Destinations to Visit in November

Aerial view of Central Park in New York

Now that Halloween has come to an end, and you have some time before the festival rush begins again, it’s the ideal time for you to plan a new vacation! November is an exciting month- it offers winter wonderlands, and welcome sunny adventures. It’s about great escapades, minus the teeming crowds, and far cheaper destinations as well. Want to travel with your children and make it a family affair?

Want to let loose with your friends on a vacation? Or do you want to just travel alone, and explore facets of your own personality? No matter how or why you’re traveling, these destinations will make it worth your time!

New York City (above image)

New York City might seem like an obvious tourist destination. After all, it is always right at the top of every travel list. However, there are many perks of visiting New York City in November. November is just the beginning of the festival season, so there is definitely a drop in the number of tourists present in the city, especially compared to summer or Christmas. But this does not mean there aren’t exciting events happening here! You can enjoy the beautiful fall-winter colors at Central Park, the Macy’s Parade on Thanksgiving Day, and the lighting of the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center. The countless ice skating rinks and cafes scattered across a city offer a romantic getaway for couples that want to cosy up.

Hong Kong

Night view of skyline at the Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong city
Image by: Nattee Chalermtiragool/

Post-monsoon Hong Kong is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. The weather becomes much more bearable, with a brisk cool breeze, making it easier for travelers to hike the hundreds of trails that surround the city. Hong Kong is a bustling metropolitan city that has managed to retain its wilderness. It has a unique combination you won’t find in most other cities, which is why it is an exciting option for your November travel list. Go shopping in one of the mega-malls within the city, or taste exhilarating dishes at award-winning restaurants. If you want to observe the other side, you can hike up one of Hong Kong’s many trails, or sunbathe in their pristine beaches.

Recommended Tours in Hong Kong:

St Barths

The Eden Rock in St Barths is one of the top 100 hotels in the world
Image by: Leonard Zhukovsky/

St. Barths is probably one of the poshest parts of West Indies. Usually, the island can get rather unattainable expensive. But, during off-season, St Barths becomes attainable to the masses- and that is where you should swoop in. St Barths is all about the sun, the beach, and relaxation. Book yourself a special spa session, or laze around by your pool the entire day. It has been a long year- you definitely deserve it. When on the island, check out the numerous award-winning, Michelin star restaurants. This is the ideal time for you to pamper yourself, so you might as well go all out!


Aksum obelisks symbol of the Aksumite civilization the most powerful between the Eastern Roman Empire and Persia
Image by: Dmitry Chulov/

Ethiopia is beautiful in November. The northern part of the country will present just the right amount of warmth, especially for those trying to escape the bitter cold of winter. Whether you’re more into culture or nature, Ethiopia has something to offer to everybody. You can head to Bahir Dar, on the banks of Lake Tana, and walk among medieval monasteries and castles. You can hike up Simien Mountains National Park, and try spotting the bleeding heart monkeys. The most unique destination in Northern Ethiopia is Aksum. Aksum was the seat of an ancient civilization, but it currently claims to be home to the famed Ark of the Covenant. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Costa Rica

Tropical beach in Costa Rica
Image by: JLV Image Works/

Lush forests, calming waves, white sandy beaches, and tropical sun. Doesn’t that sound like heaven? Well, heaven has a name, and it is Costa Rica. Celebrities flock to this paradise island in droves, with many of them owning homes here. Once you reach the beaches of Playa Hermosa, you will understand just why. In November, most of the beaches will be deserted, so you can just pretend to be in your own private beach! If you want to make your trip more special, you can book one of the beach-facing villas at an off-season price! It will add a luxurious twist to the vacation and make it more memorable.

Recommended Tours in Costa Rica:


Evening view of Tuscany Wine Region
Image by: PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek /

While many people travel for sights and adventure, there are some people who travel for food and wine. If you’re one of those people, Tuscany in November will be your ideal destination. There are dozens of food festivals in the area in November, and you will not want to miss a single one of them. And the vineyards. Oh, those vineyards!!! In November, the wild boar hunting season starts, so you should definitely grab a plate of that as well. Or you could go to the Feast of San Martino, where you can find the world’s best Bringoli. Fans of olive oil will love the Montemurlo Olive Oil Festival. Rent a villa, stock up on the wine, and attend every food festival in town! What more could a vacation possibly need?

Recommended Tours in Tuscany:


Hot air balloon over plain of Bagan in misty morning Myanmar
Image by: lkunl/

Myanmar is becoming more and more popular among travel writers, and for good reason. The country is still vastly unexplored by foreign travelers, so you will be able to explore the country without having to come across too many tourists. November is a wonderful season to visit, as it is the festive season in Myanmar. The festival you must definitely not miss is the Taunggyi Balloon Festival, where balloons and lanterns of different shapes and sizes are made and launched, in a huge competition. Since travelers have been allowed to enter Myanmar only recently, you can go through a tour operator to smoothen the process and handle all the hotel and travel details for you.

Recommended Tours in Myanmar:


Aerial view of small tropical island of the coast of Mozambique Southern Africa
Image by: EcoShot/

Once upon a time, Mozambique was a country ravaged by civil war. That said, this former Portuguese colony is a treat for travelers now. Mozambique is lined with palm-fringed sandy beaches, and the best coastal food you can ever enjoy. Jumbo prawns slathered in local piri piri sauce is so divine, you will never want to leave the country ever again! Mozambique is still rather new in the world of tourism, but it is rapidly catching up to the likes of Seychelles and Maldives! November is the best month to visit, as it is right before the monsoons, which you will definitely want to avoid.


The Royal Sands resort with beautiful beach and swimming pool in Cancun
Image by: volgariver/

Cancun has been the go-to vacation spot for a long time, but this has made the place too crowded and expensive during the holiday season. In November, you can enjoy huge discounts in the area (as it is technically supposed to be hurricane season, even though storms rarely hit the area). Enjoy the warm weather, and some of the finest resorts at a highly discounted cost. You also get to enjoy all the fun and activities of Cancun without the college crowd trying to steal your thunder!

Recommended Tours in Cancun:


Sphinx and Giza Pyramids in Cairo, Egypt
Image by: Orhan/

The capital of Egypt can get incredibly crowded during the peak months, so it is highly suggested that you travel during the off-season. November will provide you relief from tourists, and also from the scorching heat. This will definitely make life easier when you have to go exploring the Valley of the Kings or the Pyramids. Make sure you book yourself on a Nile tour to get the full Egypt experience, and also to catch a glimpse of Turkey on the other side!

Recommended Tours in Cairo:

The holiday season is about to begin, and before you get swept away with Thanksgiving or Christmas preparations, treat yourself and your loved ones to a holiday. The point of the holiday season is to spread cheer, and be merry, and what better way to do so than travel the world?

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