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Canada stretches from the panoramic Atlantic shoreline to the mountainous Pacific coast, and while the scenic and cultural country offers much diversity, all ten of its provinces—and 3 territories— have one thing in common— their northern location. Which is exactly why booking a trip to Canada in June is ideal. With mild temperatures that allow you to comfortably tour the nation’s vast attractions, visiting Canada in June offers the best of the summer season – without the heavy crowds you’d find in July and August.

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Canada Weather in June

A beautiful sunset over Toronto in Canada in June.
Temperatures of popular southeastern cities like Montreal and Toronto linger at about 20°C.

Depending on where you are—Canada is a vast country— the weather in Canada in June is generally pleasant and comfortable, making it the perfect early summer destination. Of course June weather in Canada widely depends on the region, while Vancouver’s temperatures average at about 15°C during this time of year, mountain resort destinations such as Banff feature wide temperature ranges climbing up to 23°C during the day and dropping to 5°C at night. Meanwhile, popular southeastern cities like Montreal and Toronto linger at about 20°C, but it is not uncommon to see heat waves up to 30° and lows down to 10°C.

For a detailed overview, check out our guide on the best time to visit Canada.

Weather in Canada in June - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)172225
Avg Nightly (°C)101017
Avg Daily (°F)637277
Avg Nightly (°F)505063
Avg Rainfall (mm)304060

Why Visit Canada in June

Big Tub Lighthouse located in the Bruce Pininsula in Canada in June.
Explore the country’s countless stunning national like Banff, Revelstoke, Bruce Peninsula and more by foot, mountain bike, or kayak.

While many places across the globe get scorching hot and heavily crowded when June rolls around, Canada boasts its best weather of the year. Better yet, it doesn’t feature the long lines and elevated costs of the high summer season that you’ll experience in July or August.

  • Enjoy exceptional weather: The temperatures in Canada in June are quintessential when compared to the rest of the year. While Canadian winters are freezing, many of the country’s provinces can also get quite hot in the heart of the summer.
  • Bask in long, sunny days: Thanks to the summer solstice, June in Canada features the country’s longest days of the year, excellent for exploring cities and national parks well past dinnertime. In the Canadian Rockies region, it can still be light upwards of 10 pm, while in the Yukon and Northwest territories, you can experience the iconic midnight sun.
  • Beat the crowds & the costs: Canada’s peak tourist season doesn’t come into full swing until July, so not only will you skip long lines to the museums and overcrowded hiking trails, but you might save money on tickets and hotel costs while doing so.
  • Explore natural wonders: From awe-inspiring Niagara Falls to the breathtaking Canadian Rockies, there’s no shortage of world-class natural sights to discover in Canada. Explore the country’s countless stunning national and provincial parks like Banff, Revelstoke, Bruce Peninsula and more by foot, mountain bike, or kayak.
  • Celebrate festivals galore: When Canada thaws out from its long winter, its residents are more than ready to party. Though Canada Day falls on July 1st, many celebrations – like Toronto’s Canada Day Weekend – kick off in June. Foodies should steer to Nova Scotia’s Cold Waters Seafood Festival to indulge in mouthwatering contemporary and traditional plates at the Eastern Shore.

Where to Go & What to Do

Spirit island in Maligne lake, Jasper National Park in Canada in June.
Take in the sights of the glimmering turquoise Maligne Lake at Jasper National Park in Canada in June.
Kananaskis Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada in June.
Take in the mesmerizing sights of the serene wilderness taking part in outdoor activities like whitewater rafting in Canada in June.

The beautiful weather in Canada in June allows for picture-perfect sightseeing of the Canadian Maritimes or the lush Pacific Rainforest from dusk till late dawn. You can also check out our guide on top things to do in Canada for better insights.

Outdoor activities are in full swing during this delightful time of year. Try whitewater rafting in Niagara Falls or soak in the sights of the glimmering turquoise Maligne Lake at Jasper National Park. While you’re on the west coast, make a must-needed hike along the Great Glacier Trail at Glacier National Park in British Columbia, which only becomes accessible starting in June. The 360° views of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains won’t disappoint.

Canada’s remarkable national parks are a must-see, but its cultural cities are equally extraordinary, and there’s no better time to tour them than June. Check out the CN Tower’s incredible views that soar high above the ground-level city bustle of Toronto, and visit the trendy Distillery District while you’re at it. As a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood, it’s optimal to roam its pedestrian-friendly streets in June’s welcoming weather. History buffs should head to Quebec to wander the charming streets of Old Quebec and Place Royale under the late spring sun.

Wondering how many days to spend in Canada in June? The more time you have, the better, as there are endless magnificent activities to engage in, like the BC Seafood Festival in Vancouver Island or the Grand Prix Formula 1 races and Jazz Fest in Montreal. Our talented agents will work with you to plan a reasonable timeline that will make the most of your vacation, whether you have several days or up to three weeks or more.

What to Bring

Hiker at Moraine Lake in summer in Banff National Park in Canada in June.
Bring layers of clothing to feel comfortable during this transitional period from spring to summer.

Canada weather in June varies depending on which province you plan on visiting, so it’s essential to pack accordingly. If you’ll be hitting the historical streets of Montreal or Quebec, opt for light clothing and sunscreen during the day along with a light jacket to toss on when the sun goes down. If you instead plan on hiking the breathtaking trails of Banff National Park- which are among the best places to visit in Canada in June thanks to ideal weather conditions with minimal foot traffic- be sure to bring layers of clothing so you can feel comfortable during this transitional period from spring to summer.

When you visit Canada in June, you can experience posh cities and marvelous landscapes in Eastern Canada or the modern metropolis of Vancouver and the majestic mountains surrounding it. Take a look at our Canada travel guide for inspiration and insights when organizing your Canadian adventure. If you feel overwhelmed with all the world-class choices that Canada in June offers, reach out to our local travel experts for customized trips for an unforgettable summer holiday to the Great White North.

Published by David Lee, updated on July 3, 2023

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