My name is Ivan and I was born in Havana Cuba. I love my country and have always been interested in other cultures. At university, I studied foreign languages: English and French.

I started working as a tourist guide in 1990 and 3 years later I discovered nature tourism. Since then I have been trekking in the mountains of Cuba and guiding groups of hikers for almost 20 years! I am also in a manager position at a travel company, so I also take care of trip creation and tailor-made sales. Working as a tour guide allowed me to make friends all over Cuba and I am now making new friends in Mexico.

I am passionate about the Habanos culture, and sharing what makes Cuba unique with people from all over. I like sports: particularly tennis, squash, and hiking in the mountains. I also love Cuban music and Salsa dancing.

Sharing my experiences is what I dream of because this way I can live them again!

Ivan's Travel Expertise

Apart from trekking and nature tourism, I am also a specialist in Yucatan, a region I have traveled through and for which I feel a great passion.

Some of my specialties include off-the-beaten-path experiences like biking in Santa Barbara Cenotes, kayaking in Celestun, and hiking in Punta Laguna. Other activities and specialties I arrange are varied and include anything from cooking lessons in Valladolid, tequila tasting, birding in Bacalar or Ria Lagartos, visiting archeological sites like Chichen Itza, Uxmal, or Ek Balam, climbing a pyramid in Izamal, dancing in Playa del Carmen and so many more!

Expert Destinations

Ivan's best travel experience

I went on an extraordinary tour of the Yucatan Peninsula, and I discovered the secrets and charms of the Mayan culture! I tasted the typical local food of a great variety: tortillas, tacos, chila quiles, and quesadillas. The Yucatecos are very kind and friendly hosts.

The nature in the Peninsula is prodigious, and the cenotes mix with the archaeological sites. The beaches are transparent blue with white sands. I was able to see pink flamingos in the region of Ria Lagartos and an infinity of birds in the Isla de los pájaros in the Bacalar lagoon.

Why is Ivan the right travel expert

I have dedicated my life to travel and guiding tourists. I understand the needs and wishes of tourists very well and I have a wide capacity to adapt to any type of person. I also have a lot of experience in the field and am skilled at linking the desires and expectations of the clients with what each destination offers.