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From world-famous music festivals to summer cultural events in the heart of Budapest, Hungary in August has a lot to offer travelers. As the summer draws to a close, the last of the big festivals and tourist crowds hit the main cities of Budapest and Debrecen. Despite the potentially hot temperatures and seasonal tourist crowds, summer in Hungary also includes long days, a busy schedule of outdoor events, and virtually no business travelers. Read on for more of what you can expect from touring Hungary in August.

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Hungary Weather in August

Reformed Great Church on a sunny day in Hungary in August.
Debrecen is a city popular for fine art, local craft and archaeological finds.

Being the peak of summer, the weather in Hungary in August vacillates between mild and warm to hot and humid. The average temperature in Hungary in August ranges between 17°C (62°F) and 27°C (80°F); however, this can often increase or feel warmer due to the tropical air masses that travel through central Europe in the summer.

If you’re spending the bulk of your summer vacation in the capital, the weather in Budapest often rises above an intense 30°C (86°F), but can be combated with air conditioning or escaping to nearby Lake Balaton. If you’re looking to escape the humidity, head to Debrecen, which only has 56% humidity in August.

Not sure if August is the right time for you? Check out our complete guide to the best time to visit Hungary to help you find the right season.

Weather in Hungary in August - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)262622
Avg Nightly (°C)161512
Avg Daily (°F)797972
Avg Nightly (°F)615954
Avg Rainfall (mm)407070

Why Visit Hungary in August

A person kayaking during sunset at Lake Balaton.
Since the temperatures can get high in August, water sports can provide a great respite.
A person using a tap to fill beer glass.
Hungary hosts a beer festival like Oktoberfest in August.

Between the high temperatures and summer crowds, there are still many great reasons to take a trip to Hungary in August, with the incredible lineup of festivals topping the list! Here are some of the best reasons to book your trip in the summertime.

  • St. Stephen’s Day Celebrations: As one of the biggest festival days in Hungary’s calendar, the St. Stephen’s Day celebrations on the 20th of August are designed to celebrate the founding of the Hungarian state over 1000 years ago. Expect fireworks, music, dancing, and more!
  • Sziget Festival: August in Europe is music festival season, and Hungary goes hard with the Sziget Festival. It’s had Dua Lipa, Imagine Dragons, and more headlines over the years. This multi-day music festival definitely brings party vibes to Budapest!
  • Festival of Folk Arts: If you love history, culture, and crafts, you’re going to love the Festival of Folk Arts held around Buda Castle in mid-August. Artisans and makers from all around Hungary come to this festival, and there are international vendors as far as Mongolia who travel to show off their skills!
  • Beer Festival: Want to experience those Oktoberfest vibes without paying through the nose? Budapest hosts its own German beer festival in August, with bars, breweries, and vendors from all around the continent coming to show off their unique brews!
  • Outdoor activities: Hungary's countryside comes to life in August, offering hiking opportunities in the Bukk or Matra Mountains. You can also try several water sports, such as kayaking and jet-skiing at the Danube or Tisza rivers.

Where to go and what to do

Cruising in the Danube river is one of the best things to do in Hungary.
The best thing about a Danube river cruise is getting to see highlights of Budapest, Esztergom and other wonderful cities in Hungary

If you’re looking to experience nature and free live music at the same time, journey over to Margaret Island in the middle of the Danube River. Throughout August, there are free live concerts in different styles on the island, so you can bring a picnic, sit back, and enjoy the music, sunshine, and all-round good vibes.

Looking to explore outside of Budapest? Well, head to Hungary’s second city, Debrecen, and wander around the Great Forest Park. Located in the heart of the city, it’s full of art sculptures, lakes, and woodland walks, which is ideal in Hungary in August with the warmer temperatures. Get outside, explore the artwork of the local area, and enjoy the lower humidity in Debrecen.

Want to get an injection of history and archeology while you’re in Hungary in August? Head to the city of Pecs and enjoy the Cella Septichora Visitor Centre. Described as a town underneath a town, this place is an archeologist’s dream and, as it’s underground, is a cooler place to visit during the warm August days. Check out our history tours to Hungary for more ideas.

Need Help Planning a Trip to Hungary?

If you don’t mind potential heat and crowds or love festivals and want to experience natural spaces outside of Budapest, then August is an ideal time to visit. If you need assistance planning your trip, get in touch with our travel experts who can put together a tailor-made trip to Hungary in August for you.

Published by Tim Green, updated on February 9, 2024

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