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The weather in Mexico in December is superb, both for those looking forward to a dream beach vacation and for travelers planning to cover all the top sights of this exciting country. This month is part of the so-called dry season in Mexico, even though winter is not over yet. However, you will hardly feel cold if you are coming from the more northern parts of the hemisphere. This is because most parts of the country experience mild, pleasant weather during this time of year with plenty of things to do. So, laze on beautiful beaches, go surfing in the sea, experience the magical sight of millions of migrating butterflies and enjoy the pre-Christmas festivities (called posadas by locals) during your Mexican vacation.

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Mexico Weather in December

Aerial panoramic view of Cancun city hotel zone in Mexico
Even though it is December, places like Cancun see balmy and warm temperatures.

Rains are over as winter sets in and Mexico’s temperature in December is near-perfect for exploring the entire length and breadth of this beautiful country. While temperatures in coastal areas are mostly mild, the minimum temperature in the interior can hover between 5°C to 6°C at night. The white sandy beaches of Cancun are characterized by the maximum average temperature of around 28°C, while the minimum is still a balmy 21°C. The average highs in Mexico City in December are in the range of 21°C, while the average minimum is 6°C.

For a seasonal overview, browse through our travel guide on the best time to visit Mexico.

Weather in Mexico in December - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)222021
Avg Nightly (°C)755
Avg Daily (°F)726870
Avg Nightly (°F)454141
Avg Rainfall (mm)201010

Why Visit Mexico in December

Caribbean white beach in Riviera Maya Mexico
As the weather is sunny and warm, Mexico in December is the perfect place for beach visits.
chichen itza with various sunsets
Go on an exploration journey to discover the ancient Aztec ruins.

Bright days and pleasant weather conditions are not the only reason to travel to Mexico in December. Below are a few perks of traveling to the country during this time of year.

  • Mexican winter: Unlike winter in the colder parts of the world, Mexican winter is characterized by sunny days and pleasant weather. In other words, December is one of the best months to travel to Mexico.
  • Beach holiday: Hundreds of miles of coastline and some world-class beaches are waiting to be discovered during your trip to Mexico in December. And the weather is near-perfect for relaxing on the beach or taking a dip in the sea.
  • Whale-watching: Hop on a boat and head out into the Pacific to spot these magnificent creatures. Cabo San Lucas is regarded by many as the best place in the country to see these magnificent creatures. Whales pass through this area between mid-December and April every year.
  • Butterfly swarms: Listen to the humming sound of a million monarchs fluttering their tiny wings as you wander among the fir forests of Mexico’s central highlands. These butterflies stay in the country until March when they begin their journey north.
  • History lesson: Given pleasant weather conditions, December is one of the best times to discover Mexico’s Maya and Aztec ruins. This country is home to 3,000 archaeological sites, which means you have plenty to choose from.
  • Festival season: In addition to heady Christmas and new year celebrations, numerous other events are celebrated throughout Mexico in December. These include posadas, a series of pre-Christmas festivities characterized by traditional food, punch, candy, and lots of fun; the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe; the quirky Night of Radishes, an event in Oaxaca where artisans create various shapes out of radishes and sell them; and the Chiapas Fair, which features bullfights, concerts, games and horse races.

Where to go and what to do

Surfer making his way into a blue water barrel in Mexico
 Zicatela Pipeline in Puerto Escondido makes for some of the best spots in Mexico for surfing.

Do not miss out on the chance to see millions of butterflies wintering out at Monarch Buttery Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage site. A trip to the charming resort town of Puerto Vallarta, located on the Pacific coast, offers everything from jungle trips and snorkeling to world-class restaurants and an eclectic art scene. If you want to ride the high waves in winter, then head for Zicatela Pipeline in Puerto Escondido, one of the world’s most iconic surf spots. Another popular surfing site is Sayulita.

There are many excellent whale-watching destinations in Mexico, including Puerto Vallarta for humpback whales and the Baja Peninsula for gray whales. These places should be part of the itinerary of anyone heading for the country in winter. The somewhat remote island of Cozumel, part of Riviera Maya, makes for an idyllic December destination, with plenty of swimming, diving, and snorkeling opportunities. The waters around the island are home to the world’s second-largest coral reef.

The weather in Mexico City in December is just about right for a walking tour. Go on food and art walks and visit the museum dedicated to Frida Kahlo. You might also want to see Diego Rivera’s masterpiece, the History of Mexico, a grandiose mural housed in the National Palace, and soak up the sensory explosion at La Merced, one of Mexico City’s busiest and liveliest markets.

What to bring

Couple and man selling hats stock photo
As the weather is relatively warm in Mexico in December, make sure that you are dressed accordingly.

Mexico’s weather in December is ideal for walking, which means you will need a good pair of walking shoes. A light jacket will also come in handy if temperatures dip in the evening.

December is part of Mexico’s high tourist season, so it is a good idea to plan your trip well in advance to make it glitch-free. Our travel experts in Mexico can design a personalized itinerary based on your requirements so feel free to reach out to them if you are interested. If you are looking for more details, make sure to give our travel guide on how many days to spend in Mexico a look. Ideally, we recommend a 10-day stay but if you have a more restrictive schedule, you could opt for a 7-day itinerary as well.

So, book a trip to Mexico in December and make the most of reduced prices and few travelers. 

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