I was born and raised in the Philippines, where I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science in Tourism. I have always been a passionate traveler within and outside of my country. I love to explore new places and experience different cultures. Traveling for me means going on an adventure, with my backpack, music and travel notes. I have even earned the nickname "Mae the Explorer".

As a tour consultant, I can say that I have the best job, being able to combine my work and my passion. I love that I can also share this with other travelers.

Since arriving and settling here in Jordan, I have become even more enthusiastic about traveling. With its wide variety of interesting sights from historical, cultural, biblical and natural places, I am sure you will love this country as I do.

Mae's Travel Expertise

I am specialized in customized private tours within Jordan for individuals and small groups. My itineraries may include beside popular attractions, heritage and cultural experiences, adventure (land and/or water-based), food and other special activities. I evaluate each request and suggest a more fitting trip for the travellers, while always considering their budget and special offers during the different seasons in Jordan.

Expert Destinations

Mae's best travel experience

One memorable travel experience I had was when I traveled alone for the first time. I went to Japan, and I traveled the country without using Wi-Fi as I only had internet access in my hotel. But, with the help of a map, I survived my 9-day journey! My family was worried, as I was a female traveling alone, but I did not feel any danger. The local people were very nice and helpful even though many didn’t speak English. To be honest, I was lost a lot of times, but this made the trip unforgettable! I realized that traveling solo is an amazing experience.

Why is Mae the right travel expert

From my stay and many travels throughout Jordan, I have become more knowledgeable about the country and its destinations, from the must-see sights to some off-beaten track places. I will also make sure to guide and assist you in planning your trip, to making sure everything is okay during your holiday and until your departure. I will do my best for you to have a wonderful holiday and see Jordan for what it is — an unforgettable destination!