Colombia in July: Weather, Tips & Offshore Adventures


July is the peak tourist season in Colombia. So expect the country’s beaches and attractions to be crowded and busy. But if you wish to get away from the crowd, you can visit some undiscovered attractions across the country. The weather is perfect for exploring the Amazon rainforests, while the Pacific and Caribbean coasts in Colombia could not be more inviting. And if the tourist crowds are among the least of your worries, dive into the mix and engage in the peak season activities on your trip to Colombia in July.

Colombia Weather in July

sunset over rainforest by Leticia in Colombia in July
The low water level in the Amazonian region allows visitors to explore the forests of Leticia.

With a wide range of landscapes and geographical regions, the weather in Colombia in July has many variations depending on where you are. If you visit Leticia, in the Amazonas region of southern Colombia, expect a temperature between 20℃ and 29℃, with high humidity but very little rain. The Pacific coastal town of Nuqui has temperatures ranging from 22℃ to 31℃. The place does experience a sea breeze each afternoon to cool things down. The capital Bogotá sees a high of 19℃ during the day. The temperature drops to around 10℃ at night. If you are trekking to the Lost City, expect hot and humid conditions, with the mercury maxing out at 30℃. On the Caribbean coast, the temperature in Cartagena ranges from 31℃ during the day and a pleasant 25℃ at night. Humidity is high at around 85 percent, and you can expect 11 rainy days across the month.

For a seasonal overview of the Colombia seasons, check out our guide on the best time to visit Colombia.

Weather in Colombia in July - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)191819181817171718192018
Avg Nightly (°C)971011111110109876
Avg Daily (°F)66.264.466.264.464.462.662.662.664.466.26864.4
Avg Nightly (°F)48.244.65051.851.851.8505048.246.444.642.8
Avg Rainfall (mm)3040509080404040701107050

Why Visit Colombia in July

Valle de Cocora in Colombia in July
The 10-kilometer Valle de Cocora hike near Salento takes you through a lush landscape of wax palms and coffee plantations.
Squirrel Monkey in Amazon in Colombia in June
A decline in the river level increases the chances for wildlife spotting and exploring the Amazon rainforest.

Though the peak season crowd can cause queues at popular attraction sites, you can still find an escape if you plan your Colombia trip carefully. Here are some reasons why you should make a trip to Colombia in July:

  • Disappear into the Andean Cordillera: The mountains of central Columbia feature some stunning hiking trails. July is the peak season for hiking. Choose a route that will take you away from the crowds. The 18-kilometer trail around the Nevado del Tolima in Los Nevados National Park has secluded camping spots, tropical forests, and hot springs. For a more relaxed walk, the 10-kilometer Valle de Cocora hike near Salento takes you through a lush landscape of wax palms and coffee plantations. We recommend setting off early to avoid the July heat and crowds.
  • Surf and Sunbathe on the Pacific Coast: This part of Colombia sees fewer tourists, and boasts a wild coastline interspersed with large river estuaries and beaches of golden sand. Whale-watching is one of the popular activities here. Head to the town of Cali if you are into surfing. Surfers flock to the breaks at Guachalito, near Nuqui, during this time. You could also rent a beach house at El Valle, 150 kilometers west of Medellín, and just lay in the sun.
  • Offshore Adventures: With 74 islands to choose from, heading offshore in Colombia is an ideal way to escape the crowds in July. The Rosario and San Bernardo islands, off the Caribbean coastal city of Cartagena, have some of the best coral reefs. You can snorkel and dive here or take an eco-tour into the interior of one of the larger islands. Tintipan Island of the San Bernado group sees fewer tourists, and you can find low-key beach accommodation amid groves of lustrous palm trees overhanging crystal blue lagoons.
  • Party Hard in Bogotá: Downtown Bogotá is known for its nightlife. The party area, known as Zona Roso or Zona T has more than 50 nightclubs and bars. Wednesday and Friday nights are the busiest, and some clubs remain open until five in the morning. This allows you to see the July sunrise on your way back to the hotel. For a more cerebral night out, the clubs of the Chaperino neighborhood are popular with students. The clubs here are more affordable and there are plenty of eateries for post-party snacks.

Where to Go and What to Do

Rosario Islands in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia in February
Colombia's Rosario Islands offer some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving.

Dodging the summer crowds in Colombia in July can be as simple as taking a few side streets and finding cafes, shops, and restaurants frequented by the locals. Away from Bogotá’s chic party streets and historical center, neighborhoods such as Teusaquillo and Chaparino have quiet green spaces, artistic hotspots, rows of hole-in-the-wall eateries, and splendid graffiti art.

You can head to Manizales for quick hikes. The city also has several hot springs where you can soak away your aches and pains. Besides hot pools, the area also has a large population of hummingbirds to enthrall you while you bask.

At a glance, the large holiday crowds you will encounter in Colombia in July can seem intimidating. But you will soon find that Colombians are fantastic hosts and invite visitors to participate in all of their holiday shenanigans. If you need to escape into the wilderness, Colombia has plenty of options that provide solace and tranquillity.

Not sure how to plan an ideal trip to Colombia? Check out our guide on how many days to spend in Colombia. If you need help planning a customized trip to Colombia, you can contact our local travel experts. For more information and instant inspiration, check out our Colombia tours in July.

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