Switzerland in March: Witness Fun Festivals and Events

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A holiday in Switzerland in March marks the perfect time to explore the outdoors and visit the country's famous attractions. Winter starts to recede, making way for spring during this time. In higher altitude places like Zermatt, it is still a peak season for snow sports. Meanwhile, spring has already started in lower-altitude places like Lake Maggiore, and a colorful blanket of azaleas and camellias will begin to blossom all over the region.

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Switzerland Weather in March

 Zermatt experiences snow in Switzerland in March
Zermatt, a significant climbing and ski touring region, still experiences snow in March.

The weather in Switzerland in March will mainly depend on the altitude. But generally, the country averages 11°C during the day and 1°C at night. The amount of rain is normal, with 12 days of rainfall throughout the month. Pack some jackets to protect you from rain and snow, especially on the mountain slopes of Switzerland.

Snow is still present in the Swiss Alps and the other mountainous regions in March. It is freezing cold in Zermatt, which sees average temperatures of -10°C to -2°C. However, snow will begin to melt by the end of the month. As a result, some lower-level ski resorts will start to shut down in March.

Lower altitude towns and cities will start to experience spring-like weather in March, but it is still pretty chilly. In lowland cities like Zurich, the average temperature varies between 1.7°C and 9.5°C.

Check out our seasonal overview for the best time to visit Switzerland.

Weather in Switzerland in March - Rainfall and Temperatures

Feb Mar Apr
Avg Daily (°C) 6 11 15
Avg Nightly (°C) -2 1 3
Avg Daily (°F) 43 52 59
Avg Nightly (°F) 29 34 38
Avg Rainfall (mm) 70 70 70

Why Visit Switzerland in March

Colorful flowers blossoming on the lake Geneva.
You will love watching the flowers bloom in the spring, which enhances Switzerland's beauty.
Group of Waggis playing flutes at the Basel carnival in Switzerland.
Enjoy the Basel Carnival festival that is celebrated by Basel Fasnächtlers who dress head to toe in costumes to completely hide their identities.

March is a wonderful time to visit Switzerland. The weather is just right, as it is the end of the winter season, and spring is about to start. Here are more reasons to visit Switzerland in March: March is a wonderful time to visit Switzerland. The weather is just right, as it is the end of the winter season, and spring is about to start. Here are more reasons to visit Switzerland in March:

  • Fun festivals and events: You could witness fun festivals and events when traveling to Switzerland in March, such as the Engadin Skimarathon in the upper Engadin Valley, the International Motor Show in Geneva, and the Carnival of Basel. These festivals are often the main reasons many visitors come to Switzerland in March. 
  • Beautiful landscapes: Switzerland is beautiful regardless of the season, but its beauty shines even more in spring. When you visit Switzerland in spring, you'll witness the country transform into lush greenery, with blooming meadows and flowering trees. Although some parts of the country continue to experience snowfall, the lower regions are already entering spring, blanketed with beautiful spring flowers. Here are our landscapes and nature tours in Switzerland.
  • Fewer crowds: March is just before the peak summer season in Switzerland, so it's not yet too crowded. Tourists usually start arriving in April, the start of the summer season. While many skiers are still taking advantage of the snow in the Swiss Alps, it is no longer as crowded as the previous winter months.
  • Pleasant weather: March is already the end of the winter season in Switzerland. Even though it is still snowing in the Swiss Alps, the weather is not as extreme as in the previous months. The weather is warming up across the country and it is particularly pleasant in the lowland cities of Zürich, Geneva, and Lugano, a perfect opportunity to go on sightseeing tours in Switzerland.

Where to Go and What to Do

Geneva Brunswick monument in the Alps park nearby Geneva Lake.
Visit the Brunswick monument, which is one of the landmarks of Switzerland.

Even though it is already the end of winter, skiing is still one of the best things to do in March in Switzerland. Visit the ski resorts at Zermatt and Matterhorn, where conditions are generally the same as in the mid-winter season.

Take advantage of the springlike weather to go sightseeing at the lakes in Ticino. The region enjoys mild spring weather compared to the snowy mountains in the north. This Italian-speaking region is famous for its architecture and is home to medieval castles.

Lake Geneva is one of the most beautiful places to visit in March. Boasting stunning natural surroundings and incredible mountain views, the region is a delight to explore in spring. Colorful flowers will start blooming along the shores of the lake in March. The Tulip Festival in Morges also starts this month and lasts until mid-May

Given the many fun things to do in March, you should spend at least a week in Switzerland if you want to make the most of your visit. 

Although outside the peak tourist season, March is still an amazing time to visit Switzerland. The month offers the perfect weather to enjoy winter activities in the Alps and sightseeing in the lower regions. Best of all, you can witness many fun events and festivals when you come to Switzerland in March.

If you are planning to go on a holiday in March, reach out to our local tour experts who will help you prepare a customized trip to Switzerland.

Check out our tours to Switzerland in March for more information.

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Published by Astha Joshi, updated on August 29, 2022

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