Scotland in March: Highlights and Travel Tips


Although March is a cold month in Scotland, it is a transition period, with chilly winter temperatures giving way to milder weather conditions. Days also start getting longer from this month. Wondering what are the top things to do in Scotland in March? From exploring the stunning Scottish Highlands and taking in the sight of the famous Loch Ness to sampling the finest Scottish whisky on Islay and Jura islands, there are tons of activities to enjoy during your stay in the country during this time of year. Keep reading for more details about your Scottish holiday!

Scotland Weather in March

Visit the colorful houses in South Queensferry, Scotland.
You can expect cold and rainy weather in the first part of March in Scotland.

The weather in Scotland in March is cold and damp. You are likely to experience rain and temperatures can drop below the freezing point at night during this month. In the mountainous areas to the north of the country, hail and snow are not uncommon. But there is a hint of spring in the air, especially in the latter half of the month.

In the capital Edinburgh, temperatures can range from an average high of 7.8 °C to an average low of 2.5 °C. Weather conditions in Glasgow are near-identical, with average temperatures ranging from 7.3 °C to 2 °C. It can get colder in Inverness, on the other hand, with the average maximum temperature of 7.4 °C and an average low plunging to 1.8 °C. Expect around 12 hours of daylight during your stay in the country in March.

Check out our travel guide on the best time to visit Scotland for more information.

Weather in Scotland in March - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)5691114171919161397
Avg Nightly (°C)11236911119732
Avg Daily (°F)4142.848.251.857.262.666.266.260.855.448.244.6
Avg Nightly (°F)33.833.835.637.442.848.251.851.848.244.637.435.6
Avg Rainfall (mm)705070405060705070807070

Why Visit Scotland in March

Drive on the Kylesku Bridge on the North Coast 500 road in Scotland.
A North Coast 500 drive will take you at least five days, so plan for a longer trip.
Listen to the sound of bagpipes in Scotland in March.
If you love music then you are in luck as Scotland hosts multiple music festivals all over the country in March.

There are many reasons why you might want to plan a trip to Scotland in March. We have listed a few of them below.

  • Scottish celebrations: March sees some brilliant music festivals and other fun events. Top picks include the Inverness Music Festival, Glasgow International Comedy Festival, Aberdeen International Jazz and the Scottish Concert Band Festival.
  • Get discounts: The average price of a one-week trip to Scotland for a solo traveler is about USD1,500 (excluding flights). But if you are visiting Scotland in March, the peak tourist season is still a few months away, which means that you can get attractive discounts on hotel tariffs and airfare.
  • Fewer people: March is too cold for the summer crowd, which does not descend on Scotland until June. This means that you can enjoy top sights across the country and take part in a variety of activities without much competition.
  • Hit the road: Although a road trip does not immediately come to mind for anyone heading to Scotland, trust us when we say that it is a spectacular way to experience this beautiful country during this time of year. Drive through the North Coast 500 and take in the incredible sights along the way. This route begins and ends in Inverness.

Where to go and what to do

Visit art galleries in Glasgow in March.
Visit art galleries in Glasgow and familiarize yourself with Scottish history and culture.

Cold and unpredictable weather conditions in March can make it a little uncomfortable to fully explore the great outdoors or go hiking in Scotland. But no matter how short your Scottish sojourn is, it is easy to include quick detours to the countryside, coastal areas and lakes in your itinerary. Here are our sightseeing tours in Scotland.

Speaking of lakes, one of the most famous water bodies in the country is Loch Ness near Inverness, which attracts thousands of tourists in summer, most of whom are drawn to this place by the stories of its mythical resident monster. Inverness, located in the Scottish Highlands, is the best place to visit in March if you want to explore a city minus swelling crowds. Make sure that you go on a cruise trip on the lake, take a stroll along the lovely River Ness, visit the 19th-century Inverness Castle and see the Burial Cairns of Bulnuaran dating back at least 4,000 years during your stay in the city.

A trip to Edinburgh allows you to combine top-rated sights with some quirky delights. Visit the National Museum of Scotland, home to artifacts and collections from around the world, during your stay in the city. You might also want to enjoy a drink at the legendary Bennets Bar, which opened in 1839 and was renovated in 1906, and go shopping at Victoria Street, known for its excellent independent boutiques.

March is also an excellent time to explore Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city. Admire Scottish and international art displays in the Gallery of Modern Art; enjoy a performance at the unique Sharmanka Kinetic Theater, where motorized machine sculptures synchronize to light and music; and take a stroll in the serene Rottenrow Gardens.

Discover the hidden delights of Scotland’s greatest cities in March and add a dash of the great outdoors to your trip. Our travel experts can help you with a customized trip to Scotland. Send them a message if you wish to inquire. For a seasonal overview, check out our travel guide on the best time to visit Scotland or browse through our collection of tours to Scotland in March.

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