Colombia in September: A Mix of Sun and Rain


September ushers in the rainy season in Colombia, which also marks an end to the high tourist season. But despite rain showers, the water level in the Amazon is still low. Exploring and hiking in the rainforest is still possible during this time. Elsewhere, you can revel in the beauty of Tayrona National Park in Santa Marta or watch the migration of humpback whales off the Pacific coastal villages like Nuqui. The Caribbean and the Pacific coasts also invite visitors to relish the pleasant climes before the rainy season intensifies in October.

Weather can be unreliable in some parts of the country, yet there are plenty of places to visit in Colombia in September. We recommend checking with the weatherman before your Colombia trip.

Colombia Weather in September

Heroe statue in Colombia in September
Santa Marta sees fewer days of rainfall, making it ideal to pursue adventures in the surrounding areas.

Colombia is a mixed bag of rainfall and sunshine in September. Since the country is located close to the equator, the country’s weather alternates between the wet and dry seasons. The country’s temperature, however, differs according to the altitude. Bogota, in the highlands, gets sporadic rainfall in September. Here, the daytime temperature hovers around 19°C, while it drops to a low of 9°C at night. Medellin has mild temperature averaging at 27°C in September. While the mercury peaks at 32°C in coastal Cartagena, the region also sees significant rain showers around this time. Santa Marta shares similar weather traits, but sees fewer days of rainfall, making it ideal to pursue a range of adventures in the surrounding areas.

For a seasonal overview, check out our guide on the best time to visit Colombia.

Weather in Colombia in September - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)191819181817171718192018
Avg Nightly (°C)971011111110109876
Avg Daily (°F)66.264.466.264.464.462.662.662.664.466.26864.4
Avg Nightly (°F)48.244.65051.851.851.8505048.246.444.642.8
Avg Rainfall (mm)3040509080404040701107050

Why Visit Colombia in September

Visitor exploring Colombia in September
With the summer rush coming to a halt, you can get lucrative deals to enjoy Colombia on a budget.
humpback whale breaching in the waters of Gorgona island, Colombia in June
Thousands of humpback whales migrate from Antarctica to the warmer waters of Colombia's Pacific Coast for breeding.

September is a good month for a budget holiday in Colombia. There are a variety of things to do in Colombia in September. Following are some of the shoulder season benefits that Colombia offers its visitors:

  • Easy on the Pocket: With the summer rush coming to a halt, demand for tours and tourist activities slims down in September. You can get lucrative deals to enjoy the attractions and activities in Colombia on a budget.
  • Activities Amid Sparse Crowds: Both international and domestic tourists head home during September, leaving you to enjoy the lavish landscape without tourist crowds blocking your view. With less competition, you will have more choices in accommodation styles as well.
  • Events and Festivals: Bogota hosts its annual jazz festival, Jazz al Parque featuring a line-up of national and international bands. For a taste of the traditional colorful carnival, visit the city of Quibdó in Chocó for Fiesta de San Pacho. Take this opportunity to join the locals to jive to the African rhythm.
  • Whale Watching: Whale watching season is at its peak in September on the Colombian Pacific Coast. Spot the gentle giants en route on the annual migration to the warmer waters. Be enchanted by the fascinating acrobats as the whales break towards the surface.
  • Amazon Low-water Season: Make the most of the low-water season in the Amazon to explore this magical region to your heart's content. Land up in Leticia, the gateway to the Colombian Amazon. With the receding water level, wildlife spotting is easier. You can also go on a guided piranha fishing trip or book a walking tour into the vast wetlands, otherwise submerged during the high-water season.

Where to go and what to do

The Lost City Trek ruins in Colombia
The Lost City trek consists of a challenging 4 to 6-day trip through Sierra Nevada National Park.

Sitting south of the Caribbean hurricane belt, the Colombian Caribbean has no threat of a hurricane in September. San Andres celebrates their creole culture with Festival de la Luna Verde, which celebrates the African influence in the country with vibrant events comprising music and dance. For an urban break, walk the historic Walled City of Cartagena or make Santa Marta a jumping-off point to explore the indigenous cultures of Minca. Avid trekkers can join the Lost City Trek to visit Colombia's own Machu Picchu, Ciudad Perdida. September is also the peak season to go see the 'liquid rainbow river' or Caño Cristales. And if you are craving more adventures, take on a glacier and volcano trek in Los Nevados National Park.

Although September is the start of the rainy season in Colombia, rain showers occur in short bursts and they are mostly during afternoons. So, it is possible to explore the country’s attractions without getting rained down. All you need is a good travel plan and you are set.

If you need help designing your dream Colombia in September getaway, you can check out our guide on how many days to spend in Colombia. Or, you can reach out to our local travel experts to design a customized trip to Colombia. For more information, check out our tours in Colombia in September

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