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With longer days and warmer spring temperatures, Hungary in March offers more opportunities to get out and about in nature, especially around places like Lake Balaton and Hortobagyi National Park. There are also plenty of amazing festivals and cultural events, including the iconic Hungarian Day celebrations that should not be missed. Read on to find out the places to visit and things to do during your trip to Hungary in March.

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Hungary Weather in March

A woman cycling in Budapest on a clear day in Hungary in March.
The great weather in March makes cycling around Budapest an absolute treat.

The weather in Hungary in March is definitely warming up compared to the chilly temperatures that we see in February. On average, the temperature will hit highs of 11°C (52°F), which makes it comfortable to walk around cities like Budapest and explore on foot. However, the temperatures take a nosedive at night with lows of 3°C (39°F), so bringing layers for the evenings is a must.

Typically, Hungary has around 11 rainy days and approximately 2 snowy days in March. So, a lot of the month is dry, which is ideal for adventuring outdoors or just enjoying walking tours of Hungary and its beautiful and historic cities. If you’re heading to Debrecen for the National Day festivities, you can expect temperatures between 3°C (37°F) and 11°C (52°F).

Check out our guide on the best time to visit Hungary for a month-by-month breakdown.

Weather in Hungary in March - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)41015
Avg Nightly (°C)-226
Avg Daily (°F)405059
Avg Nightly (°F)293643
Avg Rainfall (mm)304040

Why Visit Hungary in March

Tourists walking around Millennium Monument in Hungary in March.
Walking tours are one of the top things to do in Hungary in March.
A spa in Hungary with blue tiles and fountain in the middle.
Hungarian spas stay open at night during March.

So why should you tour Hungary in March? Let’s dive in and find out more.

  • Budapest Spring Festival: If you love carnival vibes, open-air theater, and parades with cartoonish characters, then you’re going to love the Budapest Spring Festival. Welcoming the season each year towards the end of March, the program of events includes international artists and homegrown talent alike and goes on for days!
  • Hungary’s National Day: Are you visiting Hungary around the 15th of March? Well, you’ll be there for Hungary’s National Day, celebrating the uprising against the ruling Hapsburgs. There are parades, parties, and specialty bar nights in cities like Debrecen and, of course, Budapest, where you can find live music and loads of drinks!
  • Increased excursions: As the spring schedule gets underway and the start of Hungary’s high season comes into play, many of the tour operators are now fully open for business after halting for the winter season. Walking tours are more available, as are river cruises and other popular excursions.
  • Mild weather: March is when we see the temperatures in Hungary jump up to double figures, so it’s balmy without being super hot. This is a great time if you want to explore by foot or on two-wheelers without overheating and without having to bring a ton of snow gear.

Where to go and what to do

People around cherry trees in Budapest.
The cherry blossoms in Budapest are second to non during spring.

Located in the middle of the Danube River in Budapest, you’ll find Margaret Island, a tranquil green space with views of both the old and new sides of the city. One of the best ways to explore this island is on a two-wheeler. The warmer March temperatures make it the perfect time to jump on a bike tour around Budapest. You’ll warm yourself up, learn more about the history and culture of Budapest, and be surrounded by relaxing nature.

While you might have heard of Japan’s cherry blossom season, Hungary has an impressive cherry blossom display of its own that begins in March. There are plenty of locations around Budapest to enjoy the cherry blossoms. However, you might want to make a day trip to Szomolya, nicknamed Cherryville, for the amount of famous black cherries it produces. The blossoms here go on for miles — it’s definitely an impressive sight.

With the longer daylight hours that come after daylight savings day in March, you’ll be able to enjoy the Hungarian sights for longer. One of the cool things that happens in Budapest in March is that the famous Szechenyi Baths have night sessions, where you can go and enjoy the baths and spas at night. It’s called the Late Night Bath Party, and you’ll find electronic music, lights, and plenty of drinks.

Whether you want to experience cultural festivals, enjoy outdoor spaces, or party all night in a thermal spa, Hungary in March is going to be for you. With those warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours, March is the ideal time to visit. Sometimes, it can be difficult to plan a trip overseas, so if you need help with planning a tailor-made trip to Hungary in March, you can always reach out to our local travel experts. They’ll create a customized itinerary for you that hits all your criteria and make sure that you have the best time possible.

Published by Tim Green, updated on February 5, 2024

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