Hello, my name is Nigel. I grew up in the UK and have lived in various locations in England. Now I live on an island in Scotland. I have travelled extensively in East Asia together with my partner, who is originally from the region.

I personally enjoy travelling in South Korea and have made many friends and associates there. What I love most about Korea are the contrasts of old and new. The modernity of Seoul sits comfortably alongside historic palaces and ancient architecture. Although Koreans are quite reserved, you will find them welcoming and friendly. For an authentic experience mixing with locals, I recommend an evening visiting a "chimaek", a fried chicken and beer shop!

I love to travel in Southeast Asia particularly because I find it fascinating to explore in person places that I have only heard about from the news on the radio or in newspapers. Often, the news I've heard about these places is due to significant times of trouble, such as in Vietnam and Cambodia. It has been a joy to subsequently visit both countries and to experience the vibrant places that both nations have become, with warm welcoming people.

Other countries I have travelled to include the Philippines, Borneo, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Thailand. It is a passion of mine to experience the different cultures and flavours of every country visited, and I am always looking to experience more and to learn more along the way.

Nigel's Travel Expertise

I work together with my Asian partner to create personalised itineraries that we know will work well. Whether is it a tour with an emphasis on historic buildings and culture, or an itinerary to include trekking or relaxing beaches, I can assemble a plan that starts from a pick-up on arrival at the airport and ends with your safe delivery to the airport for your flight home.

I have personal experience visiting numerous popular towns and cities throughout Southeast Asia, including Seoul, and have experienced many local excursions first-hand. I also specialise in combining several destinations if that is your interest. For example, Korea can be combined with visits to other countries such as Japan, the Philippines or China.

Expert Destinations

Nigel's best travel experience

One unique travel experience I have enjoyed in South Korea was a visit to the DMZ (Korean Demilitarised Zone) and 3rd Tunnel. This is a fascinating area on the border with North Korea, one of the most heavily militarized borders in the world. When travelling to the DMZ you will normally be asked to show your passport by soldiers of the South Korean Army. This day tour usually also includes a visit to Dorasan Train Station, a modern but unused station, symbolic of the hope for eventual Korean reunification. I highly recommend this interesting tour!

Why is Nigel the right travel expert

I have arranged numerous tours for visitors to South Korea, including excursions, accommodation and transfers by private vehicle or train. I can also easily incorporate specific requests, such as hiking or cooking lessons. I can customize your tour to be Seoul-based or I can incorporate other regions of the country over a number of days. I would love to help you discover this fascinating country!