017, I did it for my family of 19 people! It was a crazy challenge, but thanks to my expertise and organization skills I was able to put my skills to use in another country.

Why is Randall the right travel expert

When I design a travel itinerary, I concentrate on providing a variety of activities designed to introduce our guests to Costa Rica in the most interesting and unusual ways. Attention to detail and commitment to quality is key. I can guarantee that your vacation will exactly meet your expectations! If you are considering to travel to Costa Rica, just let me know what you are looking for and I will make sure to design an itinerary and make your desires a reality.