I am from the lowlands of the Netherlands, but as a kid, I spent all my holidays in the European Alps hiking and climbing with my parents. These experiences really kickstarted my wanderlust, and after completing my studies, I booked a ticket and spent half a year in Asia. After that, I realized I wanted to work in tourism. Seeing places yourself and then sharing them with others seemed so exciting to me. In the beginning, I focused mostly on foreign destinations, but over the years I started to realize how special my own country is. Then came the idea to host trips in the Netherlands!

What personally motivates me? When I started working in tourism I was a tour leader for Dutch trekking groups in the Himalayas. One time, I was taking a group through this amazing valley and one of the guests told me: "this is the most beautiful place I have ever seen". I was so touched by his comment and it made me realize how special tourism is to work in. Contributing to a traveler's experience is something very special, and honestly, this is what drives me at work. If our guests are amazed by something they do, see, or experience... I feel happy too.

Bas's Travel Expertise

The Netherlands and Belgium are only small countries, so I believe it is fair to say I know these destinations really well. I can organize a wide range of trips in both the Netherlands and Belgium, from sightseeing tours to luxury tours, and from family holidays with multiple day canoe adventures to cycling tours with island hopping by boat.

What I do best is create unique experiences by bringing you to places away from the crowds. Without skipping the highlights, I will always suggest small boutique hotels, bicycle tours on amazing backroads, and smaller historic towns where you can wander around and be amazed.

Expert Destinations

Bas's best travel experience

My two favorite travel experiences in the Netherlands would be these: To start with, the first time I stood eye-to-eye with a Van Gogh painting. It really blew my mind, and I couldn't stop looking at the paintings. This was over 25 years ago, and back then the museums were still very quiet without many visitors. Luckily, we have some special suggestions for you in case you want to see Van Gogh's work in a quiet environment. Secondly, cycling through the dune areas along the sea coast. The National Parks here are simply unique in the world, perfect for cycling and very close to all the highlights like Amsterdam. Your trip to the Netherlands isn't complete without seeing one of these areas!

Why is Bas the right travel expert

As your local travel expert, I don't stop working for you till you are fully content! I work hard before your trip when I am customizing your tour, and also during your trip, making sure everything goes smoothly and you have the support you need. I take the task of hosting your trip very seriously and will do everything needed to make your trip a memorable and pleasant experience. I simply do whatever is needed to make you happy!