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Legendary architecture, an ancient and rich culture, and landscapes straight out of your wildest dreams — China is a heaven for explorers and culture geeks intent on discovering some of the most amazing wonders. Who hasn’t heard of the Great Wall of China or the Terracotta Army in Xi’an?

With a two-week itinerary or tour in China, you will be able to really dig into this vast country. Explore the Islamic architecture in the west, gaze upon iconic mountain ranges and discover temples that are known for their beauty and significance. With two weeks, you’ll be able to bring home a plethora of great memories with stunning photos to prove it. If you have 2 weeks in China and are wondering what to do, check out our top China itineraries for 2 weeks in this article.

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1. Two- week journey along the Silk Road: 14 days in China

A road stretching out to the dessert
The Silk Road gets its name from the lucrative trade in silk beginning around 207 BCE, during the Han dynasty.
Day 1 Welcome to Beijing.
Day 2 Explore Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven
Day 3 Take a round-trip cable car to the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall
Day 4 Visit the Summer Palace. Later, board a flight to Urumqi
Day 5 Fly to Kashgar and visit the famous Sunday Bazaar
Day 6 Visit the Id Kah Mosque and Abakh Khoja Tomb. Fly back to Urumqi & drive to Turpan
Day 7 Visit the ruins of Jiaohe and the Sugong Pagoda. Head for Bizaklik Thousand Buddha Cave and the Flaming Hill
Day 8 See the famous Karez Well. Later, head to Dunhuang via high-speed train
Day 9 Explore the famous Mogao Caves and the Dunhuang Museum
Day 10 Discover the Echoing-Sand Mountain. Fly to Xian
Day 11 Highlights of Xian
Day 12 See the famous City Wall of Xi'an. Fly to Shanghai.
Day 13 Explore Shanghai Museum and Yu Garden. Cruise on the Huangpu River and explore the Bund area.
Day 14 The trip ends in Shanghai.

This 14-day China itinerary follows the trail of the Silk Road for an unforgettable journey molded especially for history and culture lovers. Start with a glimpse of the majestic Great Wall of China and continue to Urumqi. Reach Kashgar via flight and visit the famous Sunday Bazaar. Explore the desert, caves, and pagodas in Turpan and Dunhuang. Later, head for the Terracotta Army in Xi’an and the impressive City Wall. In the final stop Shanghai, you can explore the Shanghai Museum and make a relaxing river cruise to conclude your 2 weeks in China. See tours.

2. Big Cities, cultural experiences and taste of nature: Two-week China itinerary

Two giant pandas eating bamboo
These giant pandas are only found in Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces in China.
Day 1 Welcome to Beijing with airport pickup
Day 2 Explore the highlights of ancient Beijing including Tiananmen Square
Day 3 Ride a cable car to the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall
Day 4 Visit the Summer Palace and narrow alleys of Beijing. High-speed train to Xian
Day 5 Discover the highlights of X’ian including the Terracotta Army and Horses Museum
Day 6 Tour the City Wall of Xian and the Small Wild Goose Pagoda. High-speed train to Chengdu
Day 7 Visit giant pandas, Chengdu
Day 8 After a free morning, board a high-speed train to Chongqing. Begin a Yangtze River cruise
Day 9 Cruise the Yangtze River and explore the temple hill of Shibaozhai
Day 10 Tour the Three Gorges Dam and Shennong Stream on the Yangtze River cruise
Day 11 End of the cruise. Board a high-speed train to Shanghai
Day 12 Discover Shanghai and cruise the Huangpu River
Day 13 Free day to explore Shanghai
Day 14 Fly out from Shanghai

This tour is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to soak up the highlights of ancient China in a period of two weeks. Starting in the buzzing capital of Beijing, you’ll have a chance to delve into the iconic architecture of the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Continue in Xian and Chengdu, where cultural and natural highlights await. Relax on your Yangtze River cruise. With a high-speed train ride, reach your final destination — the vibrant metropolis of Shanghai — and experience several cultural sights and activities. Describe your ideal 14- day in China tour for a customized tinerary

With 2 weeks in China, you’ll get a taste of this vast country’s stunning architecture, the magnificent animal kingdom, unforgettable landscapes and deep-rooted cultures.

Overview map of two weeks in China
An overview map of two weeks in China


3. Grand Tour of China: 13 days in China

A view of a big ship on a river
The Yangtze River runs through 10 provinces while the cruise operates between Chongqing and Yichang. Photo by Hugh Llewelyn. [CC BY-SA 2.0]
A view of the towers in Pudong, Shanghai included in your China itinerary
The Pearl tower has a revolving restaurant that provides a scenic 360° view of Shanghai.
Day 1 Arrive in Beijing
Day 2 Discover Beijing during sightseeing tour
Day 3 Visit the Great Wall
Day 4 Travel to Xi’an and see its highlights
Day 5 Visit Terracotta Warriors Museum
Day 6 Take train to Chengdu and explore the city
Day 7 See Chengdu’s giant pandas, join Yangtze River cruise in Chongqing
Day 8 Sail down the Yangtze River
Day 9 Explore the Three Gorges section of Yangtze
Day 10 Disembark the boat and travel to Shanghai
Day 11 See Shanghai’s highlights during day tour
Day 12 Explore Shanghai on your own
Day 13 End your China tour in Shanghai

Sinophiles will adore this 13-day China tour. The trip starts with a visit to the imposing palaces of Beijing’s Forbidden City, home to emperors of yore, before taking you to the ancient Chinese capital of Xi’an, the final resting place of China’s first emperor guarded by life-sized replicas of soldiers called the Terracotta Warriors. Uncover the story of Buddhism’s arrival in China during a visit to the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda than take a high-speed train to Chongqing, the starting point of your Yangtze River cruise. Spend the final few days of your trip sailing down the Mother River of China. See tours.

4. Yangtze Cruise and More: China in 15 days

Small boat near the Three Gorges Dam which is the biggest dam in the world
Three Gorges Dam, one of the famous attractions during your Yangtze River Cruise, is the world's second most expensive construction project.
A handful of  cracked and beheaded Terracotta Army statues
Though the faces of each Terracotta Army differs from one another, scholars were able to identify 10 basic face shapes.
Day 1 Arrive in Beijing
Day 2 Visit the Great Wall
Day 3 Explore Beijing during sightseeing tour
Day 4 Take bullet train to Xi’an, see its Muslim quarter
Day 5 See the Terracotta Warriors
Day 6 Explore Xi’an and fly to Shanghai
Day 7 Discover Shanghai during a sightseeing tour
Day 8 Visit Zhujiajiao Water Town from Shanghai
Day 9 See Suzhou’s famous Lingering Garden
Day 10 Visit Faxi Temples in Hangzhou
Day 11 Fly to Yichang and board your Yangtze cruise boat
Day 12 Sail down the Yangtze
Day 13 See Wu and Qutang Gorges
Day 14 Continue Yangtze cruise and see Fengdu Ghost City
Day 15 Deboard the boat in Chongqing and fly to Shanghai

This 15-day tour goes a long way in unraveling the mysteries of China for visitors. Soak up Beijing’s history as you marvel at the Great Wall and saunter up the steps of the Temple of Heaven. Unearth China’s dark, tumultuous history in Xi’an, home to the Terracotta Warriors. Leaving it behind, you will then travel to Shanghai, a modern-day metropolis studded with gleaming skyscrapers. While in the city, take in the limpid landscape of Lingering Garden and pay a visit to the ancient Faxi Temples. No journey to China is complete without a boat trip down the meandering Yangtze, which awaits you at the end of your trip. Describe your ideal 14- day itinerary with our customized China trip.


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