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Switzerland Weather in October

Go on amazing hikes in Engadine in Switzerland in October.
The weather in Switzerland in October is ideal to go on outdoor adventures.

Switzerland’s weather in October is characterized by cool winds and occasional rain showers. The average temperature in Switzerland this month is 14°C during the day.

Mountainous areas tend to be colder though. In the alpine resort town of Saint Moritz, for instance, the mercury can dip as low as -3°C. You might also catch the first snowfall of the season, which signals the upcoming winter. Weather conditions in low-lying areas like Lugano are comparatively more agreeable, with the average temperature hovering around 10°C.

Check out our seasonal overview to find out the best time to go to Switzerland.

Weather in Switzerland in October - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)26111520212423201474
Avg Nightly (°C)-2-21371113131072-1
Avg Daily (°F)364352596870757368574539
Avg Nightly (°F)282834374552555550453630
Avg Rainfall (mm)70707070901108012080707070

Why Visit Switzerland in October

Grab some cheese and a glass of wine during harvest season in Switzerland.
Explore the vineyards in the Lavaux region in Switzerland and taste amazing wine in October.
Visit Saint Pierre Cathedral in Switzerland in October.
Explore monuments like Saint Pierre Cathedral without many crowds in Switzerland in October.

October is not quite the summer season nor winter proper in Switzerland. It is a low season from the country’s tourism point of view. But that does not mean this is not a good time to visit Switzerland. On the contrary, in fact, there are several perks and advantages to traveling to Switzerland in October. Here are some good reasons why you should visit the country during this month.

  • Great weather conditions: October is the last month of the fall season in Switzerland. Days are still long and sunny during this period for you to enjoy outdoor activities and explore this beautiful country.
  • Grape-harvesting season: October is the grape harvesting season in Switzerland. Wine lovers should take this opportunity to visit the country's beautiful vineyards and sample delectable wine. Some of the country's most popular wine-producing regions include Geneva, Three Lakes, Ticino, and Valais.
  • Lesser crowds: The ski season in Switzerland does not start until December. So take advantage of fewer tourist crowds at popular Swiss holiday destinations such as Saint Pierre Cathedral in Geneva and the Swiss National Museum in Zurich.
  • Low prices: Since few visitors travel to Switzerland in October, you will find several discounted flights, accommodations and holiday activities. If you want to save money on your holiday, October is a great month to do so. Check out our Switzerland tours with the best deals.
  • Beautiful vistas: Fall evokes a special charm in Switzerland. Fogs start to set in, there is very little rain and leaves change to beautiful autumn shades, making October a wonderful time to explore outdoors or hike in the mountains.

Where to Go and What to Do

Go on beautiful hikes in Zermatt in Switzerland in October.
Grab a map and go on an adventurous hike in Zermatt in October.

Switzerland in the fall is absolutely stunning and one of the best things to do during this time is to explore its mountain towns and villages. There are plenty of scenic hiking and biking trails in the mountains on your trip to Zermatt, popular for its breathtaking views.

You might also want to go on a camping trip while in the country during this month, as the fall season brings out nature's prettiest colors. Home to the highest campsites in Europe, the picturesque village of Arolla offers some of the best camping experiences and it could be a great addition to your itinerary if you plan on spending a week in Switzerland. Wild camping is allowed in some regions of the country, except in Swiss national parks and nature reserves.

The majestic Rhine Falls is also a wonderful place to explore during this time of year. Here you can enjoy an exciting boat ride while being surrounded by stunning scenery. It is a must for couples longing for a romantic escape.

October is a great time to visit Switzerland. The weather is great, tourist footfall is low and travel and accommodation prices are comparatively cheaper. This is a wonderful time to hike the country’s mountainsides and be enthralled by their unrivaled autumnal beauty. If you love the outdoors and enjoy hiking or camping, you should visit Switzerland in October.

Plan a customized trip to Switzerland with the help of our local travel experts. Reach out to them right now if you are interested in a personalized itinerary.

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Published by Tim Green, updated on August 17, 2022

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