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A Scottish getaway is like starring in your own travel movie. And if you have the company of pleasant weather, this one-of-a-kind adventure will give you unlimited fun memories to take back home. The month of June in Scotland is a summon for outdoor lovers, which must be answered. This is the time when spring meets summer. Jump from coasts to castles, glens to lochs, and from lunar landscapes to lush rolling hills. Maybe chase mythical creatures, or soak in some traditional Scottish culture on a highland game show. There are endless adventures to choose from if you visit Scotland in June.

Scotland Weather in June

Edinburgh skyline in Scotland in June
The Scottish summer offers warm and pleasant conditions with temperatures ranging between 17°C and 8°C.

June is when the temperature starts picking up in Scotland. The weather is comparatively stable, with gradual warmth permeating the air, patches of drizzle here and there, and longer daylight hours. Temperatures reach highs of 17°C and lows of 8°C during this month. The weather gets a bit nippier if you venture to the northern region, like the Scottish Highlands and Inverness. The lows here hover at around 7°C and the day's maximum does not exceed 14°C. Western Scotland, where Glasgow and the Mull Islands are based, gets the most rain (about 98 mm) during this time. In the northern region, the monthly average rainfall is 92 mm. Daylight hours also increase as one travels further north. In central Scotland, daylight hours last for around 17 hours, giving you plenty of time to plan as many activities as possible.

Check out our seasonal overview on the best time to visit Scotland to find out more.

Weather in Scotland in June - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)5691114171919161397
Avg Nightly (°C)11236911119732
Avg Daily (°F)4142.848.251.857.262.666.266.260.855.448.244.6
Avg Nightly (°F)33.833.835.637.442.848.251.851.848.244.637.435.6
Avg Rainfall (mm)705070405060705070807070

Why Visit Scotland in June

Skyline of edinburgh in Scotland in June
Scotland in June offers the chance to enjoy the city at a leisurely pace without the hassle of having to deal with other tourists.
Cow in Isle of Skye, Scotland in June
June is also the perfect time to enjoy the Scottish Highlands and all its natural beauty.

June barely sits on the edge of the high tourist season that kicks in from July. Yet, it deftly strikes a balance between the budgetary perks of spring shoulder season, with warm and moderate summer climes. Here are some more reasons why visiting Scotland in June can be a good idea.

  • Better rates: Given that the UK school holidays and the annual European vacation time fall in July and August, these months could be a painfully expensive time to travel to Scotland. However, visit Scotland a bit early in June, and you will save some serious money on flights, hotel bookings, and activities.
  • Lesser crowds: Wading through a sea of people or queuing up in a serpentine line to catch a glimpse of popular tourist attractions does not make a memorable holiday experience. You could easily circumvent these inconveniences by planning your trip to Scotland in June.
  • Festivals: Scotland is abuzz with festivities and events of all kinds in June. You have the Highland Games, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Killin Music Festival, and the Eden Festival lined up for the month. So make sure to attend at least one of them and hobnob with the locals.
  • Call of the highlands: Exploring the Scottish Highlands requires ample daylight, and June is the best month for this. So feel free to pursue all your highland hiking adventures during this time. You will encounter fewer travelers compared with high season months and weather conditions are more or less stable during this time—all the more reason to visit Scotland in June.

Where to go and what to do

Colourful sunset at Neist Point lighthouse in Scotland in June
Explore the vivid Scottish landscape which are abundant throughout the country.

Scotland in June is bursting at its seams with fun experiences of all kinds. Explore the Isle of Skye and its vivid landscape while keeping an eye out for spectacular waterfalls and local wildlife. If you fancy a full-blown outdoorsy adventure, head to Fort William, the capital of outdoor activities in the UK. Located at the base of Ben Nevis, Scotland's highest mountain, there are plenty of opportunities here to hike, bike and kayak through its awe-inspiring mountain scenery.

Nature lovers can troop to the Hermitage to walk among its towering Douglas fir trees and explore its beautiful countryside. To learn more about Scottish history and culture, visit Edinburgh and explore Glasgow by taking a tour of their museums and castles. You can also attend music, film, and cultural festivals during this time of year as the summer months bring a lot of performances and events to the cities.

What to Bring

Car windshield with rain drops during storm and blurred stoplights
Be prepared for any changes in the weather as they often tend to get unpredictable in Scotland.

The weather in Scotland in June varies according to the region you wish to explore. So when in Scotland, do as the Scots do. That is to say, dress according to the weather. Keep your rainwear and an extra layer of clothes ready for sudden showers and unpredictable cold days. 

Our local travel experts are always here to help you to plan a customized holiday in Scotland. Feel free to reach out to them if you are interested in a personalized itinerary. Give a look at our travel guide on how many days to spend in Scotland for a few ideas for your trip. You may effortlessly have an unforgettable experience on a five-day trip. However, for a more in-depth experience, opt for a week-long trip or a 10-day holiday. If you have more time on your hands, a two-week trip would give you ample time for an in-depth experience at your own pace.

With good planning, your Scottish holiday in June will surely be a memorable one.

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