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Feel like welcoming in the fall season in Hungary in September? Between thriving festivals, like the National Gallop and the Budapest Jewish Summer Festival, the amazing wine season out in the famous Tokaj wine region, and fairly warm and bright temperatures, September can be an excellent time to visit Hungary. Realistically, the drop in the average temperature in Hungary in September is not that big during the daytime, but evenings do get a lot cooler as we move into the autumnal months. Read on to find out what your trip to Hungary this month will look like.

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Hungary Weather in September

View of Hungarian Parliament from windows in Buda in Hungary in September.
Make sure to plan an outdoor adventure in Hungary to take advantage of the amazing weather.

The weather in Hungary in September is largely bright and dry with average temperatures sitting between 13°C (55°F) to 23°C (73°F). These temperatures are the same in Budapest, where the average rainfall only amounts to 7 days in total across the month. That makes September a great time to explore Budapest on walking tours or explore nature outside of the city.

If you’re heading to the Tokaj wine region, the average temperatures in the nearby city of Miskolc reduce to highs of 22°C (72°F) and lows of just 10°C (49°F), so you’ll need to bring warmer layers for going out in the evening.

For a seasonal overview, check out our guide on the best time to visit Hungary.

Weather in Hungary in September - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)262216
Avg Nightly (°C)15127
Avg Daily (°F)797261
Avg Nightly (°F)595445
Avg Rainfall (mm)707060

Why Visit Hungary in September

Two horses pulling a chariot with riders in Hungary in September.
Participate in the spectacular National Gallop in Hungary, where there is a big prize to be won.
Coffee being poured in a cup with beans at the side.
Head to Budapest if you are a coffee enthusiast, as it hosts the Coffee Day Festival.

Hungary has lovely autumn weather in September for activities like sightseeing, hiking, and kayaking. The country also hosts various festivals and events throughout the month. Here are some reasons to plan a trip to Hungary in September.

  • Budapest Jewish Summer Festival: Celebrated across 10 days and centered around the Grand Synagogue in Budapest, the Jewish Summer Festival is dedicated to showing the best of Jewish culture, from music and dance to food to architecture, and of course, the synagogue tours and talks.
  • The National Gallop: As one of the biggest festivals in Hungary, with over 100 towns participating and thousands of riders taking part, the National Gallop is well worth attending if you are visiting Hungary in September. With the equivalent of 80,000 Euros on the line for the main horse race and hundreds of market stalls selling traditional goods, it’s an exciting event to be part of.
  • Gouba Street Market: Held every Sunday throughout September, the Gouba Street Market is a must-visit for art lovers. You can find traditional crafts, artisanal jewelry, and antiques at this unique market. Located in the Gozsdu Udvar part of Budapest, you can shop all day long from 10am to 7pm, before hitting up one of the popular ruin bars located all around the market.
  • Coffee Day Festival: Want to get your caffeine hit surrounded by expert baristas, jazz musicians, and lectures on different varieties of coffee and coffee-making techniques? Well, the Coffee Day Festival at the end of September in Elizabeth Square in Budapest is the perfect place for coffee aficionados. The best part? Entry gets you unlimited coffee!

Where to go and what to do

 A view of Lake Balaton and the surrounding town on a bright day.
The region around Lake Balaton is perfect for viticulture, so you will find some amazing wine during your trip.

If you’re looking to enjoy the warm temperatures and the changing fall leaf colors, head to the picturesque Lake Balaton. You can enjoy hikes around the lake, take a kayak or paddleboard out on the water, or relax on the soft sandy beaches around the waters. With so much greenery around the area, it’s the ideal spot for leaf peeping in Hungary in September.

Looking to enjoy a hike that ends with amazing views of Budapest? Well, September is the perfect time of year to hike up Gellert Hill. This popular spot with locals gives you much better views than the crowded Buda Castle. The hike itself only takes around 20 minutes, so it’s not super intense. As a bonus, Gellert Hill itself is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you’re getting great views, a lovely little hike, and a world-class attraction all in one go during your trip to Budapest. With the milder temperatures in the evening and the longer daylight hours, September offers the best time to climb up Gellert Hill for sunset.

In a lot of European countries, September signifies wine season, and Hungary is no different. Head to the famous Tokaj region for a wine-tasting tour. You can also join tours where you can participate in the wine-making process, including stomping grapes and picking them off the vine. Of course, you’ll also get to sample a few glasses afterward!

Need Help Planning a Trip to Hungary

With the temperatures still warm and dry, September is a great time to explore Hungary. Explore the cities on foot, hike the popular trails, attend various festivals, or go on a wine tour. The list of things to do or places to visit in Hungary in September is endless. If you need any assistance planning your next trip, get in touch with our travel experts, who can put together a tailor-made trip to Hungary to suit all your needs.

Published by Tim Green, updated on February 16, 2024

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