Hello! My name is Shun and my passion is introducing my beautiful and unique country, Myanmar, to international travellers. In Myanmar, there are many unspoiled destinations to visit and plenty of histories and cultures to learn about. I have travelled around the country and I always try to find new activities and new destinations to explore. I love sharing these places with visitors.

This passion has led me to earn a diploma in International Relations from the Yangon University and also to study the German language at Yangon University of Foreign Languages. I've since worked in the tourism industry for more than 6 years.

I love to customize and design packages based on guests' preferences and help them create treasured memories of their trip. If you want to try something new or different, just come to me and we can create the cherished memories together.

Shun's Travel Expertise

I specialize in all kinds of customized tours. These include luxury tours, adventure tours, culture and heritage tours, multi-country combination tours, small group tours, wildlife tours, student tours, leisure tours and nature and photography tours. I also always include unique local experiences.

As I have travelled around the country and am always seeking new destinations, I can tailor make tours to any spot in Myanmar, including places such as Keng Tung, Chin State, the Ayeyarwaddy Delta and the Mergui Archipelago.

Expert Destinations

Shun's best travel experience

When somebody asks me about a unique travel experience, I have to tell about a trip to Southern Myanmar and the Mergui Archipelago that I took in April 2018, during the water festival holidays.

On the first day of the trip, I took the overnight bus from Yangon to Dawei. Although the bus took about 12 hours, the VIP bus was easy, convenient and comfortable. I had never been to Dawei before and I was impressed at how beautiful and clean it is. I was really surprised that there was no trash on the street, even plastic bags.

One thing I loved on this trip was beach hopping. Near Dawei, there are more than 9 beaches with incredible sparkling water and white sand. I visited Tizit Beach, Myin Kwar Aw and Grandfather beach, and I watched the sunset at Maung Makan beach. When I recall this experience, I can still feel the softness of the sand on my feet!

I also visited the islands of the Mergui. I joined a snorkelling trip to Smart Island, the Moken villages and Thayawthahantgyi Island. I have no words to express how I felt seeing the incredible underwater world!

Before the end of the trip, I visited Saytan Island, Flower Island and Heart Shade Island. In my opinion, the islands near Kawthaung are the best with their bluish water and white powder sands, along with several different fish species.

I will definitely go there again, come and join me!

Why is Shun the right travel expert

Why choose me? I can give you many reasons!

The first reason is passion. I am very passionate about travelling all around the country, learning about the cultures of each tribe and also about showing our beautiful country to international travelers.

The second is innovation. I get bored following the old ways, so I always find out how to create something new. If you love to discover new and different things, I'm the right travel expert for you!

The third reason is professionalism. I always suggest the best places and activities for my guests, never following only profits. I take care of my guests and, also, I take care of my community and help it develop. I will never suggest anything that could be dangerous, risky or harmful to my guests or the community.

Then there is experience. I have worked in the travel industry for more than 6 years and I can speak three languages. I have created more than thousands of travel packages for my guests and proudly say that 90% of my guests are satisfied beyond their expectations.

The last reason is commitment. If you want a family leisure trip, trust me. I can create the perfect trip. If you want to learn about culture and ancient history, I will take you to the cities where you can learn as much as you can. I know my country very well and I'm committed to giving you the experience you want!