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Best Time to Visit Holland

°C °F
  • JAN Avg Daily: 5 °C Avg Nightly: 1 °C Avg Daily: 41 °F Avg Nightly: 34 °F Avg Rainfall: 69 mm
  • FEB Avg Daily: 8 °C Avg Nightly: -0 °C Avg Daily: 46 °F Avg Nightly: 32 °F Avg Rainfall: 39 mm
  • MAR Avg Daily: 9 °C Avg Nightly: 3 °C Avg Daily: 48 °F Avg Nightly: 37 °F Avg Rainfall: 78 mm
  • APR Avg Daily: 12 °C Avg Nightly: 4 °C Avg Daily: 54 °F Avg Nightly: 39 °F Avg Rainfall: 36 mm
  • MAY Avg Daily: 17 °C Avg Nightly: 8 °C Avg Daily: 63 °F Avg Nightly: 46 °F Avg Rainfall: 45 mm
  • JUN Avg Daily: 19 °C Avg Nightly: 11 °C Avg Daily: 66 °F Avg Nightly: 52 °F Avg Rainfall: 69 mm
  • JUL Avg Daily: 21 °C Avg Nightly: 13 °C Avg Daily: 70 °F Avg Nightly: 55 °F Avg Rainfall: 63 mm
  • AUG Avg Daily: 21 °C Avg Nightly: 13 °C Avg Daily: 70 °F Avg Nightly: 55 °F Avg Rainfall: 54 mm
  • SEP Avg Daily: 18 °C Avg Nightly: 11 °C Avg Daily: 64 °F Avg Nightly: 52 °F Avg Rainfall: 75 mm
  • OCT Avg Daily: 15 °C Avg Nightly: 8 °C Avg Daily: 59 °F Avg Nightly: 46 °F Avg Rainfall: 84 mm
  • NOV Avg Daily: 9 °C Avg Nightly: 4 °C Avg Daily: 48 °F Avg Nightly: 39 °F Avg Rainfall: 90 mm
  • DEC Avg Daily: 6 °C Avg Nightly: 3 °C Avg Daily: 43 °F Avg Nightly: 37 °F Avg Rainfall: 69 mm
Best Time to Visit:
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  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

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Holland is one of Europe’s favorite travel destinations, and for a good reason. It is a country that has a relaxed attitude, and a lot of cultural pizzazz. Whether you want to explore the rich history of Dutch art, or just relax and knock back a few beers in Amsterdam, Holland is sure to offer the ideal holiday. So, when to visit Holland? To answer this question, we need to consider the weather in Holland so that you can plan your holiday accordingly!

Quick Facts

  • High Season: June - August
  • Low Season: December - March
  • All Seasons: June - August, September - November, December - March, April - May
  • If you are visiting the Holland for its social life, any time of the year is good, as the city hosts hundreds of festivals and events throughout the year.
  • The months of April and May are the best time to visit Holland for those who wish to see those world-famous tulips. The flowering season extends up to May, but April is when the country sports the most beautiful blossoms.

From the bustling metropolis of Amsterdam, to the beautiful tulip fields of Keukenhof, or the often ignored Frisian Islands, the Holland has a lot to offer. People who are visiting Amsterdam can enjoy the city round the year (except for winter, when many attractions close down), but for the rest of the Holland, there are specific time periods you should choose.

Spring season brings the Tulip season forth, so you will be treated to some fine scenery everywhere. The days are long, so you will also get a lot of time to explore major cities, and won’t have to wait in the queues at popular museums for hours!

The summer season in Holland is the peak season, so it is debatable whether this is the best time to visit Holland or not, but this is surely the high tourist season.

The fall season is also an amazing time to visit Holland, for the same reasons. There might be a slight chill in the air, but winter won’t set in for a while, so you have nothing to worry about. Since the peak season is over, you will also get a lot of discounted prices on hotels and flights as well!

Seasonal Overview

April to May — Spring / Good Season

Visiting the tulip garden is one undeniable thing to do in Netherlands
Tulip gardens are only in bloom from mid-March to mid-May so plan your trip wisely.

The weather in Holland is absolutely stunning at this point, so if you want to relax along the canal sides in Amsterdam, or go for an outdoor lunch in Rotterdam, don’t think twice before choosing the spring season to visit the Holland. Love is in the air during these months. The weather is lovely, and for those who wish to visit the Keukenhof Tulip fields, mid-April is the best time to do so.

  • Avg. Temperature: 39 – 63° F / 4 – 17° C (in Amsterdam)
  • Rainfall: 36 – 45 mm
  • Season: Spring
  • Highlights: The Tulip Festival is a uniquely Dutch experience that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. The King’s Day celebration happens at the end of April, and the celebrations will definitely compete with Fourth of July! This is a party, and everybody is invited! If you’re a fan of the sea, you can go to Texel, or the other Frisian Islands for a relaxed holiday, before the Dutch holidaying crowd hits the place.

June to August — Summer / High Season

Riding along the canals is a fun thing to do in Netherlands
 Take a cruise on the canals anywhere in The Netherlands.

This is the high tourist season, so all the shops and museums will be open, but everything will also be crowded, especially in Rotterdam, The Hague, and Amsterdam.

  • Avg. Temperature: 52 – 70° F / 11 – 21° C (in Amsterdam)
  • Rainfall: 54 – 69 mm
  • Season: Summer
  • Highlights: Avoid big urban centers and head to the countryside, to places like Alkmaar, Haarlem, or Delft, where you can enjoy a calm bike ride, away from the throngs at Amsterdam. This period also has some incredibly amazing events - like the Canal Festival, in August, and the Amsterdam Pride Parade.

September to November — Fall / Good Season

This is the lull following the incredible rush of the high season. There are fewer crowds everywhere, making it easier for you to access all the major tourist spots. Places like Anne Frank Museum, Rijksmuseum, etc. will be much less crowded, so you can enjoy some quiet time there. For those who want to visit Amsterdam for some quiet time in cafes, or hitting up the local joints with friends, the Fall season is perfect. The best part? This is the season when the local bok bier is served all around town!

  • Avg. Temperature: 46 – 64° F / 8 – 17° C (in Amsterdam)
  • Rainfall: 75 – 84 mm
  • Season: Fall
  • Highlights: The college crowd will be returning to Leiden at this point, so be prepared to see some crowds and wild parties in the area. Eindhoven and Rotterdam have a number of cultural events in these months, so this is the perfect time to explore these cities as well.

December to March — Winter / Low Season

Things to do in the Netherlands include visiting WWII memorials.
Winter covers the best places of Holland in snow, creating a whimsical scenery. 

The winter weather in Holland is absolutely dreary, making this season the least popular among visitors. November is the wettest month of the year, so if you are visiting the country then, do not plan a lot of outdoor activities.

  • Avg. Temperature: 32 – 48° F / 0 – 9° C (in Amsterdam)
  • Rainfall: 39 – 90 mm
  • Season: Winter
  • Highlights: Winter means Christmas, and nobody celebrates Christmas better than the Dutch. November is the month when Sinterklaas comes to deliver presents to the children and the entire country lights up with celebrations and festivals. There are sinterklaas parades and canal rides, and it is an absolutely charming experience to have. Amsterdam, Leiden, and Maastricht get some of the world’s best Christmas markets as well, so you don’t want to miss that! Towards January and February, sometimes, the canals in Amsterdam freeze over, so a lot of makeshift ice-skating rinks are made. If you’re a fan of an outdoor winter wonderland, this is the perfect place for you.
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