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Croatia is a small but stunning country where travelers can enjoy it all. Are you a beachgoer? Island hop around Hvar Island and lounge on gorgeous beaches, snorkel in crystal clear waters and enjoy stunning seaside sunsets. Foodie? Enjoy the local cuisine; from Dubrovnik to Zagreb you’ll never have a bad meal. History buff? From Roman ruins to museums, you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained. Whether you’re a nature lover, adrenaline junkie or Game of Thrones fan, Croatia itineraries have something unique to offer you. In spite of its small size, Croatia is the kind of country that will keep you coming back for more.

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How much time should I spend in Croatia?

Although you can see most of the country’s highlights with a weeklong Croatia itinerary, you’ll be rushing through all the sights trying to catch them all. If you have three weeks, you can travel all the way through the country, from Zagreb to Dubrovnik, but you’ll be dragging out the amount of time you spend in each spot to fill the space. With ten days you can still travel from Zagreb to Dubrovnik, but without getting tired of each location. It’s the perfect amount of time to spend — you'll be able to see it all while only taking a ten-day vacation.

1 week in Croatia

Hvar is a stunning Croatian island  located on the Dalmatian coast.
When in Hvar, take a boat around the picturesque islands 

If you have seven days in your Croatia travel itinerary, you can see the country’s highlights. Start your trip in Dubrovnik, a beautiful old city full of gorgeous sights and delicious cuisine. Explore the city, from its famous walls and gorgeous architecture to its 13th-century pharmacy. When you’ve finished getting to know Dubrovnik, which, incidentally, was where they filmed King’s Landing in Game of Thrones, take an afternoon to hike up Srd hill to get some very Insta-worthy photos of the city and the surrounding Dalmatian Coast.

Enjoy a ride to the very end of the Peljesac Peninsula where you can catch a ferry to Korcula Island for a taste of Croatian hospitality, as you stay in a local’s home, and of the island’s distinct (and delicious) local food. The next day you can visit Croatia’s greenest island, Mljet, for a day trip. Take in the sight of the island’s two salt lakes and some of the clearest waters in the Adriatic. Spend a couple of days on Hvar before you head back to the mainland. Enjoy the island’s vibrant culture and seriously Venetian vibes as you get to know the “Queen of the Dalmatian Islands.”

And of course, finally, as with all Croatia itineraries, spend a day or two in Split. It is an absolutely stunning seaside town where ancient ruins are incorporated into modern life. For example, the unique ruins of Diocletian’s Palace, parts of which date back over 1700 years, have been repurposed as spaces for businesses.

Croatia in 10 days

Located in the northwest of Croatia, Zagreb is the capital of Croatia.
Stroll around the vibrant streets of Zagreb and explore the Croatian culture
The Plitvice National park is a UNESCO heritage site in Croatia.
If you love waterfalls, Plitvice National Park should be definitely added to your Croatia itinerary

With ten days to fill, you can put together the best Croatia itinerary; you can see everything above and more! With those extra three days, you can add in a trip to Zagreb, Croatia’s capital city. There are plenty of historic landmarks to explore in this colorful and quirky city. You can check out the local museums or, if you want something a little off-beat, visit the unique but popular Museum of Broken Relationships. Plus, with the local cuisine, you’re practically guaranteed to exclusively enjoy delicious meals, no matter where you’re eating.

If you’d rather use your extra time to take in some more of Croatia’s natural beauty, you can add a trip to visit the stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park. Stop in the gorgeous little village of Rastoke on your way to the national park. Rastoke is well known for being ridiculously scenic, a small town nestled into the trees with waterfalls literally running through it. Once you’ve wet your whistle there, head on to Plitvice National Park where you can spend two days exploring. With sixteen picturesque lakes connected to one another by waterfalls and set against a backdrop of verdant forests with dramatic cliff sides, it’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth and you won’t regret adding it to your journey.

2 weeks in Croatia

Zadar is a quirky town in Croatia with rich history and exceptional culture
As you explore the quirky town of Zadar, don't miss out on the waterfront side of the town

With two weeks in your Croatia trip itinerary, you can really see most of the country’s highlights. Start inland, in Zagreb, and head to the aforementioned Plitvice Lakes National Park. Spend a day in Zadar, the oldest inhabited city in Croatia and your first stop on the Dalmatian Coast. In Zadar, you’ll find unique art installations (like the Sea Organ), fascinating history, and stunning sunsets. If you like to party, take a detour to Pag Island where you’ll find clubs and beach parties that last all night.

As you continue down the coast towards Split, take some time to stop at Krka National Park. If you were bummed to miss out on swimming at Plitvice Lakes (where it’s unfortunately not allowed), here at Krka you can dodge the summer sun for a little while by taking a dip in one of the 7 waterfalls. Plus you can enjoy an incredibly scenic hike on your way there.

Head on to Split and spend some time exploring the city. You can also join an island tour that will make sure you get to see Croatia’s famous Blue Cave, do some snorkeling in the crystalline waters, and explore Hvar by foot! Once you’ve wrapped up in Split, cruise on down to Omis, the country’s adventure capital and a must-see for those of you with longer Croatia itineraries. Zipline, river raft, or hike as you enjoy the natural beauty and adrenaline wonderland of Omis before continuing to Dubrovnik for your final stop!

3 weeks in Croatia

The Blue cave is a natural wonder located in Balun,a small bay in Croatia.
Take a boat trip to the Blue Cave on a three-week Croatia itinerary

If your Croatia vacation itinerary has a full three weeks, there is nothing in this little country you cannot see. Spend a full four days getting to know Dubrovnik before heading to Korcula Island for another four. Ride bicycles to Lumbarda and enjoy day trips to nearby islands. Working your way up the coast, head to Hvar next and spend some time exploring the area (don’t forget to see the Blue Cave). Before you wrap up your island hopping, spend a couple of days on Brac and enjoy stunning seaside views and local wine.

For your final week, head up through Split, Plitvice Lakes National Park, and ultimately to Zagreb. With a full week for this portion of the journey, you can stop anywhere along the way you’d like, enjoy day trips, and really make the most out of your journey. Three-week Croatia itineraries really do allow you to see it all.

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